Early Morning Aquarian Group Sadhana

All are welcome to experience this wonderful practice!

Early Morning Group Sadhana
Rising In the Amrit Vela - The Nectar Time

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"We call the time we spend on our maintenance sadhana. It is an essential part of life.
If you do your sadhana, your mind can take the pressure.     -  
Yogi Bhajan
"Sadhana" means spiritual practice. Early Morning Group Sadhana is an essential component of a Happy Healthy Holy life. It is daily maintenance during the early hours of the day known as the Amrit Vela, the Nectar Time, 2½ hours before dawn. It is the time of day when the world is transitioning and deeply still.  We welcome you to rise up and connect with your soul in the Amrit Vela! Come and experience the ecstasy of group consciousness and the satisfaction of serving your Higher Self.

What to expect at Morning Aquarian Sadhana:

4:30 am - 5:00 am ~ Japji Sahib
         The blissful recitation of Japji, the inspiring opening section of sacred poetry providing an experience of the Shabad Guru. Copies are provided to follow along)

5:00 am - 5:35 am ~ Kundalini Yoga
         Tuning in with Adi Mantra, breathe, move, stretch, and deeply relax to set your self for meditation.

5:35 am - 6:6:40 am ~ Mantra Meditation
Chanting the Mantras of the Aquarian Sadhana for 62 minutes. (Mantra sheets are available for participants new to sadhana) Click HERE for the description of the Aquarian Sadhana Mantras

6:40 am - 6:45am ~ Prayerful Contemplation/Inspirational Reading
6:45 am Close with the Long Time Sunshine Song

All are invited!
All are most welcome to come for all or part of Community Morning Sadhana. Participants are encouraged but not required to have attended
Kundalini Yoga classes. Sadhana is the personal practice of the community members, so the yoga is led, but instruction is at a minimum.

There is no cost for Sadhana , donations for the Foundation are always welcomed.

Inclement Weather Policy:  
Sometimes the weather conditions are dangerous or roads treacherous. There is NO group sadhana under the following winter weather conditions:
1. Bitter cold, daytime temperature prediction of less than 20º for the morning of sadhana
2. Constant snowfall of two inches or more
3. Icy rain/sleet resulting in dangerous road conditions
We suggest you check this page or phone us by 9 pm the night before if you have a question about whether sadhana will proceed: 773.975.9754


"You might regret missing Sadhana,
but you'll never regret attending Sadhana!" 
~ Shiva Singh Khalsa