Sat Nam!
We are one people - one world - be the light - bring hope - courage and
peace in all our thoughts and actions, in ourselves, our homes and our communities.

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Welcome to Spirit Rising Yoga Center
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, breath-work, meditation, sound and mantra, and the Gong, which teaches the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables us to experience the clarity and vastness of the soul. No previous experience in yoga is required to achieve results with the very first class.

Spirit Rising Yoga Center is operated by Spirit Rising Foundation, a not-for-profit service based Aquarian business model. Our mission: to share with all, the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® and the 3HO lifestyle, that they might experience the ecstasy of consciousness and support a person to be active in society and be healthy, happy and holy! 

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21 Stages of Meditation ~    INFO   Register Now and save up to $100!  REGISTER

21 Stages of Meditation ~ INFO
Register Now and save up to $100! REGISTER

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Women's Full Moon Workshop January: Silent Moon

With Shabad Kaur Khalsa, LCPC, LMFT, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Sunday 1/20, 6-8 pm
(Please note updated date)

It's also a Special Lunar Eclipse & "Super Blood Wolf Moon" this Month!

The quality of this moon’s energy is one of new possibilities after the Solstice and the return of ever-lengthening daylight. We’ll do Kundalini Yoga & Meditation around this theme, share conscious Shakti energy, and enjoy a cup of Yogi Tea!

$25, Pre-Registration

Register HERE


Rhythm of the Heart
Kundalini Yoga Workshop
Saturday, March 2, 10 am - 12:30 pm
With Gian Arjan Singh

The heart in its fullness is strength. It is the hardest working muscle in the body. Beyond the dynamic strength that can be found in the billions of beats of our lifetime, is the strength of endurance. The heart is a Keep Up machine. It delivers for everybody. There is a great example in how to live in the heart. There is also the answer of what we need to be Spiritual Warriors of compassion and servants of humanity.

We need the embodied endurance of the Heart. We need the consistency, the developed rhythm. We need the dynamic strength in these times that try our hearts in ways we've never been tried before - in ways we were told by our teacher Yogi Bhajan we were being prepared for through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. We have to work for it, so that it's radiance begins to work for us. We have to service and serve it, so that service extends into the world.

This workshop is designed to feel and fill your heart. You will work to revitalize it. You will experience Kriya and meditation that helps you understand Infinity in your heart, so you can conceptualize your capacity in your mind. This is an invitation to open to the green opportunity, abundant even in the darkest hours. This is a call to action, to LOVE bigger, serve stronger, and deliver yourself. Full Hearts are needed now. Eliminate the idea of compassion fatigue and experience the magnetism of your unified heart field.

$35 by 2/25, $35 after 2/25


Early Morning Aquarian Sadhana
as Scheduled 4:30-6:45 am

All are welcome no experience necessary!
--"If one has walked into sadhana with heart and soul in a prayerful mind, we will all benefit. That is the power of the group sadhana."  Yogi Bhajan  
--"You may regret missing Sadhana, but you'll never regret attending Sadhana."   Shiva Singh Khalsa

Spirit Rising Foundation is honored to be a part of the beginnings and continued participation in the work of IGrow Chicago whose motto is "Helping sustain a community one breath, one seed, one family at a time." in the Englewood neighborhood Chicago's South side, I Grow has helped create  authentic peace and support the community.