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Shiva Singh Khalsa

Shiva Singh Khalsa is the co-director of Spirit Rising Yoga and President and CEO of Spirit Rising Foundation. Since 1971 he has taught and practiced with the guidance of Yogi Bhajan, who said of Shiva Singh, "You have always been an inspiration to me." Shiva Singh draws on a wealth of experience acquired through decades of spiritual practice, devotion and service. This is the foundation for his teaching and his life.  He is known as a Jupiter Teacher, jovial, inspiring and uplifting.


Kamal PremKaur/
Martha Adrienne

Kamal Prem Kaur, RYT 200. She served as our KYTT Level 1 Mentor Program Goddess coordinator. Her background includes decadesin the theater which wonderfully is expressed in her classes through creativity and charm.

Shabad Kaur Khalsa

Shabad Kaur Khalsa, LCPC, LMFT, E-RYT 500, is the co-director of Spirit Rising Yoga, lead Teacher Trainer and psychotherapist. Shabad Kaur's direct, devoted service to Yogi Bhajan results in her insightful transmission of yogic teachings especially for women. As she shares her love for the teachings and creates a cozy, safe and nurturing place, she is a powerful Kundalini Yoga Teacher who will also bring out your "Keep Up!". Shabad Kaur was once described as "more than a person, she is a force."


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Paramhans Kaur/Hannia Vecino

Completed her TeacherTraining in 2017. She brings a gracefulwarmth to her classes. Her love of the sacred and sadhana are clearly projected in her teaching. You will be the better for spending time in her presence.

Sarab Shakti Kaur/
Mary Barrett-Hanlon

Sarab Shakti Kaur/Mary Barrett is a 2010 graduate who first encountered and then practiced Kundalini Yoga while she lived in Ireland. Upon her move back to Chicago, Sarab Shakti Kaur enrolled in Spirit Rising Yoga's Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course. She is a vibrant, talented teacher.





Sat Sevak Kaur/ Janice Miller

Sat Sevak Kaur anila saineghi She has been a regular practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She also teaches Kundalini Yoga in Chairs to seniors.

Charanjeet Kaur/
Esther Khuri

Charanjeet Kaur/Esther Khuri, a talented and joyful teacher, brings her wonderful energy to every class and shares it with the students. Our current Mentor Program coordinator. She brought the house down at last year's Teacher Training Marathon with her amazing Celestial Communication moving meditation at the end of the day. She is an Elementary School teacher by day and a wife and mother of two wonderful children.



Avtarshabd Kaur / Anila Dean Saineghi

A 2016 graduate of SRY's Teacher Training and she really "hit the ground running"! Avtarshabad Kaur brings a kindness and quality of devotion to well-being, which is perfect for beginners.