Our Journey, Vision and Invitation to You ~  

We began our journey with a simple vision: to find a home for Spirit Rising Yoga’s Second Annual Midwest Women’s Yoga Retreat.  We wanted a place where women could step out of their daily lives and immerse themselves in the healing power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and the richness of the teachings for women.   

From the moment we arrived after a beautiful drive through the Southern Wisconsin countryside, we felt welcomed and embraced.  The first thing that caught our eye was a butterfly, resting on a blade of grass beside us, moving her wings slowly, greeting us with her steady, fearless presence, the scalloped edges of her wings reminiscent of an exquisite paper invitation.

We toured the expansive grounds, comprised of over 350 acres in Mukwonago, WI, a town named for the indigenous bear that once walked the lands.  We felt the spirit of the mother bear, an energy of strength, safety, and protection dwelling in the memory of the land.  As we viewed the peaceful landscape, our vision for the Second Annual Midwest Women’s Yoga Retreat began to take form:

A nature immersion, embraced by sacred spaces, circular gathering spots, screened-in havens for diving deep into yoga, into oneself.  We began to hear the echo of an ancient drumbeat, the earth mother heartbeat, the heartbeat of the mother bear creating a space of safety, healing, rest, introspection for her daughters, women of the earth, cities, towns.  Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, wives, partners. Working, always working, in the home, outside the home, in her community, and now seeking rest. Going within, seeing herself, knowing herself at the deepest level.  Listening.  Hearing her own heartbeat slowing, strengthening, synchronizing with the heartbeat of her sisters, the company of other women, synchronizing with the heartbeat of the earth mother, the spirit of the mother bear.  

In the safety of this space, we saw opportunities for a woman’s self-healing to blossom, making way for deep connection with herself and with other women.  We saw pathways for strength, courage and freedom to expand into her most graceful, powerful, and light-filled state of being.  We saw trails where she could walk, run, dance, chant; sacred spaces where she could sit, breathe, feel the earth, feel the sky; see with new eyes who she is, see others, also with new eyes; and share and connect. We saw a dining hall where she could be nourished over shared meals filled with laughter, healing foods, and enjoyment.  We saw simple, clean rooms for deep, restful sleep.  

We knew this was the place we had been seeking, and our new friends at Perlman Retreat Center welcomed us.