More on Managing Seizures

Sat Nam,

Over the years I have met others who have dealt with Grande Mal seizures in their lives. For those of you who have them this poem by Maria Egel will sound very familiar. It is a beautifully written rendering of the feeling that many of us have experienced when something triggers what i describe as the nervous system’s response to the brain’s “short circuiting”.

I have managed seizures for over 40 years with no medication, and no Grande Mal seizures. Maria after a few weeks of attending chair yoga class and practicing breathing - has reduced her seizures from 4-5 a month to 1 every 5-6 weeks!

Here is her remarkable poem.


  Where do I go when my Neurons start dancing

   to a tune that is not in the book

   when my body gets rigid and I stare into space

   with that empty and faraway look.


   Where do I go when my body is twitching

   a life of its own it demands

   when people are staring

   and children are fearing

   but all is out of my hand.


   Where do I go when my body and mind

   take a trip into different spheres

   I am tossed in the wind

   like a dry leaf in autumn

   and neither part of myself cares.


   Where have I been I ask after each trip

   confusion, lost time give the answers

   Forgetfulness comes, is it mercy or curse?

   Together, they sway as two unacquainted dancers.


   So, we travel along, holding each other dear

   it will lessen the fear.


   Maria Egel

Shabad Kaur KhalsaComment