Kundalini Yoga in Chairs! or Yoga with your shoes on!

Appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Kundalini Yoga in Chairs is taught by trained, insured and certified teachers who have a respect for aging and enjoy spending time with seniors.

We've been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Chairs in Nursing Homes, Senior Residential Communities and Hospitals, as well as numerous presentations for specific populations.

The practices can be enjoyed by those with any level of ability. Each class uses variations of familiar yoga postures that have been safely adapted specifically for those who may be frail or with limited mobilityor cognitive issues. We incorporate dynamic movement, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, meditation and sound.

Students learn to relax, improve balance and breathing as well as mental clarity and better sleep. They can learn to use the practices on their on their own.

To arrange a class or private session contact Shiva Singh at 773-480-3272 or shivasingh@spiritrisingyoga.org