Who Was Yogi Bhajan?

On this page, I am trying to show people that have never met Yogi Bhajan who he was to a student, a teacher, to the world. I am trying for a sense of what it was like to be around him, to have him talk to you.

Experience Yogi Bhajan from a Student of Yogi Bhajan's

Sat Nam, 

I studied served and loved Yogi Ji. He was my spiritual teacher, my mentor and my boss. At the Parliament for the Worlds Religions in 1993, Swami Satchidananda came up to me and asked  "Where's the Boss?". He understood my relationship. I was always willing and ready to serve his mission.

When YogiJi sent me to Chicago he had seen in me a quality that I myself had not recognized. I represented him in our family businesses, as a Minister of Sikh Dharma both in the Interfaith community and with the Punjabi Sikh community and as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and for 3HO.

He was always firm with me and trusted I would complete the task he needed done and if I hesitated he would make it very clear in a forceful manner that he was sure I could!

I spent decades in classes with him and also serving him at the Ashram in Altamonte Springs, FL during Winter Solstices. These were special times where I saw him in various capacities both as a Religious Leader, casually as in a relaxed environment, and subtle in the way he helped people. 

I will share more stories. 

Shiva Singh Khalsa

Special Note: Yogi Bhajan refers to himself as a Saturn teacher.

"The planet Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma in many texts. Saturn manifests the lessons we need to learn, and forces us to face them. We can choose the easy way or the hard way, but Saturn makes sure we take responsibility for past actions, thoughts and feelings.

Saturn teachers take the same approach. They can give difficult, tedious tasks to teach a lesson and reveal you to yourself. They are taskmasters who seek to confront you with things that you don't want to see. These guides ask us to face our fears and the very things we run away from.

They push us past our emotions, and give us limits for us to push and test. Saturn is the higher vibration of the emotionally reactive Moon, setting boundaries and discipline with our feelings. Saturn teachers aid in breaking down the ego and false identities. Saturn teachers push your buttons, and during the process you may not like them, but the result is very worthwhile.

Yogi Bhajan as a Saturn Teacher, 3HO

"Being a student of Yogi Bhajan was like living in a spiritual pressure cooker 24/7 /365! He had a single objective as your spiritual teacher: to pressurize your life to the point he could change coal to a diamond.

Kundalini Yoga and its amazing power to transform was the main stay of my life then and now. I am eternally grateful for those hard sometimes bitter times and long powerful sadhnas, for that is the sweetness in my life today." Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

A person once said about sadhana:

"Once sadhana is done, nothing should happen to you.

I said, "No, when sadhana happens, everything should happen to you, and you should come out as a winner, you should come out victorious!"

That is what sadhana gives you. It doesn't give you a written guarantee from God. The one who does sadhana builds himself such a powerful personality, he can conquer anything!

That is why I do my own sadhana.

I have been doing it for years. I do it even now. Some people ask me,

"You are a Master, why do you do sadhana?"

I say, "To remain a Master!"


The Man Yogi Bhajan

Why repeat the Name of God?

So that it enters our subconscious memory. Why do sadhana?

So that our conscious memory can subconsciously relate to the Supreme Consciousness. These are acts for the Self; they are extremely selfish acts.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 11, 1982

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