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When you don't know what to do, this page will give you all the breathing, mantras and mudras to help you deal with what ever the situation is. How to handle stress. Anything that leaves you stunned and unable to think, you don't know what to do or what to do first.

This page covers everything from being locked out of your online checking account or an earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, and radiation exposure.

One minute breath

Sit straight, tune in:

Close your eyes 9/10 while looking at the tip of your nose.

Inhale very slowly and smoothly for 20 seconds. Hold/Suspend the breath without tension in for 20 seconds. Exhale very slowly and smoothly for 20 seconds. In this Pranayama the breath is held only on the inhale. Then with the next breath, you continue as above, and so on.

The time periods for the breath that are given above are the very optimum for this One Minute Breath exercise. Simply do the best that you can, approaching your limits without stress.

Be sure to inhale first from your diaphragm, meaning your belly will move out first, causing that powerful horizontal muscle at the bottom of your fixed ribs--your diaphragm to move down.

On the exhale, reverse the process by moving the belly in, causing the diaphragm to push up against the lungs, and then fully empty the lungs. Make the breath continuous and even.

Doing this One Minute Breath for 3 minutes, 11 minutes or 31 minutes creates a great single or daily Use when you need inner guidance, or things get confusing or too emotional, or you just want some peace or stress relief!

Make the Impossible Possible Aad Such Hosee Bhay Version

One day, Yogi Bhajan told his students, "Now suppose something happens (in) your life which you want to move and it's not moving. There is a block, which you want to move, and it's not moveable--- then chant the Aad Sach mantra. It's a lever. It is the biggest lever available to you among mantras." August 4, 1975

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai-Bhay Such, Naanak Hosee Bhay Such

You can do this 3 minutes, 5, 7 even 11, what ever you feel like doing.

(I chant it every day and the most amazing things keep happening. Every place I have been stuck, don't know what to do resolves itself. In an emergency, we can all use a little extra help. Sat Avtar Kaur)

Kirtan Kriya

Kirtan Kriya is one of the most important meditations in Kundalini Yoga.

Whatever you need at the moment, it will readjust and align you to bring balance into your mind and thus your life.

It is a catalyst for change because it is a very powerful "spiritual cleanser". It has been shown to improve issues having to do with memory loss.

The Mantra is: SA - TA - NA - MA

Focus on the 3rd eye starting with the index finger. touching the pad of each finger with the thumb, chant in a musical manner (Hence Kirtan Kriya):

Thumb and first finger - Sa - infinity Thumb and 2nd finger - Ta - life Thumb and 3rd finger (ring) - Na - change Thumb and 4th finger (little) - Ma - rebirth

Continue repeating the sequence in this manner: out loud (voice of the world) whisper (voice of the lover) silent (voice of God) whisper out loud

L-Shaped Visualization: On each syllable visualize the energy in from the top of the head, down to the center of the brain and out the 3rd Eye in an l-shape.

Always keep the breath cycles in the same ratio 1-1-2-1-1. For example: 5 minutes out loud, 5 minutes whisper, 10 minutes silent, 5 minutes whisper, 5 minutes out loud.

To end, inhale, hold the breath for a few seconds, focus the eyes upward, exhale and relax.

Kirtan Kriya

Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire is a powerful exercise that almost always increases energy. Just 3 minutes of BOF will increase your physical and mental energy.

To do the Breath of Fire, breathe through your nostrils rapidly. Do not pause between inhaling and exhaling. You should inhale by bringing your diaphragm down. Breath from your diaphragm, and keep your chest relaxed. Focus your mental energy on your navel area.

The oxygen level actually increases during the Breath of Fire. BOF produces alpha rhythms in the brain. This is probably why the exercise is able to simultaneously create increased calmness and increased alertness. BOF also increases oxygen delivery to the brain and neuronal metabolism is improved. Use BOF for quick energy, the same way some people use a cup of coffee.

Breath of Fire

Meditation for Surrender

Sit in a cross-legged meditation posture with hands in Gyan Mudra and eyes closed. Inhale deeply and chant the mantra, on one breath.

Wa-hay Guru Wa-hay Guru Wa-hay Wa-hay Wa-hay Guru

Chant in a monotone for 11 minutes. Then inhale deeply and hold the breath while concentrating the energy at the top of your head. After 30 seconds exhale and relax.

Listen to the sounds you are making and let them connect you with a divine sound within.

(When I started doing Meditation for Surrender, I found that I could accept what happened during the day. Accepting and dealing with the reality I was in, rather than wishing things were different. Sat Avtar Kaur)

Long Sat Nams (Bij Mantra)

This is a mantra that I use every day and sometimes several times a day, it calms me down, brings clarity of mind and I have gotten most of my good ideas while doing it. It has saved me from going nuts. Computer work and website problems drive me nuts from time to time. You can do any where from 3 minutes to 30 or more, depending on what you need. It is truly wonderful.

Long Sat Nams

Meditation When You Don't Know What To Do

 It coordinates both areas of the brain, gives you powerful insight. Though it looks simple, it solves many complications.


How to Do It:

Sit straight, cross-legged or in a chair. Relax the arms down by the side of the body.. Bend the elbows and raise the hands up and in until they meet at the level of the chest. The fingers of each hand are extended and joined in a relaxed way.

Cross the hands with both palms facing toward the chest. One palm rests in the other and the thumbs are crossed. The fingers point up at a comfortable angle. (The position of left and right hands is interchangeable for this exercise.) Look at the third eye, then bring the eyes to the tip of the nose.

Inhale through the nose, then exhale through the nose.

Now, inhale through the mouth, (purse the lips - whistle) and exhale through the mouth. (purse the lips - whistle)

Next, inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. (purse the lips - whistle)

Finally, inhale through the mouth, (purse the lips - whistle) and exhale through the nose.

Continue this sequence. All breaths should be deep, complete, and powerful. When breathing through the mouth, purse the lips almost as if to whistle.

Start practicing this kriya for 11 minutes and gradually increase the time to a half-hour.

Long Deep Breathing

Make your spine straight, whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down. This whole breath is done very slowly and consciously, and the air moves in and out through your nose, not your mouth.

INHALE: Then slowly move your belly outward. As you do this, you are automatically drawing your diaphragm down. As your diaphragm moves down, it pulls the bottom of your lungs down, thereby pulling air into the bottom of your lungs as a bellows action. Allow your bottom ribs to expand, and then expand the upper ribs to bring air into all of your lungs!

EXHALE: Now slowly move your belly in. This pushes your diaphragm up, and pushes the air out of the bottom of your lungs. Do this as slowly and fully as you can comfortably do it. And be sure that the length of your inhale equals the length of your exhale!

Besides helping to relive and prevent stress, this technique is important for brain longevity because it helps to increase the capacity of the lungs. Thus is supplies more oxygen to all the cells in your body, including those in your brian.

It will re-tune and reset your brain so that correct decisions will flow automatically in a crisis situation.

Long Deep Breathing

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