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NOTE: Every quote in this section is Yogi Bhajan's.

"You are for tomorrow. You are for that tomorrow when the world shall come to you. People will come and ask to be blessed. Bless those who are coming to you, each one of you. Guru's words never go untrue." So just say to yourself, "I am the worst, but right now I am the best because God has made me to flow through His energy." And then expand yourself to the Tenth Radiant Body, and see 30 trillion micro-cells dancing from you and going into the Universe. All you have to tell them is, "Touch the heart of the one who needs Guru's help." Thereafter it's Guru's problem, not yours. Stick Guru in, and walk out.

So that while you can be walking and working with open eyes, you will not be in your body. Somebody else will take over this body and take you safely through the distance of destiny to give you what you need.  Nine hundred sixty million you shall be. People will come and touch your feet and ask to be blessed. Bless those who are coming to you, each one of you. Guru's words never go untrue. Disintegrate yourself into 30 trillion cells and let the magnetic field move through  all the power of the planet, the stars, and everything. What your eyes see, it doesn't mean a thing. What you see with the inner eye, the third eye, that's what matters. Let your electromagnetic field magnify itself and expand out. Let Infinity be your touch.

We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, strengthening our nervous system, activating our glandular system, balancing our emotional energies, and channeling our mental energy to intuitive awareness. Imagine that something very pure and divine in you is calling. Reach out and make contact with your own Infinity. Create a feeling of being exalted by your own self. The sensory human is a person who has the capacity to use intuition and sensitivity amidst the chaos, a person who can make decisions based on core values and lives a destiny that shares light and hope with the world.

"There are three stages of time. One is yesterday, one is today, and one is tomorrow. And there is no such thing as tomorrow. If tomorrow does not become today, there shall be no tomorrow. You cannot meet tomorrow face to face. What do you think? Tomorrow will become today and then it will face you. Birds have no worry of tomorrow. They only make their nest when they are to lay their eggs. That is their only tomorrow. And when it's over, everything is over. 8/8/20

Have you seen birds coming and opening a bank account? Or carrying a packet of food with them? No. They are not subject to the limits of time and space. They fly, they go. Where they see food, they get it. They are constantly living in today. But you as human beings live today and work for tomorrow, which you cannot face. That's why some are too rich, some are too poor, some are too angry. 8/8/20

"We have two things in our body; frontal lobe and upper palate. We need to practice stimulation and control. These are two things in the body which are underdeveloped. And you can only develop them by imagination and by certain permutations and combinations of words with the tongue, so you can get the result." …8/8/20

Each day we are vastly moving technically, socially, individually, and personally into an era of the unknown. New Age is a new age always. When it sets it takes away all what there is. It's just like a flood. It comes, wipes out the past, and then lays the silt and lays the land and lays the minerals, and everything goes later. So we are passing through that cusp of the period and we are going to all realize we have been here for 24 years, for what? And with that 'what' is going to come, 'let us do something'. And with that 'something' many of you will expand. And you will be forced to expand. Saturn has left the Piscean Age, so now it's a free era to add to our strength of purity. We gotta go. 3/1/95

Technically speaking with all the shaky stock market and businesses and all the crime report and all what America represents today, it's not yet even touched the boundary of that bad which is coming. Please, it's a very good time. You should be grateful for it. What is coming is very proper, qualified, calculated, and demonstrative insanity. Whenever a nation goes through a demonstrative insanity, it changes the order. We are the by-product of the demonstrative insanity. That we call it a 'Woodstock Nation', out of which we grew. 3/1/95

Now what is coming is little heavier. It is called 'space fever'. The new word, you must coin it today. Space fever is a disease in which you cannot be comfortable in the space you are in. You cannot go into the space comfortably where you want to go in. And you cannot have the space of environments according to you. Space disease or space fever happens to humanity when progress is faster technically than imaginable. It is happening now. Therefore, the best thing is to congregate, sit together with like minds, and save yourself from insanity. This is the progressive way that you will face that emptiness. You will find in you a painful thought of spaceless-ness. 3/1/95

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