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NOTE: Every quote in this section is Yogi Bhajan's.

"Just expand into the vastness of yourself, in this vastness see the light of purity. It is a glittering, simple, soft light. Now imagine that this glittering, soft, beautiful pure light is in the center of your head. See nothing but light. It is blue light. It is subtle. It is warm. It is pure. It is in your head. But it is as big as the cosmos. Become the pure light.  Understand I Am, I Am."

Q: How will being a Sensory Human affect personal relationships? A: When Sensory Human beings get together the attraction is timeless, limitless, and forever.  Nothing else can come between them. What is clear to everyone is a sense of urgency and a vast change in society, consciousness and the nature of our perception of the world and each other. We have always experienced but rarely with this intensity and never with this scope and vastness. The change is on all levels of life at once. It is not sequential and orderly, nor is each step predictable And it affects each one of us personally.

Q: You have said that the emotions are the sensory system of the soul. Could you explain how we can use our emotions as the communication system of our soul and not as trauma inducers? A: When emotions guide us they serve us; when we are ruled by them, they destroy us. Develop your sixth sense in meditation by concentrating at the tip of the nose with the eyes one-tenth open. It will all come to you automatically.

Q: What is the difference between going beyond the five senses as a Sensory Human and raising the Kundalini? A: The entire power of the human is its connection to the Universe through the psyche and the sixth sense. This is the basic point from where the Kundalini rises.

Q: I am a beginner in Kundalini Yoga and I definitely want to be a Sensory Human. Where do I start? A: Start each day consciously breathing and developing a one-minute breath. (Inhale 20 seconds, hold 20 seconds, exhale 20 seconds, breathing only through the nose).

"The Age of Aquarius is a mega-multiple manifestation. It is a lifestyle which has a vision of many channels of realities which a single human being will have to face. The capacity of the mind will reach its optimum in order to deal with everyday life. The world will become smaller and smaller and smaller. So man's vitality has to become larger and larger and larger." 4/7/93

"We will understand that within me is a complete understanding of me. And what we say and what we live will be Infinity. It is the period of SAT NAM. 'In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was God.' Sat Nam: Truth is our Identity.

In the Aquarian Age intuition will be the principle of identity..."You must know reality by intuition, not by knowledge. By the time reality becomes knowledge, it's too late."

"The love of existence, of our lives and of our breathing will be in need of the flow of the psyche in us; therefore, we can be a real combination of self within the self. And the sensory system that will develop automatically out of us will be our archangel protecting us and glorifying us."  8/1/00

Make it a promise that this whole year you will say everyday, 25 times each day, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." These are five words, these are five sounds. It will develop intuition in you that you need it. It will let you see the unseen, hear the unheard, and know the unknown.

My prayer is that we are walking on a Path of Infinity. My blessing is, let us make it together. Sikh Net Article Being aware enough to notice, silent enough to listen, and spontaneous enough to act, may be the key to living the gift each moment of life offers.

Making our meditative practice real can move us from the one-dimensional state of reacting with our five senses to the multidimensional experience of responding with our sixth sense.

What does it mean to consciously process your sensory system? It means to make yourself aware of your own mental process. When you are about to make a decision or take an action, you ask yourself, what is my sense about that decision or that action? Then you proceed to question yourself to understand the reality of it.

A conscious CEO must leave his or her personal ego at the door. A business has an identity of its own. And that identity is what must be served—not our hidden agendas, not our own wants and desires. Every decision must be made in the best interest of the company. So it is all about consciousness, with awareness. Even though you have a good intent, without awareness it might not give the results you're looking for. Therefore you have to train yourself to consciously filter your own mind.

Question yourself—question your conduct, behavior, thinking and acting, your reaching out and your dealing with people. When we don't question ourselves, when we don't consciously process the sensory system, we will be misled. We will mislead ourselves and therefore others. We will start following the shadows that the ego throws onto the walls of our minds instead of accurately seeing the shape of what is in front of us.

It is important to note that the goal of the conscious person is NOT to eliminate all emotions, fears or desires. Rather, the goal of the spiritual being fully engaged in the world is to use the tool of consciousness to control your life and your character. The goal is not to avoid all disturbances—it is to deal gracefully with the thousands of disturbances that we encounter.

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