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NOTE: Every quote in this section is Yogi Bhajan's.

The outer education provided by the information revolution must be matched by an inner education in wisdom, self-control, intuition and the use of the neutral mind. We need stamina under stress, clarity of values for decisions and a new base for identity. We need the ability to command our brain, mind and states of consciousness consciously through the filter of intuition, wisdom, and the positive, negative and neutral minds. "We are involuntarily entering an era of voluntary enlightenment.

"There will be a tremendous surge and 'urge to merge' with higher consciousness. It will not be going up to heaven - we will experience heaven now, here! I am heaven! I am God. I am the universe! I am the Cosmos! I am the "I am"! "But not with pride, ego or anger.

The relationship between man or woman and God will be a merged relationship. Nobody shall seek God outside.

When the frequency change comes, we need a technology to re-adjust the nervous and glandular systems. Thinking and talking about the changes are not going to help us shift our frequency. We need a technology that can go in at the cellular level and raise everything a notch to keep up with how the magnetic field will change. Otherwise, the shift in the magnetic field of the earth is going to tear us apart from the inside.

"Men and women will merge, not just fall in love, have sex and live together. The female will find her real love within herself. There will be a strong urge to merge and every other desire will fade away. People will go for reality instead of romance.

Whatever one knows; the other will know. There should be hardly any communication, no convincing.

There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age. This change is radical, not incremental. It is a simultaneous change in both outer and inner worlds. The mind is changing its sensitivity, basic frequency and functioning. Our lifestyle is changing its sense of time, space, relatedness and relevancy.

"The commandment of this era is, 'sin shall punish itself.' And guilt shall make itself good.  Man will be free of the bondage of consciousness that makes labor and workshops. Each shall find himself enlightened enough to seek energy and creativity.

About 2014, the heavens and earth shall meet and there will be fire from the heavens. At about the quarter century (c.2024) man shall inhabit space, and the technology of Guru Gobind Singh will be needed in order to survive.

"The era of "I" is finishing. It is an era of "Us!" People who progress now will be acting in the spirit of us. 'We did this - let us get together'. It is an era of EK ONG KAR. It is one world created by God, having its own beauty, and those who live in the 'I, I, I' will not fit in.

YB: Speak from here. (YB puts his hand on his navel point.) One who doesn't speak from here is dead. Every communication which does not come from the navel point brings disease, sickness, sorrow, sadness, madness, insanity, and bad luck. True. It's as true as anything.

Never speak from here. (YB points to his mouth.) Never speak from here. (YB points to his throat.) Never speak from here. (YB points to his heart center.) Speak from here (YB points to his navel point), from your original self. Do you see when I talk, how this thing goes in and out? (YB points to his navel point.) Practice. Speak it from the guts. Speak it with your soul. Speak it with your power. God gave you a chance to speak. God gave you intention and notion to communicate. Speak truth which is you. Anything else you speak is untrue. And the word must have power, must project, must hit the target.

"Your intuition can tell you everything, provided you command yourself and then obey yourself. If you do not know how to command yourself, you cannot obey yourself. Therefore you are not you." 3/25/97

"What happens to one woman happens to all the women of the world.  If you understand this consciousness, then you can begin to make things right." -Yogi Bhajan, 7/9/79

"Just expand into the vastness of yourself, in this vastness see the light of purity. It is a glittering, simple, soft light. Now imagine that this glittering, soft, beautiful pure light is in the center of your head. See nothing but light. It is blue light. It is subtle. It is warm. It is pure. It is in your head. But it is as big as the cosmos. Become the pure light. Understand I Am, I Am."

As we transition into the Aquarian Age, that is through 2038, humanity will suffer from a phenomenon called Cold Depression. It occurs across an entire population during global transition, such as the one we are in now. When there is a major frequency change - Cold Depression can increase to profound levels, like a sudden tide.

Yogi Bhajan said this "gray period" of the planet has occurred in the past, whenever there was an epochal transition.

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