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NOTE: Every quote in this section is Yogi Bhajan's.

The Age of Aquarius, the age of the self-sensory human, will be the age in which people of experience will be liked, respected, worshiped, talked to and understood. It's not a matter of how old or young you are or how white or black you are. 8/1/00

The earth was going to align with the center of the galaxy. Then the center of the galaxy was going to communicate with the sun. And from that communication, the electromagnetic field of the earth would change. When the electromagnetic field of the earth changed, it would impact the electromagnetic field of the human - and that was how we were going to become "sensory beings" in the Age of Aquarius.

In the Sensory Age there will not be any insecurity—you will understand security. When you bring security to another person and the other brings security to you, you will mutually become one unit. If you understand that we are all human beings, you will immediately come to a sensory, emotional understanding, and life will be happy. 1/22/01

What is this personal sensory system? There will be no need for cosmetic makeup.  People will be open, straight, simple and their beauty will be internal, not external. Men and women are going to reach out with such dignity, such devotion and such an elevated loftiness of self, and the beauty of the human character will be so bewitching, that not only will the ones who are willing be enjoying and realizing, but also their realization will be so profound that no destructive temptation by another person will work. 8/1/00

We will move from the Information Age into the Sensory Age. To survive, it will be mandatory to use the sixth sense over and above the five senses. 1/22/00 Humanity has crossed the stages of doubt and duality. Humanity is advancing towards living in a psyche where people will be intuitive and acknowledging. 10/26/88

A few years ago we said "Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world." It looked like a joke at that time. Heal with what? Now the age has come when your own psyche can be in flow and beam on the other personality, and in the cross-exchange, you can heal a person just by walking by his side. For this we have to have a mental clarity, and we have to have a mental projection. 2/4/01

The time is changing; people are looking toward fulfillment of the self through purity and piety, individuality and reality. They don't want to practice duality anymore. Sex will not be the attraction. A sensory system will develop; a new system in which the individual will find himself or herself complete. 8/1/00

Talking doesn't mean anything anymore. If your presence cannot talk, your words will not mean anything. It is the age of experience, experience, experience. 12/27 91 The Aquarian Age is, "I have the knowledge. Let me serve, uplift and glow."

I have to be with you to prepare you for these cusp years. When the ages cross, your past shall be obsolete. It won't work for you.  Your values won't work; your methods and procedures won't work, but in your memory of these teachings, you will have the knowledge to cross the age.

Now the time has come that you will have a meditative mind to wait and see what comes to you.  Your mind will direct you to work towards the right channels. You will meet the right people.

In reality, you are a bunch of molecules living by the Pranic Body. You are nothing more, nothing less. As long as the psyche will not merge in you, equally in balance, you will have no awareness.

Human existence is a combination of the Pranic Body and psyche energy, which is the universe, Prakirti, the creation in proportion. When you have that state of mind, you are clean and clear. You stop searching; you start practicing.

The oddness in you becomes even, and your flow becomes as vast as the universe, sometimes beyond the universe. You have the authentic reach to yourself. I don't want anybody because I want everybody. This concept is very difficult. I don't want to be "I"; I don't want to be "we." I want to be "just as it is." And my run is with the flow of the psyche of the Universe as it takes me, as it moves me, as it desires me.

Man will stop cutting corners and come to a real existence. And it's not long from now. Any person who thinks he is great may be nothing because the Information Age is so powerful, knowledgeable and so understanding, that nothing can work.

We will not be competent to cheat each other, but we can help and deal with each other as equals. There's no beautiful, no ugly. The love of existence of our life and of our breathing will be in need of the flow of the psyche in us; therefore, we can be a real combination of self within the self.

Our future is now, and our presence is our purity. We don't have to purify ourselves - we are pure. We simply have to not make it ugly by diversion, concoctions, stories, by creating meaningless romance and fantasy and imagining things which are zero.

We'll master ourselves through our service, through our character, through our commitment and the most powerful thing which people have, our grace. Our individual grace is the most wanted today. And our projection, which will give us satisfaction, fulfillment and exaltation, is our nobility. We will act noble, gracious, kind and compassionate. These are our essential features.

Action is the language of the awakened Self. As the Aquarian Age dawns, the old defenses and manipulations based on hiding or controlling access to information will no longer work. We need the capacity to assess our actions and consequences before we take them, as if every action will be known and will reveal us. Only then can we realize that our word, fulfilled by actions. is our ultimate gift and power.

"Left nostril breathing gives you self-endurance, self effectiveness and self respect. Right nostril breathing gives you projection, sacrifice, power to attach, power to penetrate and power to exert. That is why God has given you both nostrils."

Change and learning is continuous and life-long. We must maintain mental, emotional and physical flexibility. Intellect is not enough. We need a new relationship to intuition, emotion and instinct. Information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. We need wisdom. Learning is not enough. We must learn how to learn. Complexity is increasing as is our need to deal with it. Our sense of personal identity and its foundation is shifting.

This is an age of paradox-more global and more individual, with fewer boundaries and more demand for political separations. Everything is faster, and we have less time. We need far more love and unity, for we have more fear and tremendous insecurity. Stamina and constant peak performance are the common benchmarks to evaluate all people and their work, and the need is to go inward and regenerate.

We require a reconciliation and integration of the spiritual side of life with the technological and material sides, a spiritual fitness to sense values and meaning. There is no isolation. Each action we take must be considered ecologically and globally because each person does directly or indirectly affect vast networks of people, other living beings and places.

We must learn to use the mind differently. The mind of the future Aquarian Age person will change both in sensitivity and quality over the next several decades. In a few generations, our mental struggles will seem as distant and perplexing to us as the problems and thoughts of ancient prehistoric empires seem to us now. The change of mental quality will occur automatically and has already begun in some people.

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