The Long Akaal Akaal Akaal (Undying)

The Long Akaal is chanted upon the death of anyone, friend, beloved, or friend of a friend. It helps the Soul leave the Earth and head for the light. It will also help any soul that is ready to go. And, I like that and I think of that when I am chanting it. That all Souls that hear the words are taken to the light, the Source of All there is. The chanting of the Akal farewell raises the vibration and light to aid in the transition. I recorded the chant this summer for my young friend Forest Raven when she died. In fact, Forest insisted I get off my butt and record it for her moms. My friend Kim Rushing died on Saturday, and I am chanting it for her, and added some images in support of the journey to the Infinite, Undying. ~  Selah Martha

This powerful chant can be used anytime a loved one passes to honor their spirit and help them 'cross into the blue ethers', as it is known in the Kundalini yoga tradition, essentially helping the soul move on to another dimension of life. This amazing chant, sung by Snatam Kaur at Sat Nam Fest East 2013, was sung in honor of Holy Kaur, a long-time member of the Kundalini yoga community. Spirit Voyage released this video on the 10th Anniversary of the passing of Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga. ~  Snatam Kaur

Akal Akal Akal Akal (Sounds like A-Caaaaaaaaaaa, A-Caaaaaaaaaaa, A-Caaaaaaaaaaa) Akal Akal Akal Akal Akal Akal Akal Akal

Sit in Easy pose (cross-legged with spine, neck, and head in alignment, slight chin tuck)

Eyes closed, focus at 3rd Eye (up and out, 2 ½ finger widths above the bridge of the nose) Gyan Mudra (Arms outstretched, straight line shoulder to finger tips, index fingernail in first joint of thumb)

Set intent: For passing of "state the name" and any other souls that are ready to go into the light.

Location: your choice but some highly energy sensitive people prefer to do it outside because it draws many souls to the chant who are ready to leave.

Inhale deeply

Chant akal"AKAL" (with long all, Sounds like A Caaaaaaaaaaal) Inhale and begin again. Duration 11 minutes optimum Done daily for 17 days.

First 3 days optimum to chant akal twice a day within 2 ½ hours before sun rises and sets.

Any time or duration is an acceptable blessing. If you want to commit to 17 days and you miss a day, simply begin the count again.

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