The Akal Takhat is the Throne of Timelessness

"I'm saying to you that you should take hold of your Golden Temple." – Yogi Bhajan, Aug 16, 1975The outer Golden Temple, also known as Hari Mandir Sahib is located in Amritsar, India and is the reflection of the inner Golden Temple which exists in everyone. The entire spiritual architecture of the Hari Mandir Sahib, is based on the inner awakening of a human being. It is the seat, the Throne of Raj Yoga in which exists our higher consciousness that is always subtlety guiding us onto the path of Dharma.

The Akal Takhat is the Governing body of the Golden Temple and the Sikhs. A great many of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers of 30 years or more are Sikhs. There are a lot that are not. It is a personal choice. The information that I found is for everyone, regardless of who you are. It is important to know this.

Akal Takht, located in the sacred city of the Sikhs, Amristsar, in northern India is a place where the time stream shifted, consciousness accelerated, and a new era of history began. Here, within the Golden Temple complex, is the Akal Takht, founded by Guru Hargobind in 1606. Yogi Bhajan defined Taa—khat. Taa means base, the fundamental. Khat means the line. Takht is the fundamental baseline of Infinity. Akal means undying, Infinite, timeless. Guru Hargobind found this the focal point of the planet's psyche and built a throne for the entire humanity.

Sikhs do not own this Takht; they are the servants and guardians of it. This is the nerve center of the planet's psyche and sovereignty. When you meditate on the Akal Takht, the mind activates a creative direction that takes you out of the dualistic karmic world of action and reaction and into the realm of timeless, undying spirit.

The Akal Takht is a unique power point: it is outside of time. It is the one place on Earth where you can enter timelessness and experience ruler-ship of ether and earth, spiritual and temporal, mortal and immortal. Akal Takht is the nucleus point, the central source of the energy that comes from beyond time, beyond the beyond. There is no other place like it on Earth…it is the hub of the temporal and spiritual foundation of the planetary psyche.

We are a magnetic psyche. The pranic, vibratory Earthly matrix we live in is nothing but a huge electromagnetic field. Everything is intertwined, interwoven; all our psyches are connected. Time creates the thought of length in the mind. The human quest is to expand, create width, within that time-limited thought. As the Age changes there is a built in acceleration that is occurring in time, and we need to synchronize our mind with this emerging, accelerated energy.

When we enter into the frequency field of a place beyond time, we activate deeply in our thought stream the potential of experiencing the timelessness of Infinity within the time/space continuum of now. We meditate at/on the Akal Takht and condition the mind to the realms outside of time: This will give us a perceptual stability that we can use to our advantage as the flow of time within and without changes direction. -- Harijiwan Singh


The Akal Takht: Akal means that which cannot come into the lap and collapse of death; that which is death-free. Kaal means time or death. Akal means deathlessness. The Akal Takht was first constructed by Guru Hargobind in 1609 to represent the Authority over the matters and affairs of the Sikh society.  It was constructed at an angle to symbolize that its position was to guard and protect the sacred seat of authority in humility and to be in serve to the grace of the sacred light practiced in the Golden Temple.

It is at the Akal Takht that all matters of importance to Sikhs are deliberated. In the Sikh religion, the very aspect that we have Akal Takht is unique. What does it do? It takes us from infinity to infinity. It gives us a combination and a jurisdiction to which we belong and to which we relate.

-- Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma, June 6, 1990. Source

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