Summer Solstice with Kundalini Yoga

On this page are YouTubes examples of Summer Solstice and Kundalini Yoga, 2007 to 2010, also included are some YouTubes on Bhangra Dance and Taiko Yoga, Gongs and Drumming.  

TaikoYoga & Gong Meditation with Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa, teaching Kundalini Yoga 35 years. His bio is on this site under Master Teachers Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa .

Taiko Connection at 4th Berlin Yoga Festival Berlin, 2008.

Ustad Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa  In Memory of..and his InterGalactic Trance Band with Taiko Connection, Berlin

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa rocking out at Yoga Festival 2009 France.

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa Intro Maha Yoga - 28. Oct. 2014, Berlin

Nanak Dev Singh rockt Bad Meinberg

Shows Nanak Dev Singh Teaching in English    With his death coming so sudden, this video is priceless.

Summer Solstice 2007 Eslpanola, NM

Yoga Festival 2007: Ad Gureh Nameh - Celestial Communication

Kundalini Yoga Workshop - Spiritual Warrior - Gurumarka - 1 July 2007 - Eindhoven - The Netherlands - Rajk van Grinsven

2008 Summer Solstice Celebration

3HO Summer Solstice 40th Anniversary, NM Lisa Law

2009 Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration

Music Montage of Summer Solstice Pictures