Solar Flare Activity Yogi Bhajan Talked About This Catalyst Yogi

Yogi Bhajan talked early on about how we would see more solar activity during this time and it has also been said by other wisdom traditions - so it is not a big a surprise. And we can expect to see more solar activity in the years to come. On Sunday, Feb 17, 2013, the Sun released the Most Intense Solar Flare this year - an M1.9-class Explosion!

How the Solar Flares Can Affect You Personally:

Irritability, increased sensitivity, sleep problems, headaches, weird body pain that comes and goes, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, moments of disorientation, overwhelmed by anger, fear, sadness, fatigue and exhaustion

These are all effects of the solar activity. The solar flares are penetrating the electromagnetic field of the earth - the aura - and this powerful energy is also penetrating the aura of your little planet - the planet of you  - your physical body.

These solar flares are triggering your emotional body to start releasing.

Yogi Bhajan's quote on the sun:

....Do you know how things go on around this earth? Science may find within a thousand years that the life-sound comes from the sun. That sound is the existence of the atom. Then they will find that within us a little sun. Therefore our existence is also the existence of the atom, and we make an impact on the universe just as it makes an impact on us.

So our little sun in the navel (solar plexus ) is awakening and flaring up to melt those frozen parts of ourselves that at we have denied - suppressed - forgotten. Those emotions didn't just appear out of no where - they have been locked inside you for a very long time.

If you are a person who has not felt with your emotions - been numb to them or managed to control them ...... this time can be very overwhelming. When all those buried emotions start moving it can be Like opening up a Pandora's box you never knew existed. The frequency of the emotions are much more powerful than the mind and you can feel victimized by your emotions.

So the one thing NOT to do and if you take anything away from this video is to not react when you feel these emotions. The ego will be salivating - to keep you focused on the external. One thing humanity is addicted to is blaming the way we feel on something in the external - food we ate - people in our lives - the government.

Go inside. The Aquarians age is about becoming Self Referenced. The great flood is happening inside you. All enemies are inside you. This is a purification.

Here is a quick yogic technique that you can do ff you feel like you are going to lose control. When you feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

Crossed arms - fingers in the armpits.

Palms against the body. Shoulders up to the ears. (see the Video)

This separates the thoughts from the emotions. Thoughts can be like throwing gasoline on the fire - and you will get whipped up into a frenzy. Balances the 4 hemispheres of the brain so you can gain clarity.

So it is all a gift everything right now in your life - these solar flares are a gift. Part of the evolution of humanity. Trust that. In a fire stop drop roll - instead Stop. Breathe. Feel. It means to bring yourself with folded hands to the fires of purification.

Sat Nam - enjoy the journey,

HariBhajan Singh


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