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Dr. Atma has been teaching for 35 years. He is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer. He teaches at Yoga Centers, Solstices, Yoga Festivals and Teacher Training programs worldwide. You can view his bio Dr Siri Atma S. Khalsa. Dr Siri Atma has a new book out: Waves of Healing

Dr Siri Atma

Listening to the Voice of Your Soul

Listening to the voice of your soul and living purely brings about authentic healing. Share the truth which is uniquely yours. The knowledge which is innate in you is the voice of your soul. Every moment you live your truth you create a wave of enlightenment that strikes others; you radiate that light.

Dr. Siri Atma explains the yogic concept of the self and the 'ten bodies,' how they interrelate, and how to harmonize the ten bodies with Kundalini Yoga so you can listen to and act on the voice of your soul.

He also talks about evaluating your spiritual growth by how much of your time you spend uplifting others, and how much on your own survival; he explains how the mind can be trained to serve the soul, and the difference between sacrifice and co-dependency.

Healing Potential of Morning Sadhana

The Healing Potential of Morning Sadhana, filmed live in Española, focuses on the electromagnetic, neurological, and hormonal benefits of getting up early to do yoga and meditation. It will inspire you to renew your daily practice!

Self Mastery Teacher Training, N.M.

Purity of Intention

Dr Siri Atma talks about how the Guru has gifted him with the ability to heal. He got this gift, not by trying to, but through purity of intention. He goes on to say that we all have the ability to know what's right, and we just have to make the right decisions.

The Medical Basis of Kundalini Yoga

The Medical Basis of Kundalini Yoga by Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

Self Sensory Healing

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