Sat Nam Fest 2013 and more

I was watching some of the videos showing Kundalini Yogis students and teachers at Sat Nam Fest 2013 and the years before. So much fun, so much excitement and so great to see so many people there. So I decided to put some of the videos on here so we all can get a taste of what it is like.

What Happens at a Sat Nam Fest?

Big Happy Day at Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA! See the dancing, the yoga, the music and some of the awesome, inspiring souls who come and make our festival a celebration of love!

Mirabai Ceiba Chanting "I Am Thine / Hummee Hum"

Iconic chant duo Mirabai Ceiba takes us into bliss with the 3HO Solstice Sadhana Mantra for 2013 at Sat Nam Fest West. Joined by Aykanna, Hans Christian and Ramesh Kannan, this version of the mantra "Hummee Hum Too(n) Me Too(n) Waheguru/ I Am Thine in Mine Myself Waheguru" rocks!

Harijiwan at Sat Nam Fest East, 2013

Guru Ganesha Band "Hari Om, Dear Lord, Sat Nam" w/Fire Dancer - Bhakti Fest 2013

Aykanna Sings "Beautiful Am I" Live at Sat Nam Fest West 2012