Sadhana and Single Seer on The Path to Enlightenment

These are all focused on the experience of "hearing" - "reflection" or "recollection" and "Self abiding" which is the beginning of Yoga, what Yogi Bhajan calls Pradupati, or Crystilization, where you experience your Self as the diamond separate from the reflected images and shadings one sees in a Diamond.Sunday, July 12, 2009 2:19:54 AM To:Sat Avtar Kaur

Dear Sat Avtar Kaur

Here is something that Christ told his Apostles: "In this world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have conquered the world."

In one of these articles I mention that, if one had the chance to read many of the lectures of Yogi Bhajan, in which, quite often, he tells the story of some kind of melodrama with one or another person or couple or situation, and tells about his advice, invariably the whole story comes down to his saying that the most important thing was Sadhana. There are also many spiritual stories in which he reveals something about his own practice and experience, which are also helpful, as eventually, you also begin to recognize starting to have these as well.

The point of Sadhana, or whatever one's daily practice may be, is that life is full of melodramas, of dreams unfulfilled, and fulfilled in a way never imagined, of help and treachery, of striving and persevering and being put upon, of good intentions that are viewed as otherwise, of speaking and not being heard.

Everyone is provided with some kind of script in life, a daily role to be played out, with the best of our ability and intuition, resolved and penetrated. At the same time, the Author has given out scripts to everyone else, whose directions and motivations go back through time we are aware of, which, nevertheless, are written in a way that may impact our lives.

But the importance of the whole story is that through the events, our consciousness expands and deepens to the point where there is this "hearing." This is to say that with the help of Sadhana, we have a special voltage or radiance that shines within and around us, which enables us to penetrate the world on many levels.

The Seer is discerned in the seen. What we see and experience, reflects back and gives rise to the awareness of the single Seer. The radiance attracts the world and the worlds tribulations to us, but we see and begin to identify with more than just the images that present themselves to us. Kundalini yoga has an aspect of expansion and contraction of Radiance and Dissolution. With each event of penetrating the world with our talents and abilities, there is also a sense of Dissolving of attention to the world that culminates in abiding as the single seer.

You may have read this passage as well from Christ: "The eye is the light of the body. When thine eye be single, thy whole body will be filled with light." That part of you that sees is your True light. When you whole the seer to the exclusion of all else, you will experience the Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

In KY practice gradually, you begin to experience the radiance penetrating throughout the body and around the body, so that gradually you notice that you experience at once the entire body without attention to any part. Gradually attention withdraws and dissolves and a Substratum begins to emerge of an "I" without a me or mine, single and pervasive, unconditioned, timeless without time.

You begin to notice that while in the world, you are really a unit of consciousness, the Atman, what Christian Mystics and even Hindu and Buddhist Saints would also call the Christ Consciousness. All terminology and references dissolve, and you understand the Archetypal Author of all religions and Practices, and It's single purpose that through single perseverance, the Sun in the heart will begin to clear up the fog in the mind, the mind itself will dissolve, and one will abide in one's True Name.

Just as an aside, I thought it would be interesting to mention something about Michael Jackson. When I was a kid and later in high school, I would often have waking dreams, which meant that, probably until I got into high school, I was a bit of a lackadaisical student. In high school, I joined the track team and started to have an experience that happens to many athletes of going out of the body during and after the events. In some of these, what invariably happens is that the breathing stops and heart slows and then you are out.

This happens sometimes, while you read certain spiritual tests, that you begin to experience the voltage of sleep while awake and reading. Your body and all through and around your head, glows with a radiance and warmth, as you perceive into the experience of the text. In many of these types of experiences, there is no one to tell you what has happened. I remember going to the priest at the church where I was in high school, asking what this was, and he thought I might be having some psychological event. Later I read that some people think they are having some psychotic experience.

But when it happens often enough, you begin to figure out somewhat what's happening. The main thing that comes with time is the singularity of awareness, of abiding as the single "I" space-like, sort of like being in the zone all the time, but in a way that you are drawn into the Singularity of the experience. You live an outward life, but inwardly you are perusing the pulsing of the "I as I" – what in Hinduism is called the "atma sphurana" - What I think was happening to Michael Jackson and why he started to have doctors traveling or staying with him, is that the intensity of the performance and being in a "zone" that made him both aware and directing and receiving energy would have been so intense, that he would have had to be going into these experiences and having no one that could explain them, let alone who he could explain them to.

The tribulations would also have had to be enormous, because of the outpouring of radiance, which also draws treachery. Nevertheless, one perseveres, and invariably, as I have met so many people of different backgrounds, this Singularity emerges of abiding in a moment of pure Creation / Dissolusion. It's like the tremendous Radiance that surrounds a Black hole, yet your entire being is seeking and being drawn into the persitis of the Singularity at the center, with a question of what is It, who am "I." Michael Jackson may have also been frightened that he might go into one of these withdrawals to another dimension and not be able or no longer interested in returning. So, he would have a special kind of a doctor.

The out of body experience is one kind. There are also experiences of rising through the planes of consciousness, of seeing stars, the moon, the sun, peals of thunder, and beings of light that tell you about the nature of the self without a word passing, and of being in a kind of zone, that you know what is happening even far from you. Saints and sages experience the multiplicity of these dimensions all the time. I'll just writing about what happens to people that live an intensely creating life and come on them, as it were by gift or chance, like the parable of the gold talents, where one exerts one's talents and is given cities to rule, which come inexplicably. With KY practice, there is also a path of understanding of what's happening and why, a set of milestones you can read about and understand where you are.

Anyway, it seemed to me that Michael Jackson saw this opportunity to perform again 50 or more Concerts in the powerful way he had years before, and after the 2 full dress rehearsals, told the Concert promoters how grateful he was to have this opportunity again and that he could do it. But he also knew what would happen and required his special doctor. However the doctor, while noticing that the breathing had stopped and heart slowed was too late to bring him back. MJ must just have realized that he wasn't needed anymore.

There's this very particular experience that happens that "Everything is all alright." And all the tensions and fears and melodramas, just dissipate. You become empty, pure, luminous, and experience oneness, indistinguishable from the Creator. I think this is what happened to MJ. Just a consideration based on what's happened to me.

When I met Yogi Bhajan, it was to ask him questions regarding these kinds of experiences I was having, and he explained what each was very technically, as though this is just something that happens on the Path.

Then I had the opportunity to be.



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