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The purpose of practicing one's Sadhana and occasional KY sets every day is that the various energy flashes in the body begin to balance out and normalize. At first you feel these radiances in different parts of the body, but gradually, and especially if you remember to wait for some time between KY exercises and the at the end of sets to allow the energy in the body to complete its chemical electric cycle, watching through the body to seal the remembrance that awareness brings to the energy flowing through the nerves, you begin to become aware of yourself as a an expanding field of self-radiant consciousness which supersedes the identity with the mind of thoughts, emotions and impressions and body of sensations and emotions. This means that you are becoming capable to "hear" (sunia) the Truth about yourself, the remembrance of which causes a spontaneous grounding of the "I" sense and radical discarding of attention to the body and mind that, where the seer Self withdraws and abides in Its original state unconditioned, uncaused, beginningless. This "hearing" is mentioned over and over in every Religion as an experience that has to dawn within each person. Reading of non-dual scriptural texts from the various religions, such as the Guru Granth, Vedanta, Buddhist texts, Christ's words, and the lives of the Saints and Saviors brings about a sense of recollection like someone coming out of a State of Amnesia.

Once one experiences oneself as a field of consciousness upon which the mind and body appear, the associated Intelligence that comes with this recognition dissolves the mind's grip of thoughts and emotions pulses a sense of "I as I" in which this field of individual consciousness suddenly "impacts" its substratum. It's like being in a dark room in which there is an emission of  small light that enables one to see their surroundings dimly. Putting one's attention to the experiences regarding one's surroundings, effort is made to get to the source of the light, a small hole (in the Spiritual heart) into which one peers. In an instant you become the Light Itself, Consciousness Itself. With yoga and meditation comes a quiet mind.

With Kundalini Yoga comes a vibratory rate, the increasing intensity of which begins to exceed the rate of vibration through which thought grips attention, an experience of radiance like the sun burning through a cloud cover or fog, where a sense of inward knowing begins to dawn within the expanding mind field. Within, such a quiet mind automatically dawns a very particular question, a question that begins to and ultimately completely consumes it.

It's important to understand that the reason we were all born into this world is to consider, puzzle about and figure out the answer to a very particular question about the world we see, which involves our capacity to grasp how it is that we see and know ourselves in the world and the world itself. When you watch a movie on the screen at the cinema or on a TV screen and see so many dramas, comedies, romantic stories, frightening stories, romances, action stories with each actor portraying a different role happy, sad, in love, hateful, angry, compassionate, the question simply put is almost like a Zen koan: "Are you happy or sad." The correct answer relates not to the happy or sad but rather who and what "you" really are. Knowing your True Self your answer would be: "Is the screen (upon which the film, show, movie appears, apart from and without which nothing appears, can be experienced or expressed) happy or sad." The answer, if you can hear it, is that the screen is you. You light the world you see. There is not a separate world lighting itself and projecting its image and knowledge into you.

Without the seer, you, providing an inexorable flow of knowledge and understanding, like a dream (you) in which you are both the dream character, having simultaneously created the dream environment, there is no world nor knowledge to be known. However, as what you see is a Creation of the Creator, it is filled with information, clues, leads, means and omens about who and what you really are that you have the capacity to remember. Much like someone with amnesia seeing the world around him, when the mind is still and radiant, there is a sensation of pausing, like an eagle hovering motionless in the sky with a sharp and silent alertness, within which dawns a sense of attentive consideration, in which the things he sees, feels, hears and experiences trigger an inward recollection and remembrance that awakens a primordial memory that in a flash supersedes and overcomes the world we previously built our identities around.

In short, the world we see depends on the self-effulgent seer to illumine and provide intelligence to all that we see, but most of all and ultimately the seer Itself. And That, if you can hear It, is the seer, the "I as I" that each of us have been born into the world to seek, discover and recollect within every experience. This "I as I" is the screen upon which the world in all its dimensions appears in infinitesimal flashes from moment to moment. It is the God most are taught these days to deny, Whose teachings are misdirected, subverted, and ignored in an effort to diminish the true value and nature of each one born, not just in potential but in their True Nature. The creative knowledge, power and intelligence of this God flows through each man and woman as their very own Self. With every effort to know anything, where the mind momentarily pauses in consideration of a solution, there flashes forth an intuition of knowledge out of which innumerable though expressions to explain the solution arise.

The discovery of any chemical, physics, mathematical formula describing the universe is only a noticing of an ever present Force of Intelligence / Substratum Energy Consciousness, through which moment by moment in uninterrupted sequence from the dawn of time to its the unimaginable end, the physical and mental (conscious, subconscious unconscious) world from the visible and infinitely vast spectrum beyond to the subatomic appears before us and is sustained, which scientists somehow conceives to be inert and insentient, which in Reality is the uncaused permanent subject of qualities of phenomena, life and sentience, through which man experiences his own notional sense of identity to his body, mind and surroundings.

When inquiry is made into the seer of life's movie itself, we discover inadvertently that we are each the screen upon which the movie appears. We have each one the capacity to grasp this to hear and recollect This about ourselves. Abiding as That, the knowledge regarding the Creation expands even as attention to it is withdrawn. Being born in this world, unique of all God's Creation is like coming into a room with a flashlight to find out what's in the room, then discovering that by opening windows to let the sun shine in that with each window opening the need of the mind's focusing mechanism of attention, it's flashlight, is simply relinquished. This experience of abiding "I as I" – even just the consideration of one's self as the seer – entirely obviates Ascension Symptoms by grounding these divergent energies into their source.

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