Meditation to Refresh Your Brain

Meditation to Refresh Your Brain, Fight the Effects of Smog and for a Photographic Memory Given by Yogi Bhajan APRIL 26, 1996 - Los Angeles, California

"O" Breath - 8 Strokes in, 8 strokes out

Mudra: Bend the elbows down by the sides. Bring the palms in front of the shoulders, palms flat, face inwards, fingers point towards ceiling.

Movement: Hands will move in towards the center and out, very fast. The hands move about 4 inches towards each other, and about 4 inches backwards from center. Keep the hands and elbows very stiff and straight as they move.

Breath & Mouth: Make your mouth into an "O", and inhale 8 short partial strokes to reach a full inhale; then exhale in 8 short partial strokes to reach a full exhale.

Eyes: Will close automatically. Time: 11 minutes.

Instructions: Practice this meditation throughout this summer. Especially for those in L.A., it will help to counteract the effects of smog on the lungs & body.

Effects/Comments: This meditation will give you a buzz because it will take the neurological balance to a new point where all dead cells will be gone. It will relieve your brain from all of the fatigue. It refreshes you when you are tired, and can give you a photographic memory.

The entire physical poisons of your body will leave through the lungs if you mechanically breathe is also called Conscious Breath through the "O" of the mouth.

It helps clear the lungs of all dead elements. When you breathe through the O of the mouth, you conquer disease, weakness and everything else. This will change the ions of the red blood cells and give the proportion to the white blood cells. It can save you from terminal diseases.

- Meditation To Refresh The Brain is on page 107 of the KRI Crisis Kit that can be downloaded at: Kundalini Research Institute Org

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