Prosperity Meditations

This listing of Prosperity Meditations and Mantras are from Dasvandh so that you can see what is available. What is the art of creating abundance in my life? How do I open the door to prosperity? What can help me create the flow of prosperity?

2009 Prosperity Meditation of the Year Victory is in Your Projection "Victory is my goal, victory is my strength. Victory is my guide, victory is my teacher. Just learn one word, 'Victory.' "

2010 Prosperity Meditation "This meditation has the power of a tidal wave to take away every block to your prosperity." Yogi Bhajan

25th Pauri of Japji (Bahuta Karam) When you recite the twenty-fifth pauri of Jap Ji all your needs are pre-fulfilled. Prosperity, virtue, estate and wealth are yours without asking. Comment: I just love this one, I may go back to doing it too. Simple and easy. Sat Avtar Kaur.

Activate the Power of Communication "Learn to be alert. Answer with a power of the soul. Relate with an affirmation. Every word you say should be an affirmation."

Beautiful Prosperity Meditation "The 2004 Prosperity Meditation of the Year. Practice this posture with this most exalted mantra and experience the ownership of a more expanded, prosperous existence..."

Experience Your Own Soul Blessing You With Prosperity "This meditation will elevate your energy strongly, so that you can easily experience your own soul blessing you with prosperity..."

Feel Your Abundance "The best thing is to know what you have. Sometimes we do not have the power to concentrate and we miss the opportunity. Elementary abundance is in your hand..."

Grace of God Meditation "You can be only proud of one thing – if you have found your soul within yourself. You can be only proud that you have found the selflessness within yourself . . ."

Guru Mantra of Guru Ram Das Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru Yogi Bhajan considered this mantra to be his personal mantra and it was given to Yogi Bhajan by Guru Ram Das in his astral self.

Guru Nanak's Treasure Meditation "This meditation builds a deep sense of self-reliance. It allows you to separate your identity from your success..."

Guruprashad Prosperity Meditation "Allow all the blessings of heaven to flow to you; ask for whatever you need; know yourself to be blessed; feel the boundless flow of spirit..."

Intuitive Prosperity Meditation

Jupiter Kriya (2007 Prosperity Meditation of the Year) This kriya, called Jupiter Kriya, brings prosperity home. It is powerful enough to clear out the garbage in your subconscious mind. Your own electromagnetic psyche shall be tuned in with the Universal electromagnetic field.

Kirtan Kriya - Meditation for Unconditional Giving "If really you are positive about it, then the positive mind may serve you forever."

Master's Touch Meditation "Life is a lie if you do not achieve your Self for yourself. That is your honey, your sweetness. You must achieve Infinity where your identity is such a non-identity that it merges in Everything...."

Meditation for Brosa "This meditation will give you the elevation of spirit so you can stand up to any challenge..."

Meditation for Courage "It is the vibration of courage and projection which attracts reality. You can live a bitter life or a better life, it is your choice..."

Meditation to Become Rich and Prosperous (Subagh Kriya) "To become rich and prosperous with wealth and values, is to have the strength to come through..."

Meditation To Bring In What You Need "When you chant this mantra with the breath of life, it's quick, it's purposeful, and it brings in what you need to bring in..."

Meditation to Bring Prosperity "I am Bountiful, I am Blissful, I am Beautiful..."

Meditation to Bring Prosperity Into Your Life "The best way to explain prosperity is that when a rosebud flowers and opens up, it has its fragrance. When a man or a woman is prosperous, there is that fragrance of security, grace, depth, character, and truthfulness, which that person can share..."

Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity "This meditation conquers the state of self-animosity and gives you the ability for constant consciousness in support of the core self."

Meditation to Create Prosperity "This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. It will produce money, it will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come..."

Meditation to Deliver Contentment "There are 2 aspects for each one on the path, which must take place to achieve a life of prosperity."

Meditation to Manifest Prosperity "The 2005 Prosperity Meditation of the Year, this meditation unifies the male and female forces for a prosperous future..."

Meditation to Recognize Prosperity When it Comes to You " While other meditations bring you prosperity, this meditation helps you recognize the prosperity when it comes . . ."

Meditation to Succeed in Anything You Want to Be "The best strategy in both business and prosperity is to log a thought..."

Prayer of Surrender "To be prosperous, there are certain principles of life which have to be learned. To have the strength to live those principles, try this kriya..."

Prosperity Mandala Meditation "By meditating on this Prosperity Mandala you will understand the transient nature of life and its cycles."

Prosperity Meditation of the Year - 2008 "Let us see what we can do tonight to energize our center of courage, our superconscious. The word superconscious, which you may not find in the dictionary, is a word which will be used after a thousand years...."

Meditation to Become Rich and Prosperous (Subagh Kriya) "It's a complete set. Photos on page showing how to do it.



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