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The exercises that follow are to open the moon channel and sun channel (the ida and pingala nadis). There are many variations, but here are 2 that open these channels in opposite ways. The first is to come kneeling on the knees. Then extend the right leg straight to the right side.

  • Then raise the arms up by the sides until they are stretched up, arms hugging the ears, with palms pressed together.
  • The pelvis is pressed slightly forwards to keep a straight tension throughout the spine.
  • Then begin very powerful Long Deep Breathing, completely expanding then contracting the lungs with every breath for 10 to 15 breaths, stretching the arms upwards with each inhalation.
  • Then inhale, hold the breath for 10 to 15 seconds, pull the root lock, stretch the arms up, press the pelvis slightly forward and stretch the spine upwards.
  • Feel the radiance fill the body, then slowly exhale, bringing the hands down in front of the kneed, bring the right foot back next to the left foot and come sitting back on the heels.
  • Bring the spine straight, stretching the neck upwards, shoulders back slightly, chest forwards and wait.
  • You will begin to feel a releasing of an electric current all along the left side of the spine, the moon channel, up through the back of the left side of the neck, up over the left side of the top of the head, to the point between the eyebrows.
  • Wait, notice the flow of the energy, then release your attention and remain passive (negative mind meditation).
  • The energy will begin to increase and expand all through the left side of the body, flowing upwards through the top of the head and around the left side of the body field.
  • Just wait, maybe a minute or 3. Then repeat the same exercise, kneeling and extending the left leg out, arms stretched up, and so on to affect the sun channel to the right side of the spine.

The second part of this ida pingala / moon sun channel cleansing is again to come up in the knees, but this time, you press the pelvis forward as far as possible,

  • arching the spine back, pressing the shoulders back,
  • expanding the ribcage forward
  • then arching the neck and head all the way back.
  • Feel the radiance. Then slowly extend the left arm up stretching the arm and the fingers upwards, as though to reach for a lightning bolt.
  • Then twist slightly to the right to put the right hand on the right heel,
  • then over the right foot.
  • Press the pelvis forwards more, extend the left arm and fingers upwards even further and begin the Breath of Fire for a minute.
  • Then inhale deeply, hold the breath, pull the root lock, press the pelvis forwards, reach up, arch the spine more, feel the expansion in the chest area.
  • Feel the energy radiance beginning to increase forcefully throughout the body field.
  • Then slowly exhale, come sitting on the heels, hands resting on the thighs, spine straight.
  • You will begin to feel a powerful radiance through the moon channel, then expanding to all the organs on the right side of the leg, torso, neck and head, with energy flowing powerfully upwards. Wait. After 2 to 4 minutes, feeling the radiance increasing, then balancing.

You can repeat the same exercise extending the right arm up and left hand back to the left heel, to affect the sun channel.

Now that the ida and pingala are charges and balanced, the exercise that follows is to open the central canal (the sushumna) and the Heart, simple but powerful. In this exercise, simply sit cross-legged.

  • Bring the arms behind the back with the hands clasped in Venus lock.
  • Bring the spine straight, arms stretched straight, press the shoulders back to bring the shoulder blades together, expanding the chest forward.
  • Now inhale deeply, then lean forwards keeping the head slightly up, leading with the heart, while stretching your arms up from the back as high as possible.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then exhale coming straight, again pressing the shoulders back. And continue slowly 10 to 15 times, then when you come up, after inhaling down,
  • this time inhale deeper, using all your strength to press the shoulders back, clasped hands pressing into the lower spine,
  • neck extending and stretching upwards, pull the root lock and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Exhale completely, inhale immediately remaining with the spine straight, again pressing the shoulders back, while pulling the root lock and neck lock 10 seconds.
  • Repeat one more time, then very slowly exhale and bring the hands slowly around from behind the back to the knees.
  • Relax the breath. You will begin to feel a surge of e pillar of light all through the spine, upward flowing through the top of the head, opening the central canal of the spine (the sushumna) and the Heart.
  • Wait for 1 to 3 minutes until the radiance extends throughout the body through the top of the head and all through the aura.

The final preparation exercise is to open up the higher centers from the Heart to the brain and the arc line. This is a very simple exercise.

  • Sitting cross-legged, you reach your arms up 90 degrees, palms facing each other.
  • Then begin to stretch the shoulders and arms back, arching the spine, opening the chest cavity.
  • Stretch. Stretch the neck upwards and drop the head back slightly, as though to look between the up stretched arms and hands.
  • Begin a powerful Breath of Fire for 3 to 5 minutes, all the while focused on the arching of the spine, stretching the arms and shoulders up and back, expanding the chest.
  • You will feel the radiance begin to flow upwards through the neck and the chakras and governors in the brain and through the top of the head, possibly feelings of bhakti and purity filling the mind.
  • Then inhale, pull the root lock and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Slowly exhale bringing the hands to the knees and wait.
  • You will feel the radiance expanding throughout the body and flowing upwards.
  • Just apply the awareness to the flow, without direct attention, and the radiant flow will deepen and increase.

Try this series, as an example of what some might call a "warm up." But in Kundalini Yoga, what in other yogas and sports is called a warm up, is a preparation of the body and mind for deep meditation on the radiance to be developed through every set, kriya and meditation.

There are variations of these after the Breath Awareness Exercise, but you are now ready to experience the full benefit of a Kundalini Yoga set, kriya and meditation. In Kundalini Yoga practice, while the importance of stretching may be taught, the breathing and locks are somewhat different from hatha yoga practices, so it's important to understand how to do them so that the energy flows easily and correctly.

Pieter Schoonheim Samara

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