Physical Wisdom - TOC

If the direct path is your preference, this manual contains some of the best techniques on the planet. For a wide audience, Table of Contents for `Physical Wisdom` also contains sets for children and young adults. YOGA SETS:

  • Self Healing
  • Self-Renewal
  • Strengthen the Immune System I
  • Strengthen the Immune System II
  • Change the Ions in the Body
  • The Healing Strength of the Inner Self
  • Massage for the Lymphatic System
  • Perpetual Youth
  • For Creativity To Activate the Nervous System
  • For Inner Vitality and Stamina
  • Immune Yoga Immune Yoga II
  • For Energy and Rejuvenation
  • Yoga for Children
  • Yoga for Young People
  • More Yoga for Young People
  • Wake Up, Warm Up and Get Up
  • Re-vibrate the Immune System-Balance of Prana and Apana


  • Chakras, Physical Wisdom, and Healing
  • Meditation for the First Chakra
  • Meditation for the Second Chakra
  • Meditation for the Third Chakra
  • Meditation for the Fourth Chakra I
  • Meditation for the Fourth Chakra II
  • Meditation for the Fifth Chakra
  • Meditation for the Sixth Chakra
  • Meditation for the Seventh and Eighth Chakra
  • Sodarshan Chakra Krya


  • Kundalini Meditations for Physical Wisdom
  • Adjust the Brain and Increase Intelligence
  • Inner Assessment
  • Transition Into the Aquarian Age
  • Meditation for the Navel, Heart, and Throat-To Know Through Intuition
  • Eliminate Tension and Stress
  • Techniques to Fight Fatigue-More Techniques to Fight Fatigue
  • Ten Steps To Peace-Stress Relief

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