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I don't think it was Krishna Singh's intention to be snobby. His response was actually a pretty objective assessment of the amount of time and authentic teaching is required to truly master something like Kundalini Yoga - as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I think you will find a lot of humility in his caveat that unless one is a "grand master," it is not recommended to change the teachings of a grand master. Those of us who were blessed to spend much time with Yogi Bhajan, and many years with the practice of Kundalini Yoga, may indeed have achieved some degree of mastery in some areas. But we also have the remembrance of how far beyond anything we could have imagined were the powers of insight, the high art " science of union lived with authenticity in every moment by Yogi Bhajan.

Imagine, if you will, that you could stare into the eyes of someone who knows the unknown, who can read the aura of anyone(s) and relate where they had been, where they are going - and how to prevent where they are going if it is very karmic. Imagine someone who travels through subtle body in the Amrit Vela to check in on thousands of souls - who, in the depths of compassion, occasionally chooses you to call at a moment of challenge to offer the right "door" or encouragement. (And you can't even imagine how he knows what you are thinking since he is thousands of miles away). Imagine a Self of such selflessness that he ceaselessly travels and teaches, continually channeling not only yogic teachings and wisdom - but the kind of advice that makes everyone in his presence feel that he knows their own soul and mind as if it were his own - a teacher and father who has become the beat of your own heart because the degree of spiritual "intimacy" is so profound. Frankly, I don't know any student of Yogi Bhajan's with that degree of mastery or selflessness.

And I like to use Yogi Bhajan's own examples/stories as an indication of how we should proceed. When Yogi Bhajan's teacher told him (at the age of 16, I believe), that he was now a master himself -that there was nothing left that he could teach him...Yogi Bhajan's response was, "You will always be my teacher." He bowed to the very "institution" of teacher. Rather than tout the role of a teacher as a glamorous thing, he compared it to being the "mule" that everyone wants to ride to their own destiny.

Personally, I would recommend watching as many videos of Yogi Bhajan's teaching youtubes as you can. Decide for yourself from what heights he is accessing and sharing information and caring. Then answer for yourself, "Who is in a position to 'edit' Yogi Bhajan?" There are questions that come from the intellect - that can only be answered from the intuition. Enter that space within yourself for the answer,

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It seems that the question is a bit in the direction of "why YB thought that he was "aware enough" to modify the technology." Here is a website that has a synthesis of what Yogi Bhajan taught, from the core perspective of "One Star Spirituality" of Advaita Kundalini-yoga. luthar.com/kundalini-yoga and this page Sitemap on Non-Duality.

You get this one thing and everything else will be added to you. You understand and experience this one Teaching and the understanding of all the volumes of Teachings Yogi Bhajan brought forth will emerge from you like spokes from the hub of a wheel.

If you read some of the articles and talks Yogi Bhajan gave, he states that in a short period one can have the Mastery, the experience of " Pradupati / Crystallization," wherein you've achieved the goal of yoga, which is the "Isolation of the Seer," the abiding in the Self, the " I Am That I Am" the pulsing of the " I as I" without a me, mine, this or that associated, the Substratum But it requires proper practice.

With proper understanding of how to practice and then adhering to that practice within a short period of time body's nadis begin to radiate (this is a practical experience that emerges with proper practice), and as the amperes of voltage increase - like a light bulb, where the voltage is increased and the light-bulb goes from being dull, then a speck of light on the filament, then light filling the bulb, then filling and lighting the area around it - with practice, the sense of identity begins to shift from the clinging and gripping focus of " I am the body, its emotions, its thoughts, its relations to an external world" to " I am a field of self radiant consciousness." Your whole body radiates and with your eyes open or closed, you experience the radiance through the body and within a field around you (the Radiant Body).

As this field becomes brighter and more pervasive and penetrative, it begins to outshine the body and thought emotion images of the mind, and a sense of goodness, virtue and purity pervade through the light, a sense of being engulfed by grace, where the idea of separateness begins to lose meaning. Then suddenly something new happens. With the mind becoming pure and clear, it suddenly reflects the source of the light, and you become aware of yourself as single all pervasive being. The Experience of " I am Consciousness Itself." Uncaused, unconditioned, timeless, space-like Being. And yet, you go around all your previous activities, only now with a force of creation pouring through you, a you that has dissolved into pervasiveness of an " I as I" which no longer sees differences, has a clarity and depth to judge, but has relinquished judgment.

As a result, you awaken to who Yogi Bhajan is. Now you have started the Path, the Way, and as these experiences deepen, there arises a force of Knowledge, an intuitive clarity regarding Yogi Bhajan and what he taught. It's a bit like starting up a mountain path, and at every fork in the road, or obstacle, there appears Yogi Bhajan with the Teachings, which direct you further.

When you read through the articles in the website, and you practice the basics (using KRI sets), you begin to understand the uniqueness of the Path of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and also why proper practice adhering to the Teachings creates a sort of " harmonic resonance," where the convergence of different aspects of the Teachings brings you quite immediately to the experience he said is at hand, simultaneously imminent and immanent.

This is an experience that once you have it, the abiding in and as your True Self, as single pervasive Being, it can't be lost. A sudden Grounding from which and within which Knowledge, intuition and understanding continue to deepen. Part of that Knowledge (Gyan-akal) is the understanding of the harmonic resonance that is inherent in the way that the Teachings (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) are practiced, versus a incongruity and fuzziness of experience when proper practice isn't adhered to.

Maybe it's better said, "Kundalini Yoga, as brought forth by Yogi Bhajan" as he never claimed to be the author or inventor of the Teachings. He just said here are the Teachings, practice in this way and you will have this harmonic resonance, this electric radiance, and abide as Sat Nam, the True Man, True Woman.

Maybe it might be better that rather than question if the teachings can be taught some other way, etc., to first practice them as taught, learn and understand the proper practice and adhere to that, i.e., " Keep Up" and see what happens. In fact when you read what Yogi Bhajan is saying, he's just saying that: to Try it, get into it, do it, and see what happens, before going off to say that maybe practice can be put together differently. Then once you have this Pradupati, this Crystallization, this abiding in your single all pervasive Self essence, as the substratum, the Tao / Way Itself, then you can consider if there should be some different approach, Way, etc.

You'l be surprised. With practice comes That experience, and it is suddenly there. But you need to practice in a way that you not only practice, but you try to figure out consider and understand what the practice is. Yogi Bhajan never said to just practice blindly, but to practice with a sense of Consideration, which is also how he said he practiced. To know and understand what the Teachings are, how and why they work, with you as the ginnie pig or the experiment. It's a Science of the Soul. To get at what this sense of single all pervasive Being is. You read the scripture of the different religions to try to figure it out. The yoga practice, postures, breathing, movement, shabad resonance, cause the body and mind to radiate, and with that radiance combined with inquisitiveness into who and what you are, comes hearing and remembrance, like coming out of a fog or an amnesia. Suddenly, you are awake!

But this awareness, this Singularity is like a graviton drawing the mind inward, as though an inexorable force of inquiry and abidance has taken hold, while at the same time, a sun of radiance pours through the atoms of body and tonality of the mind. Before you were experiencing a sort of " my radiance" a sense of identity that you are not just the body and mind, but a field of radiant intuitive consciousness. Then suddenly, as Yogi Bhajan describes, " Impact!" and that field of consciousness is realized to have its source and sense as an identity, in vastness: uncaused, unconditioned, beginningless vastness. Your identity as a candle, suddenly becomes the Sun. And there you are. Here we are.

What does Guru Nanak say? "It's a Treasure which none can imagine." Naturally, we have an affinity and drawing towards it, because we are each an eminence of the Truth, like a bubble on the ocean. But the form of the bubble cannot imagine the ocean, and then it is the ocean, and That's that, like the song of Guru Sing and Seal: "I am that I am, and that's that."

The greatness of these Teachings, however casually, yet inexorable and relentlessly, they were taught in YMCA's and people's homes, parks, mountain settings, can only be realized by starting to practice and figure them out and use the expanding and pervading and penetrating radiance of prana / apana - active and passive, as a way to penetrate into the meaning and experience of remembrance just there in the scriptures of the various religions. Then suddenly, it hits you like a flash and you say "I got It" - and that's it. It can't and won't leave you. You know who and what you are.

If you have the situation to have practiced various yogas, hatha yoga, raja yoga, this and that yoga, and then you come upon the Kundalini Yoga that Yogi Bhajan, as a result of his own experience could reveal, and you practice, you'll just say " WOW!" What a real science, a real technology of the body mind and soul. Not something vague, mysterious, secret, " mystical" etc. Very straight forward. Practical. You do this and THAT happens. That's what Yogi Bhajan was saying so many times.

Just an aside. Many of these sets and Kriyas are said to bring about certain experiences. And if you practiced the set with Yogi Bhajan there, the experience he would tell you about would happen. But some practice and they don't get the experience, and so they say that the mentioned experience was just a kind of hype. But if you practice properly all these experiences happen.

So before thinking of working out some other way to teach Kundalini Yoga, as laid out by Yogi Bhajan, just try what he was teaching, figure it out, and see what happens. There's a harmonic resonance. Suddenly, the seeming diversity all comes together. Your own expanding and deepening radiance causes a disengagement of identity to emotionally charged thoughts and images. Then, suddenly, inertia disappears altogether.

We live an existence in which we always feel a sense of clinging and attachment, of grasping and holding to thoughts sensations, etc. Even the emergence of one's awareness of one's self as a field of radiant consciousness is an identity we hold. But suddenly something we could only conjecture about happens, a remembrance, and with THAT the inertia, the holding, clinging, attachment, is gone.

Ek Ongkar, Sat Nam. That's THAT.

Hope this helps. Pieter

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