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Sat Nam!

Yes, I was very much afraid that by asking this question I would get some of the "Kundalini Snobbism" attitude like "we are so much better because we are the Original Ones", and "my teacher is better than yours" and I will try to not let it get to me... And even though I don't exactly appreciate this kind of an attitude, I can see how some people like to view themselves better ("more enlightened", "aware", "better taught" etc) than others. We are all humans. And it's OK.

And for those who answered my questions thank you very much, I really appreciate your responses and your kind attitude and support. The reason we grow as human beings is because we are asking WHY and can lean on each other for support and understanding without fear of being judged. This is what I expect from a community of a spiritual human beings who bring light and love to our world overflowing with negativity.

But back to my questions, as I understand, most of what we are learning are the teachings from the ancient yogis, repackaged by YB. Which I don't have a problem with - I think there are many highly enlightened human beings who brought forward the ancient teachings and I think Yogi Bhajan was a highly enlightened human being who was able to adapt and modify ancient technology to somewhat fit our modern times.

But what is bothering me is that why YB thought that he was "aware enough" to modify the technology but none of his student would ever be able to reach that level??? Why did he assume that Yogi Bhajan can acheive Mastery of KY, and Yogi Bhogey, who sat at Yogi Bhajan's feet and have been practicing KY religiously and with full devotion for 50 years would never be able to? You would think after 50 years of practicing KY one would be able to master the technology to be able to change it to adapt and grow according to the modern times, no??? Or did YB practiced something different to achieve his mastery??? Or was his teacher better? Why is that OK for one highly enlightened human being to do something and not for another??? Why was he trying to make everyone believe that we would never achieve that level??? It feels like some sick form of spiritual cast system - you can never be as good as I am.

Please humor me... Respectfully, Elena


Message #12309 Re: Ownership of ancient knowledge???

Dear Elena, Sat Nam -

The answer is in your own question if you re-arrange the premises. Yogi Bhajan never intended to limit anyone's mastery in defining what "he" taught as "Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan." He assumed deep responsibility for what he taught in exactly the way he taught it. On the other hand, you are quite willing to teach "Kundalini Yoga as taught by Elena" if you want. If you feel a calling to do that. However those teachings that you might would align with "Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan" is something that can only be understood after the fact. His way of diligence is simply being clear about where you're coming from. And some day there might be thousands of websites about your teachings - no problem.

But his teachings were a unique synthesis, just like a recipe for, say, an angelfood cake. But you have to be precise to make an angelfood cake, don't slam the oven door while it's rising. All kinds of directions and precautions if one wants the ingredients you pay good money for to yield the result of an angelfood cake.

We could have "Lake Wobegon Yoga as taught by Garrison Keillor," where every yogi is above average and every wish will definitely come true. But I'm fairly certain the reality where I'm living is not "that" universe. I happen to be from Oregon, not Wobegon, so that yoga just would not appeal to me. :)

Instead of carping criticism of Yogi Bhajan for having defined clearly and responsibly the scope of what he was doing and teaching and for providing a vast body of teachings that are all coherent and true to that purpose, I would suggest honoring his definitions as a good and reliable place for us to return again and again, this is real greatness in teaching. And for learning in your own way for mastering whatever it is you are meant, intended and created to master. That was a beautiful and honorable service that "could" benefit you, if you're able to see it that way. It was definitely not "a sick form of spiritual cast system." That's a very wrong view of what actually happened. But as he once said, people do throw stones at the sun, and sometimes they return by hitting us on our own heads. But that's not the fault of the sun, or gravity, or the earth. That's just what happens.

Try re-arranging your own premises. He truly wanted you to be 10 times greater than he was. If you see that as a put down, that is not his creation. For better or worse, it is your own, as may you wish to express yourself.

Whether you feel I am humoring you well or badly, my suggestion is that you are also projecting issues that weren't contained in the original source experiences. We also learn by sorting and sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Blessings, Krishna Singh Bio


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Hi Elena,

I believe that many of Yogi Bhajan's students have achieved mastery. Teachers in art keep their place. A master teacher once told me, (When I asked her why my Russian teacher was yelling at me and getting angry,) "That's to show that he's still the teacher." You will probably find other cultural differences that you don't agree with...I did. In one of the chakra books, I felt there was a lot of sexism, so I gave that book away. American women are treated very differently than women in the East. In many of those countries, "the man is king." Male dominance is accepted. In America, we have a lot of female dominance! We have a different consciousness. The kriyas have still really helped me heal, especially on an emotional level. Teachers, (even master teachers,) are human. I think he followed his intuition as far as the music, etc. That's what an experienced teacher will do as an artist. But, he was highly trained and disciplined first! This happens with a lot of syllabus work. People start to argue about it and interpret it differently. Then it becomes like religion. You can just do the kriyas and see how you like the results. They are very powerful and effective.

Satpal Kaur


Message #12310 Re: Ownership of ancient knowledge???

Dearest Elena,

I love that you are asking these questions! I have thought the same thing before. I am not Sikh and practice my sadhana sometimes with a set or meditation, sometimes with a Hatha Yoga practice and sometimes with a walk for my dog. I practice what works in my life. If I am feeling out of balance emotionally, Kundalini Yoga works best for me at what ever time of day I can fit it in. I have felt judged sometimes by new Kundalini teachers at trainings because I don't always go to early sadhana, but never by the old timers. I told a Sikh friend that I was not a very devout kundalini yogi, because I don't get up every morning at 4am, take cold showers ect. He said to me " No you are devout. Any time you worship God is a good time." I appreciated the loving kindness of his words! If I am teaching a workshop I do honor the as taught by Yogi Bhajan recommendation. I do teach the teachings as passed down and I am eternally grateful for YB's gift to us. I just do what I can do with the most love and integrity I have to offer.

I have been teaching KY for 8 years and have gained much from the practice, as have the students I teach. I know it is powerful. During a two hour meditation in teacher training my kundalini shoot through the roof. It was an amazing experience that I value, but would not be want induce again. It's always been curious to me why this happened to me. A very intuitive friend told me she had a kundalini rising experience on her own in her 20s and she thinks that my kundalini was already rising before I went to my first training. I am also very heat sensitive and have ended up in the hospital with sodium loss or hyponatrimia at both of the trainings I attended in New Mexico, even though I don't drink excessive amounts of water. This has also happened in other places if it is very hot out, but is worse in dry heat. I can avoid the need for an iv.

She thinks I may have a dosha imbalance, and recommended an aryurvedic consult with a Dr. in india who is familiar with kundalini energy, but it would be quite costly. The allopathic Dr. I went to about it just told me to eat more salt in the summer time, because I have low blood pressure. This works and I just don't spend time outside for long when it is very hot. I have to be super careful in the summer when it's over around 83 degrees. The intuitive friend also said she thought the heat condition had to do with my kundalini energy ( I'm not so sure about this) I understand all things are related and it is possible that the condition started out with an energetic cause, but my intuition tells me there is a physical component that has not been discovered, even if it came second.

I am going to go to another Dr. who is an Md., but is also very open minded about looking into alternatives and is getting great reviews locally for sussing out difficult to diagnose conditions. I am just putting all of this out there to see if anyone has any "take" on it and I liked Elana's questions!

I think it is healthy to ask questions and have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. If anyone wants to give me their two cents about the heat thing and or my friend's ideas about it, or anything else I would appreciate it.

Sat Nam, Miri Piri Kaur Patty

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