Ownership of Ancient Knowledge

Discussion about the Ownership of Ancient Knowledge, in the Kundalini Yoga Yahoo Group. What Yogi Bhajan said and how he taught.  This group was very active for many years, with teachers of 30 years coming in and answering all kinds of questions. In 2014, it is barely in use. Almost no one is on it anymore. I captured this discussion because I found it interesting.

Message #12302 Ownership of ancient knowledge??? May 4, 2010 2:49 pm

Sat Nam!

As I'm finishing my KY Teacher Training I have been having a lot of doubts and confusion going on in my head. I'm really hoping that someone can clarify a few things for me, as I feel tortured by by own mind and I can't seem to be able to get back into flow of things.

1. What is exactly covered by the trademark of "KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan"? Is it kryias or routine or postures? As far as I understand this is an ancient science and has been around for thousands of years. How can someone put a trademark on something that has been around for a long time?

2. As yoga teachers we are not supposed to modify any kriyas, because those were put together thousand years ago and work together as a recipe, and at the same time I see there is one kryia in one of my books that states "sing "America the beautiful" while you do this". I'm sure America the beautiful wasn't even around at the time when kriyas were put together. And of course the "Long Time sun" song. So it means that YB modified the kriyas, which means that he is contradicting his own teachings. It is really been bothering me lately. Can someone please enlighten me as to why and how it is possible...

3. What I really want to know is: Where does the ancient science ends and YB begins? Which part of KY is ancient science and which part is YB?

I have many more questions, but if I only can get answers to these I would feel much better. Please forgive me if this have been asked before and if it has, please give me a link, as I have been searching all the archives and I can't find anything.

Thank you very much! Sat Nam, Santjeet Kaur


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Re: Ownership of ancient knowledge???

I think Yogi Bhajan acted in the best tradition of entrepreneurship, by repackaging the ancient lessons in the best way for this Aquarian transition in which we find ourselves. And there's nothing wrong with repackaging - that's what entrepreneurs do. As for trademarking and insisting on adhering to YB's presentation, that makes sense for most of us and for the general public. If new entrepreneurs want to repackage for an even newer audience, that would seem great to me, and for those that benefit from the newer approach. And if these new geniuses want to trademark their new approach, let them benefit from that method, and deal with the consequences of that path. So, it's important to respect tradition and all its time-proven advantages, and to support creativity in new approaches to the old ways.

Just my opinion.

Sat nam, Amar Atma


Message #12304 Re:Ownership of ancient knowledge???

Dear Elena/Santjeet:

As a non Sikh practitioner and teacher for the past 25 years I will see if I can shed some light on your questions and your take on the matter...

Yogi Bhajan DID add things like America the beautiful it seems to make it more palatable to America and he I believe created or shared these sequences based on his knowledge and intuition because he told it was a science AND an art. In 1999 Guru Dev suggested that I was not so fully integrated from doing JUST kundalini yoga so since 1999 I have studied quite avidly many other forms, which led to opportunities to TEACH other forms...so this journey, as I continue to teach Kundalini with full devotion to Yogi B, has helped alot..to see perspectives/overlaps and differences etc.

I believe there are no absolutes but that each type of yoga honors its lineage by teaching as THAT teacher asked us too..and that those of us teaching are humans with our own things to work out etc...

I too have had students take the teacher training and come out with doubts as to the Sikh emphasis and other things..but this is the technology and these mantras and sequences work as they do..either you believe that or Kundalini does not work for you..if it does work for you just do what does work for you! And as far as trademarking, tho 3HO did not approve my DVDs, which are specific sets as taught by Yogi Bhajan, they have allowed me to sell them and I do via most Kundalini folks except A-healing, who I still buy things from.

The longer you live the more you see that we are human, as Yogi Bhajan said, so my suggestion is to let your practice and teaching, if you desire to teach-which has got its challenges in itself-guide you.

SO people are still going to tell you absolutes and judge you but the main thing is..is your intention pure? are you honoring the teachings as best you understand them? are you elevating and inspiring, not coming from a place of spiritual ego? are you still seeking and learning and growing?

I was going to answer this to you only as I think it may be a touchy subject but Yogi B told us to have courage and caliber so I thought I would put out my experience from my truth on this..even if others tell you differently.

The pure teachings are amazing..and those who live it most purely project it, Sikh or nonSikh etc..yoga is about integration and that is what Yogi B did as he did things like add Long Time Sun, an intuitively beautiful choice, and keep Indian traditions in the practice while giving it a tone we can relate to.

I truly hope this helps Serve, honor, obey, excel...Yogi B and from me Sat Nam and many blessings, Amrita/ Donna Sewall House


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