One Star Spirituality: In the Yoga Vashitha

There are so many practices with people saying one is better than the other, but the only Truth is that the Self remains ever free, unconditioned by time and space, uncaused. One person practices a strenuous yoga, and is told that self inquiry or some other yoga is better. In fact all the characters and all the events in the play appear on the same unchanging self effulgent screen, which is their Being and Existence.

We can separate out the light, like the light in a movie projector passing through the film of various events, motivations and convictions of each character, as the element of unchanging consciousness, and the screen the images appear, on as their Being, giving the idea that they Exist and that the appearances have some identity denoted to them.

But all that's real is the light and the screen. Always, whatever one is doing, saying thinking, their Self remains unchanged.

And so, it comes down to simply relinquishing the idea that any practice of any kind brings about any realization. It can be called a radical disregard of attention.

When attention is relinquished, there is nothing to see and you abide instantly as the seer. ("Forget the self and pray to the Lord")

As the single seer, the whole body is filled with light (Luke 11:34) It's the instant and simultaneous Transfiguration of the mind and body. That field in which one says "I am Consciousness Itself" ""I am the Truth" ("Sat Nam") a State in which the "I" remains entirely isolated abiding in Itself (verse 3: Isolation of the seer in the Yoga Sutras). The body de-contracts and the mind becomes space-like.

In Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Yoga, there many numerous practices, but the main one is called Mahamudra or Great Seal. The Seal is the Self. This main practice is maintained throughout all other practices, where essentially one's mind is in a mode of watching, only watching for the watcher, listening for the hearer without thinking that one practice or another will get one there.

This is the same approach in One Star Spirituality that Yogi Bhajan taught as the hub or core of Kundalini Yoga practice. The same principal, as Christ's core teaching of Luke 11:34.

Whatever one does, whatever one sees, wherever one goes, one understands that the all we imagine to see appears only through the light and screen of Self effulgent Being Consciousness. Abiding in that recognition the body de-contracts the mind becomes expansive and space-like and in That silence beyond silence in the deep depths is felt the meaning of unconditioned.. Uncaused..Without time..Being.

It's like having a diamond which takes on the hues of the images around it, but remains ever unchanged: the state of Pradupati.

Posted by: "Pieter" adityahrdayam Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:22 am (PST) Kundalini Yoga Yahoo Group


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