New to Kundalini Yoga Basics - How to Setup a Personal Practice

Most people do an Morning Sadhana, which means a daily spiritual practice. It is your personal, individual spiritual effort. It is the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve the purpose of life. This page explains how to setup a personal practice. It can be Morning Sadhana. of spiritual chants. That most of us do. "Sadhana Guidelines", is a wonderful book on the kriyas and mantras you can do. There are CDs with all the mantras used and I use to chant with them. You can purchase them at Spirit Voyage and Ancient Healing Ways. (links at end of page). You can also look for a teacher in your area and this is the best way to learn, and 3HO is one our main organizations. Find a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at 3ho. You can also look in the Master Teachers Section on this site. These are the teachers that learned directy from Yogi Bhajan and have been teaching for 30 years. Master Teachers Location List

Any Kundalini Yoga practice has to be done for 40 days, as it takes that long to break old habits. And it is explained on the Mantra Info page Mantra Info page. It will give you the changes in the body and brain.and beautiful Video on how one of our teachers views chanting.This CD 'Mantras of the Master' has every mantra we do on it and how to say it.

So you could pick a mantra or kriya that you like and just do it for 40 days or longer. I would do Sat Kriya for the exercise. It is one of the most powerful and complete kriyas that Yogi Bhajan taught and is an entire class in one posture. And you can do it for 3 minutes and benefit, though longer is better. You can do more than one mantra or one kriya.

We have exercses WARM-UPS that we do before classes or chanting Kundalini Yoga Warm Ups. Every class I have taken start with these.

Sat Nam is one of the foundation mantras to do. Very simple. It sets up a good vibration and things work better. Inhale 'Sat' and exhale 'Nam', I do this at stop lights and while driving. Got stuck in the ER one night and did this until they found me again, 2 hours later.

Power Mantras - Power Kriyas: I created this page because I spent a lot time doing this and that mantras. And that is ok, however, I got so I wanted to do More Faster. Kirtan Kriya This is my favorite one. I do it every day and especially right before bed. It seems to file the day away and I sleep deeply. It is also good to do if you are upset with someone. And Now I am doing it in the middle of the day.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is the highest kriya. On the page, under video, is a MP3 mantra you can get that will do the counting for you. Very helpful, no more using the different joints of the fingers.

Long Sat Nams help you to calm down, paying attention to your breath is the first step. It completely neutralizes tension. I do them every day, especially after being on a computer all day.

Cold Depression. is when nothing matters - everything lacks meaning, too much to do, that is when you don't know you are depressed,. I have to do this one every day or I lose the day and nothing gets done. Cold Depression (happening to everyone) is going to continue until 2058, according to Yogi Bhajan. it is part of the planetary transformation we are all going through.

And to be safe from harm, put this one around yourself, your car, your house and your kids, throw in the neighborhood, by using this 3,000 year old Protection Mantra.

We are all interested in Love & Marriage, our whole lives. And then comes how to Heal a Broken Heart and how to Heal The Wounds of Love.

What I like to do is this to start the day wth this mantra as it gets rid of blocks and makes the day nicer. I do it every day.

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, HaiBhay Such, Naanak Hosee Bhay Such

You can do it for 3, 5, 11, 22, minutes a day.. Found on the Power Mantras, Power Kriyas page.

This is the easiest and fastest and I have always gotten either money or an opportunity to make some: Meditation to Become Rich and Prosperous and very easy to do, 3 minutes a day.

Kids and Elders Site Map Where to find Kundalini Yoga Teachers of Children and their websites. Some even have videos showing what the kids do.

Heart Breath You can help friends and heal yourself. I use it all day long especially when my house-friend is coming home from work, prevents being dumped on. Breath of Fire (BOF) better than a cup of coffee, warms you up, gives lots of energy and your brain works too. .

Do this mantra every day, and it will keep you focused and able to finish projects including house work, Stop Procrastination.

Guru Rattana,  a teacher of 30 years, has a streaming video course, very inexpensive, and 24/7 access. So this too is a way to learn on your own. Guru Rattana Online,


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