Messages From the Body

Book Review By Mary Thompson, Yogi Times

Messages from the Body by Michael Lincoln, Ph.D. gives the reader a rare glimpse into the workings of the subconscious so that awareness of the causative forces behind physical imbalance may facilitate healing.

It launches into an alphabetical listing of symptoms from "abdominal cramps" to "yellow fever." Each symptom has one or more accompanying evolutionary patterns detailing how this physical symptom may have come into manifestation. Scientific literature, clinical experience, life learning, inner knowing and other-dimensional sources are all cited as source material for this text.

Its directness and precision when describing the underlying causes of symptoms is unmatched in other books of this type; it does not try to find a kinder, gentler way of looking at one's past, and requires openness, self-honesty and strength to look at one's challenges in this light. Although not all meanings will be directly applicable to all people, a high percentage will see correlation between the text and their life experiences.

This book is fascinating, absorbing and easily readable. It is broad in its scope including a wide variety of physical symptoms, structural and bodily symbolism, genetic/constitutional problems, structural distortions, and more. Although it is expensive and not widely distributed, holistic practitioners will find it to be an invaluable tool for assisting clients in the examination of the underlying causes of their physical challenges.

Michael J. Lincoln (aka Narayan-Singh Khalsa) earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Oregon, including several years teaching, research assisting and working at mental hospitals, a counseling center, a mental health clinic, and the institution for the retarded. He then started out as the clinical director of one of the first behavior modification treatment programs for emotionally disturbed children. He pioneered the successful healing of deep emotional wounds in both children and their families through the integration of behavioral and psychoanalytic approaches. He went on to serve in this role in several other innovative treatment programs for children and adolescents over a thirty year span.

Sample Pages of Messages from the Body

ABASIA (Inability to walk due to lack of coordination) "Destabilized." They are suffering from scattered thinking, distractible trains of thought, and not being centered cognitively. They feel thrown off-base, with no sense of safety in a kind of fearful drivenness. They are "desperately seeking Susan" in an attempt to gain some sense of stability.

They are therefore always on the lookout for the "greener grass," and they are continuously in fear of missing out or of missing the "key element to things." As a result, they are often instantly pulled off balance by any passing stimulus that "might be the critical factor." It is the resultant of a "magical mystery tour" unstable dysfunctional family in which things never really worked, and in which there was no way to really tell what was actually going on.


ABDOMINAL CRAMPS "Dodge ball." They are having trouble with a fearful refusal to flow with experiences, and as a result, they are in effect stopping the process of life in its tracks. They have great fear of assimilating negativity, of having to "eat shit."

It is the resultant of an underlying distrust of the Universe generated by a severely dysfunctional family. They have learned that nothing can be counted on, and that all good things are in effect "poison apples."

EARACHE "Hearing-fearing." What they are hearing is causing them great inner pain. They feel that they are surrounded by internal and/or external discord and conflict, and they are "fed up to the ears" with it all. They feel accountable for the conflict and responsible for its resolution, but they feel unable to do anything about it, and so they now are hyper-sensitive to conflict and turmoil. It reminds them too much of their parents arguing and the absence of peace, harmony, and love in their family. Or they are experiencing that currently as a child.

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This is the best site for working through the problems that the book brings up for us to resolve. FasterEFT .

I use it (finger taping on acupressure points on face (3 of them). I even EFT the ones I don't agree with on the off chance, I might be wrong. Especially those memories from early childhood. I use this method every day all day long.

The 8 page index for this book -- is included in the Health Conditions Index which starts here: Health Conditions Index


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