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The meditation techniques utilized in naad yoga employ sound waves and vibrational frequencies to target specific neurotransmitters in the brain, which induce a variety of changes in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of the practitioner. EXCERPTS:

  • for healing Mind Body an Spirit,
  • brings a total mental balance to the persons mind.
  • Also increased concentration,
  • enhanced creativity and
  • greater intuition;
  • Medical Meditation
  • to Release the Past,
  • especially Childhood Anger,
  • helps to dispel old wounds, fears, and anger from the past.
  • It will change you inside and out and
  • help you to live in the present,
  • it increases lung capacity,
  • perfects the
  • function of the organs,
  • stimulates circulation,
  • generates great energy;
  • to improve digestion;
  • to prevent heart attacks;
  • release of subconscious fear,
  • sometimes at a very early age, fear becomes a part of our subconscious;
  • more effective than an antidepressant medication,
  • it gives you a new start against all odds,
  • it brings power from the inside,

Amazon Review Long-term meditators experience 80 percent less heart disease and 50 percent less cancer than non-mediators, according to a large body of studies. Meditation has been shown to improve sleep and reduce chronic pain.

Not all meditation is equally effective, however. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., has developed a form of advanced meditation he calls "Medical Meditation," which "more fully addresses every element of our physical and ethereal makeup... a full-service approach." Medical Meditation is an adaptation of Kundalini Yoga combined with meditation, using specific breathing patterns, posture and movements, mantras, and mental focus.

Different Medical Meditation focus on different physiological benefits for specific conditions, so once you've learned the basics, you can choose a specific Medical Meditation for high blood pressure, to improve digestion, or to strengthen the immune system or the heart, for example. Line drawings illustrate the postures, and Khalsa's stories about his patients are inspiring and involving.

Amazon Review Excellent book all the way through. I have been practicing martial arts ranging from Shaoling Kung Fu to Taichi. I have always been interested in chi for instance. It is the force that we have inside of us and we can cultivate and and use it for either inner strength, outer strength or used for healing.

For the first time in my life I experienced the chi inside of me through the constant practice of kundalini yoga described in this book. As with anything else in the world you will only get out of it what you put into it. Back pain has gone away never to return and I am a changed man as far as my ego and can feel the difference in my life.

Amazon Review I've studied a wide variety of holistic stress-relief methods over a decade, including meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, reiki, plus pilates, diet, aerobics, etc. I'm also a big reader and have gone through about 40 recommended books in these areas. Meditation as Medicine makes it onto my Top 5 list (maybe top 3) as a 'keeper' for de-stressing.

It's power is in being rigorous - not just a few points with lots of fluff - as it covers breathing variations, specific positions for specific conditions, subtle techniques like mantras and body/hand/positioning, as well as the medical support for its approaches. At the same time, it's an approachable book that any human spirit with holistic growth & d-estress needs can understand. Essentially an intro to practices plus a guidebook you'll want to go back to for years. Highly recommended!

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