Breathing - Pranayama Sitemap

What has happened here is that the page was originally on locks and breathing, then I found more information and locks were moved to their own page.  And now, to shorten the pages, all the breathing methods are being moved to their pages which are listed below. So this page is kind of a SiteMap page. There are 8 pages with different types of breathing in Kundalini Yoga.

Applying the body locks properly will help you clear blockages that impede the open flow of energy through your physical body, Chakras, and subtle bodies.  The locks are specific contractions of core areas of the body. Locks go with breathing. There are the Mul (Mool) Bandh or Root Lock, Uddiyana Bandh or Navel Lock, and the Jalandhar Bandh or Neck Lock.

Bandhs - Locks

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Cannon, Whistling, Lion Breath, Vatskar

Left - Right Nostril Breathing

One Minute Breath

Segmented Breaths

Sitali Breathing

Suspending the Breath

Long Deep Breathing

Breath of Fire (BOF)

Heart Breath