Living Truth by Yogi Bhajan

The Living Truth is a chapter from Yogi Bhajan's Biography. Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa was commissioned by Yogi Bhajan to write it. He has been sending out emails titled 'Messenger from the Guru's House' which is what Yogi Bhajan wanted his biography to be called. And when this one came up, I asked if I could publish it. I think the message in this one is very important for the times that we are now in.

I wanted the story, and Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa graciously let me have it and all the stories can be found here: The Yogi Bhajan Story.

Twice a day, Yogi Bhajan would challenge his students at the Phyllis Ashram with inspiring stories, as well as hard truths and unpleasant wisdom, so they might grow in grace and glory as spiritual teachers.

"It is a great privilege to understand the life, but every understanding has to be lived, and the greatest understanding is that every life has to be lived very normally, but has to be lived in higher consciousness.

"It is a kind of joke that we run on a path to know the truth. The reality is that we all are aware of it. None is unaware about truth, but to live up to the truth by our own self-projection is what is normally difficult for us. Talking on truth, having a library on it is all an easy thing, but molding yourself a way of life where you live with such a standard that there should be no ego that you are a different being than a normal human being, that's a very important point.

"We find a little bit of truth and then start living like it is really something. Then we find a little bit more truth, then we raise our chair up there. We do not live like normal beings, and that is where our weakness lies, and that is where our progress stops completely. Each one of us has to acquire the maximum of the light around us, but he has to live as a more humble being than the beings around him. That will give him a push to reach the higher consciousness.

"By knowing yoga postures, what can you do? I have got two albums and we got them snapped in one hour, and I went through like a snake and did all one hundred and eight postures. There it is, but what does that mean?

"Does it mean that I have just become God, that I am one with God, and that I have got total fulfillment of mind and nothing wrong can happen to me? I know all the kriyas. Does that mean that I am free from karma? I have mastery over all pranayam. Is that a surety that now the god of death can't come near me? Nothing. I have to keep myself always guarded against my own weakness and I have to live more humbly, lest I may become trapped in my own ego.

"We have written letters to all teachers, we have told them that Kundalini Yoga is a practical thing, it is a knowledge of the human beings. It is not a talking matter.

"By these exercises, what can be accomplished in one thousand years, does get accomplished in one thousand minutes. The ratio is very fast. What happens normally to us is when we achieve something little, we go crazy. We think we are great, then we fall in the trap of different things. We get involved in certain things, thinking that is the destination, but that is not. Many more things are on the way…

"Remember one thing. I don't want to bug you on this issue, but if up to this day you have never learned to respect yourself, forget it! You're not going to reach any God, whatever you say. You will always be run by the cycle of time. A man who does not know what assessment he has of himself and how great he is, and what he is, what do you mean?

"What about the Supreme Lord in you who is the light within yourself? The beauty, the quietness, the calmness can be achieved on the face of that grace which you can achieve as the outcome which they call "God's light." It only comes when one learns to meditate on himself and feel the flow of the divine light within him.

"These yoga sutras and yoga are not a joke. It is not an art to convert a Christian into Hinduism. It is a science and a factual realization for the uplift and for the awareness of the man. We are not here to convert people or to do that kind of stuff. There are already so many religions, there's no fun in making twenty more.

"Purifying yourself will give you a help. Purifying yourself will give you a happiness. By meditating on yourself, you will be rid of greed and lust. Your behavior will become sweet and you will trust others, and others will trust you. And all you have to do is you have to meditate on yourself. You have to consider yourself as a pure channel of the Universal Spirit.

"Now what trip I this? Have I said, "Do this, do that…"?

"No mantra. Nothing of the sort. Simply sit down calmly and bring your mind energy on one point: that you are a pure channel. It may not happen in the very first moment, but you keep on doing it. It is your sadhana, the beej mantra, Sat Nam, I am Truth, I am Truth, I am Truth.

"Those people who condemn themselves are the worst people. When God has made you as his projection, and you - because you have been given a free will - vibrate negative toward you, do you think you do a favor toward him? Are you aware of that?

"And now sit down this morning and think how many times you have condemned yourself. By condemning yourself, you are condemning God.

"You might not have chanted that much. By thinking, "I am this, I am that..." you don't do anything but invite sickness.

"The best way to be clean and pure is to meditate on the self constantly and feel that you are very pure and you are a channel of the Creator. Do it for three days and see what result you will find. See what beauty will come to your face..."

May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on...

Saaaaaaat Nam

"May your eye see the pure light of God, your ear hear nothing but the name of God, your tongue speak nothing but the glory of God. Then, if you are not a living god, there is no God! Sat Nam." (March 11, 1970)


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