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Maintenance Yoga For Advanced Students

All of the sets in this manual have been created to strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the glandular system. These sets are considered intermediate in difficulty and should be done by students who have had some previous instruction in Kundalini Yoga. The concept of this manual came from Yogi Bhajan's saying, "Your body is the vehicle of God a truth machine. So keep it intone!"

  • KRI approved
  • Spiral bound


  • Total System Stimulation
  • Creative Energy Kriya
  • Adjusting the Upper Body 7
  • Adjusting the Body, Blood and Lymph systems
  • Energizing the Self


Guru Kirn Kaur Khalsa.

Gemstone malas are a form of prayer beads. This booklet describes the healing powers of the gemstones popularly used to create malas. The techniques for using and positions for holding the mala in the hand are illustrated and explained. for physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity: Yogic use of malas (prayer beads) to maintain a state of union with the infinite based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Sadhana gives fearlessness, and a sense of self, as well as denomination, domination projection, polarity, combination, equilibrium, and respectability, totality, internal and external, self-knowledge, purity, dignity, divinity and grace. In addition, it gives you radiance, pranic and auric Shakti (divine power). Finally, it gives you the quality of metal, which is ever shining, and you become a metallically living grace. That is what sadhana gives you.


The Man to Man book

Yogi Bhajan

The Man to Man book contains all 13 Man to Man courses taught by Yogi Bhajan, including new photos illustrating the yoga sets, and many more useful features, including appendices listing recipes for men only, and healing foods from around the world.

Topics Include:

  • Living in Rhythm: The Lifestyle and Diet of a Real Man
  • The Secrets to Sexual Satisfaction
  • Becoming Evergreen: Exercises for Vitality and Potency
  • 16 Aspects of Success
  • The Sun and the Moon: Marriage and the Art of Relay
  • Phobias and Blocks: How to Talk About Them so that You Can Overcome Them

"Woman will test a man with three things: Are you noble? Are you courageous? Are you a man of your word? You can never escape this test." Yogi Bhajan.  This volume contains all the men's courses, including four never-before-published courses from 1985 to 1996. In these courses, Yogi Bhajan completed his mission to lay the groundwork and the path toward man becoming a spiritual Man.

Man to Man Vol 1: Talks with Yogi Bhajan

The complete transcripts of the lectures of Yogi Bhajan from the first men's course. Boston, 1978.

Part 1 - if man is man, there cannot be any problem. Part 2 - the secret of sexual satisfaction. Part 3 - special foods for men. Part 4 - Phobias and the man.

Man to Man Vol 2: Inside the Real Man

Man to Man Vol 3: Incentive & Invocation of Polarities

Part 1 - Incentive and Invocation of Polarities. Part 2 - Rejuvenate foods from around the world. Part 3 - The heritage collection. Part 4 - Review of rejuvenating foods and recommendations. Part 5 - Invoke don't provoke. Part 6 - Magnetic reference. Part 7 - If you fake it you can make it. Part 8 - Review of the course.

Man to Man Vol 5: The Real Strength of the Man

Part 1 - Your Arc line Part 2 - developing your Arc line Part 3 - Creative Relevance Part 4 - Woman and Wisdom - Meditation 1 - (tight stroke breath) Part 5 - The Ultimate Desire Meditation 2 - ("Danang" Ardas Bhuee)

Man to Man Vol 6: Sex, Success, & Prosperity

"Sex, success and prosperity" Los Angeles, fall 1981 Chapter 1 - Creative sexuality. Kriya to create balance. Chapter 2 - The fundamental you. Special exercises for men. Chapter 3 - Sex and your life. Chapter 4 - Sex is a natural thing. Chapter 5 - Origins of sexual neuroses. An interview with Michael Ebner by Yogi Bhajan. Appendix - Recipes and remedies for men.

Man to Man Vol 7: The Successful Man of Polarities

Man to Man Vol 8: The Invincible Man

"The Invincible Man", Los Angeles, September 1983, Includes 31 special exercises for men and lectures to assist in becoming " The Invincible Man".

Marriage On The Spiritual Path

Shakti Parwha Kaur

A manual for singles and couples. Here's a practical guide to understanding and achieving a successful spiritual marriage while keeping up with the demands of daily living in the 21st Century. Marriage has not been understood by the Western world at all. It was understood by the Eastern world but is forgotten there too. So at this time, the institution of marriage is in total limbo.

Master's Touch, The

Yogi Bhajan

A compilation of Teachings given during Master's Touch courses in Espanola and Assisi, Italy.

The 22 classes given in Espanola cover topics such as

  • "What is Happiness",
  • "Self Reverence",
  • "The Teacher and Student",
  • "Projecting as a Teacher",
  • "The Art of Communication",
  • " The Caliber of a Teacher".

The 11 classes of Assisi cover topics such as:

  • "What is Your Reality?",
  • "The Power of the Mind",
  • "Give God a Change" and
  • "Life is a Gift".

All these classes will give you a deep and profound understanding of the unique inside of the human character and the Path of The Teacher. The book also includes Yoga Exercises and Meditations.

Master's Touch, The by Ph.D. Yogi Bhajan, 2007

[Die Beruhrung des Meisters: Uber das Wesen des heiligen Lehrers fur das neue Zeitalter]


Meditation for Absolutely Everyone

Subagh Singh Khalsa

For anyone looking to reduce stress, achieve greater peace of mind or acquire greater self-awareness, 'Meditation for Absolutely Everyone' is the perfect tool to unlocking the secrets of the meditative art. There are no gurus or mystical mantras in this book and its companion tape - simply a concise introduction to a life-enhancing practice. Subagh Singh Khalsa's clear text will teach you the fundamentals of meditation and relaxing breathing techniques, while on the accompanying audio tape he will lead you through relaxation sequences and guided meditations, with supportive chants

Meditations for Addictive Behavior

Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.

A System of Yogic Science with Nutritional Formulas. The Super Health Way from Recovery to Self-Discovery, as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a system of yogic science to inspire and uplift the human spirit. These simple techniques will help break habits, tendencies and addictions. It contains 12 specific meditations with delicious nutritional formulas and inspirational quotes. It is effective with today's behaviors linked to

  • smoking,
  • food,
  • alcohol,
  • drugs,
  • co-dependency,
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • depression and many others.

This technology provides the psychological edge necessary to remain calm and non-reactive under challenging situations and protect oneself from the pressures of society.

It is our belief that the human potential of each individual is unlimited. These meditations create a relationship with one's higher consciousness and instill the dignity of self-autonomy. Healthcare professionals, people in recovery, yoga practitioners and individuals looking for a self-exalted experience will find this book an inspiring introduction to life-changing habits. Go to Super Health  for more information.


Meditation As Medicine:

Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force

Dharma Singh Khalsa

The meditation techniques utilized in naad yoga employ sound waves and vibrational frequencies to target specific neurotransmitters in the brain, which induce a variety of changes in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of the practitioner. By tuning to our inner vibration we can literally resonate ourselves to the heavens, thus creating that state where we feel divine, and in touch with our higher source of healing energy. As our brain, mind, body, and spirit are fluid rather than fixed, this vibration can cause profound changes which are transmitted to our cells, reaching the level of our DNA itself, thus helping to maintain genetic integrity.


  • for healing Mind Body an Spirit,
  • brings a total mental balance to the persons mind.
  • Also increased concentration,
  • enhanced creativity and
  • greater intuition;
  • Medical Meditation
  • to Release the Past,
  • especially Childhood Anger,
  • helps to dispel old wounds, fears, and anger from the past.
  • It will change you inside and out and
  • help you to live in the present,
  • it increases lung capacity,
  • perfects the
  • function of the organs,
  • stimulates circulation,
  • generates great energy;
  • to improve digestion;
  • to prevent heart attacks;
  • release of subconscious fear,
  • sometimes at a very early age, fear becomes a part of our subconscious;
  • more effective than an antidepressant medication,
  • it gives you a new start against all odds,
  • it brings power from the inside,

(see CDs below)

Dr. Dharma's Meditation Series

Second Chakra Meditation

Companion CD #2 to his book Meditation as Medicine, 62 minute remix of Ek On Kar Sat Gur Prasad, track 2 from the album 'Carry us Home' by Peace Family. Includes a meditation for the 2nd chakra as well.

Fourth Chakra:

Meditation for a Calm Heart, Companion CD #4 to his book Meditation as Medicine. 62 minute remix of Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru, track 7 from the album 'Amrit Vela' by Snatam Kaur. Also includes a meditation in the CD cover on how to do the Meditation for a Calm Heart.

Seventh and Eighth Chakras:

Meditation to Heal Self and Others Companion CD, #6 to his book Meditation as Medicine. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (62 min) by Livtar Singh. Includes how to do the Meditation to heal self and others.


Meditaciones Para El Nuevo Milenio 1

Yogi Bhajan

Mending Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Deva Singh Khalsa

Messges From The Body Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

This book is over 690 pages and has every illness, every single part of the body in it. It is a wonderful resource. Read this page about the book: Messages from the Body - Excerpts

More books by Michael J. Lincoln: Addictions and Cravings, Allergies and Aversions, Animals Their Psycho-Symbolic Meaning, Clothes Consciousness, Healer's Handbook, Honey, I Blew Up the Kids! Household Hot Spots, How to Live Life, My Car, Myself , Nonverbal Messages "Body Language", Our Personal Challenges, Problematic Patterns, TOP 50 'Messages from the Body', What was THAT All About?


The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

Yogi Bhajan Ph.D. with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa Ph.D.

Yogi Bhajan describes in this book how we can know and understand the Mind so it becomes our ally and not our problem. The Mind is divided into 3 Functional Minds: Neutral, Negative and Positive ~ 9 Aspects; The Defender, The Manager, The Preserver, the Artist, the Producer, the Missionary, the Strategist, The Leader and The Teacher and 27 Projections (there is a Meditations given for each Projection) containing a total of 81 Facets. This book is for everyone that would like to get a deeper understanding of his or her Mind and therefore lead a more happy and fuller life.


The Miracle of Healing Hands

Waheguru S. Khalsa, D.C.

The Complete Guide to Ancient Yogic Healing & Massage Techniques

Editorial Review from Amazon: "I'm impressed with the chapter on 'The Profession of the Hands-On Healer'. Also, I particularly like 'The Power of Touch' and your section on hydrotherapy. Powerful reading for all body-workers." -- Gayle Volger, massage therapist and Director of Honolulu School of Massage.

Product Description Breakthrough healing and massage techniques from a yogi and a chiropractor with 77 years combined experience. Includes the 3 secret laws of healing--important for every massage therapist to know and practice. 19 Quick-touch Treatments accelerate the ability to heal clients--easy to add to present routines. Over 275 illustrations and photos plus 16 additional techniques clearly show innovative techniques not found anywhere else.

It covers the four basic hand positions, there are also longer treatments with exotic names like the Royal Body Treatment, the Diamond Treatment, and Mountain Above, Thunder Below Treatment that strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and increase chi or prana.

Meditations for Emotional Balance, kindle the Golden Stove Treatment for general energizing and bodily warmth, Meditation for Releasing Fear and Grief and the Cranial Adjustment for Reaching Heaven, a consciousness-altering massage that is an excellent precursor to sitting meditation. concludes his manual with details on the lost art of hydrotherapy. The author, who has a chiropractic office in West Los Angeles where he also teaches Kundalini Yoga and gives occasional workshops on Healing Hands at Yoga West.

Mother: You are Guru Dev

Yogi Bhajan

Mother: You are Guru Dev (7/4/96)

Yogi Bhajan speaks to the strength and identity of mother who is a child's first teacher: Guru Dev Awaken your cellular frequency and transform your definition of motherhood.

MY CAR, MYSELF Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

My Car, Myself (1991, Rev. 2008) A dictionary of the psychological meanings of having your car break down with regard to what the breakdowns indicate about what is happening for you at the time, as a kind of early warning system. It covers most of the major components of the car, ranging from the fuel pump to the floor mats. It also interprets other aspects of your relationship with your car, such as driving habits, traffic tickets, disruptive behaviors and car attitudes It actually works! Spiral binding, 305


New Golden Rules, The (Kindle Edition)

Dharma Singh Khalsa, Deepak Chopra

Diving into the depths of practical spiritual thought, The New Golden Rules, by visionary physician and yogi Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., presents simple ways to reach the state of spiritual bliss. In everyday language, Dr. Dharma shares the four steps you can take in your daily life that allow you to live each day in a more happy, loving, and meaningful way. The four steps are: (1) Discover your miracle; (2) listen and agree; (3) dissolve your blocks; and (4) see God everywhere.

The New Golden Rules compromise of:

  • The First New Golden Rule: Part I - Energize Your Spirit
  • Part II - Satisfaction of the Soul
  • Part III - The Company of the Holy

The Second New Golden Rule: Listen and Agree- The Third New Golden Rule: Dissolve Your Blocks- The Fourth New Golden Rule: See the Other Person As Yourself


Nonverbal Messages "Body Language" Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

An introduction to non-verbal assessment from physical appearance, personal equipment, behavioral indicators and other characteristics. It demonstrates how one can read people without even having to talk to them. Also discussed is what is known about non-verbal indicators and how they work. It closes with an example assessment of an individual utilizing several nonverbal assessment media. Spiral binding, Pages 583, 1995; Rev 2008


Taught by Yogi Bhajan,

Guruchander Singh Khalsa, DC and Gurujivan K. Khalsa

In Numerology as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Guruchander describes the basic methodology of numerology as taught by Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, and in Tantric Numerology he presents a holistic integrated system for soul mastery with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes.

You will learn to apply simple breathing exercises, meditation and Kundalini Yoga exercises to open the pathways to soul mastery. Ancient yogic science tells that human beings have ten bodies - soul body, negative mind, positive mind, neutral mind, physical body, the arc line, the aura, pranic body, subtle body, and radiant body. These bodies are our God-given, magnificent capacities as human beings.

This system of numerology describes the ten bodies in detail and also give a technology for learning to use them appropriately in any situation. We all have absolute access to all ten of our bodies, we just need to remember what we have always known.

Tantric Numerology: As Taught by Yogi Bhajan A wonderful complement to Numerology


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