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Harmonious Communication Yogi Bhajan

From the course "Human Sexuality," Spain, 1986. Topics include creating trust, nonverbal communication, zodiac signs, intimacy and contempt. Meditations for thinking before you speak, for ending an argument, and for inspiring, truthful, deeply penetrating speech. A good tool during these modern and hectic times where it seems that we have less and less time for each other.


Heal Your Back Now! Nirvair Singh Khalsa

A system that gives you a specific plan of action to follow on your path to wellness through Awareness, Affirmation & Kundalini Yoga (Book and DVD set), Perspectives on the true nature of healing-Common bio-mechanical causes of back pain and how to correct them-Herbal and nutritional supplements to aid in the healing process, Explanations of the emotional causes of back pain, vertebra by vertebra, Affirmations to speed the healing process for specific areas of the back, illustrated Kundalini Yoga exercise series for a healthy back, Kundalini Yoga meditations and mantras to accelerate recovery.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction, Why do I have a Back Problem,
  • Pain Management,
  • How to Use this Book,
  • The Nature of Healing,
  • Natural Remedies,
  • The Emotional Component,
  • Neck C1-C7 Overview,
  • Middle Back T1-T12 Overview,
  • Lower Back IL1-L7 Overview,
  • C-One Atlas, C-Two Axis, C-Three, C-Four, C-Five, C-Six, C-Seven, T-One, T-Two, T-Three, T-Four, T-Five,
  • T-Six, T-Seven, T-Eight, T-Nine, T-Ten, T-Eleven, T-Twelve, L-One,
  • L-Two, L-Three, L-Four, L-Five, L-Six Sacrum, Coccyx,
  • Meditations to Accelerate Recovery,
  • Long Slow Deep Breathing,
  • Anti-Anxiety Meditation,
  • Sat Kriya
  • Mantra of Guru Ram Das
  • Silent Clearing Meditation
  • Meditation into Being,
  • heal Your Back Now! Series,
  • Spinal Vertebra Reference

Comment: This is a wonderful book. For Example: It gives the meaning of each area of the back, each bone.

NECK: (C1 through C7) Symptoms of pain in this area would indicate that these persons are being confronted with issues which they haven't been able to handle over a very long period of time. They must now finally be handled. Unfortunately, however, they are reacting by being stubbornly and rigidly inflexible, and by refusing to see other sides of a question. and so and so forth, and the meditations.

Healing Consciousness

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa

Healing Fire of Heaven, The Gurunam

Mastering the Invisible Sunlight Fluid for Healing and Spiritual Growth. Working with the Sun will give you an understanding of the mysteries of life, and reveal to you the splendor of the inner Kabbalah, which bestows upon one the secrets of heaven and earth. It is one of the highest, most potent and effective spiritual systems you can come across on this earth. By working with the Sun, you raise your consciousness and establish a spiritual communion with the origin of life, the essence of all things and the primal source of light. It is an initiation to your own essence. Connecting with the Sun will cause your soul to become active and your spiritual powers to become operative, showing clear visible signs in your mind, spirit and physical body. This book will show you practical ways of connecting with the Sun in order to capture its many benefits and blessings.


Healer's Handbook Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

A condensed version of Messages from the Body- Dr. Lincoln extracted the disease section from the Messages from the Body book to create this valuable handbook just for practitioners. A description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions. There then follows a dictionary of the psychological and sometimes sacred meanings of hundreds of disturbances ranging from sneezes to cancer. A must have PDR for any practitioner! Spiral Binding, 380 Pages, 2006. 

Healing Ourselves, Healing the World : A Manual of Mystic Meditation Practice for Absolutely Everyone

Dr. Subagh Singh Khalsa

Dr. Subagh Singh Khalsa, provides eight profound meditation lessons.Each gives clear direction to anyone wishing to begin or deepen meditation practice. These lessons, although simple, are not always easy. They require effort on the part of the student, but effort that will be richly rewarded. Regardless of your spiritual or religious background Dr. Khalsa will gently guide you to incorporate the mystical into meditation and into everyday life. This book will help you to heal yourself and to become a healing presence in a world that sorely needs healing.


Healing Through Kundalini: Specific Applications

From the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, S.S. Vikram Kaur Khalsa, and Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa, A healing book for women based on Kundalini.


Healing Through Kundalini Meditation and Massage

This manual offers valuable techniques for yogic healing as taught by Yogi Bhajan Master of Kundalini Yoga during 1985 in Spain.


Heart Rules, The Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

The Heart Rules is a manual for creating a change of consciousness within yourself from a head-centered approach to life to a heart-centered way of living. Based on simple but extremely powerful yoga kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan and filled with joyous, simple clear and humorous illustrations by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

The chapters proceed from Recognition through Reclamation to Realization and include (among many others!)

  • Exercises for the Heart Center
  • Creative Energy Kriya
  • Professional Anger Kriya
  • Sacred Heart and Pure Heart

Every copy of The Heart Rules comes with a beautifully performed original music and mantra CD to use as a companion to the meditations in the book. GuruPrem and Simran Kaur are singing and chanting the songs and mantras used in the book.


History of Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere

Experience the richly told story of Sikh Dharma in the West, from its beginnings in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan first came to western shores, through 1994. These stories, color photographs, and loving memories are the jewels of our lifestyle written from the experience of our pioneers.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kids! Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

(1992, Rev. 2007) Comprehensive approach to Parenting

An in-depth exploration of the issues, parameters, and experiences of parenting. Also provided is a comprehensive approach to parenting based on realistic, vital awareness and values also explore the dictionary on problematic parenting patterns. Learn how to parent the soul, deal with an old soul child, Indigo/Crystal children as well. Spiral binding, 149 pages, More Info and Introduction to Book go to: Talking Hearts


Household Hot Spots Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

The psychological and symbolic meanings and correspondences of breakdowns of household structures, resources and items within. It covers everything from the yard to the kitchen sponge. Household items and structures are like your car, highly sensitive to what is happening to you, due to the intense intertwining of the auras involved. It also operates as a kind of early warning system for you. Comb binding, 751 pages. More Info and Introduction to Book, go to: Talking Hearts


How to Live Life Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

This is a guide for living your life out of the fundamental Cosmic/Sacred principles, processes and parameters. It was done by performing detailed process recordings of adults working with children. In other words, it used scientific procedures to "pin down" what it means to live Cosmically correct. The book spells out the competences that living spiritually requires, with a chapter devoted to each of the nine "response classes" or capability clusters, along with a chapter devoted to a group of skills, such as conscious utilization of oneself as a role model and the systematic use of humor. It is a definitive and detailed work on how to carry out the Divine Design in your everyday life. Spiral binding, 195 pages. More Info and Introduction to Book, go to: Talking Hearts


I Am a Woman: Essential Kriyas for Women in the Aquarian Age Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

This yoga manual has been organized by topic so that you can focus on a particular discipline within your own practice, generate weekend workshops for yur student, or create an entire curriculum for an in-depth experience of the women's teachings over time, Each chapter includes a vigorous kriya or two, several meditations and a mantra/sound-current practice to connect you to the Shabd Guro and the divine within. Topics include:

  • Awakening Your Inner Vitality: Essentials for Daily Practice
  • Sensitivity: Connect to Your Eternal Power
  • Radiance: Walking in Beauty and Living by Grace
  • Sound Mind & Body: Using the Sound Current to Create Clarity and Caliber
  • Fearlessness: Empower Your Life
  • Woman as Her Own Psychologist I: Clearing the Self
  • Woman as Her Own Psychologist II: Cultivating the Self
  • Crisis Kit: What to Do When There's Nothing Left to Do
  • Sexuality & Creativity: Igniting the Spark
  • Relationships & Communication: Redefining Intercourse
  • Becoming a Mother: 9 months, 40 days, and Everyday
  • Transformations and Transitions: Breathing through Everything
  • Healing & Relaxation: Becoming Healthy, Happy and Holy


Identical Identity I Yogic Bhajan Speaks

Using humor, wisdom, and love, Yogi Bhajan analyzes human relationships, personalities and identities. Also includes a segment on the meaning of Love. From the fall lectures of 1984.

Topics includes:

  • Introduction to Identity and Reality
  • Anaylsis of our relationships
  • Crisis in the formation of identity and reality
  • Identical identity and identity personalities
  • Duality and the split personality
  • Identical identity and the meaning of love
  • Identity and reality
  • The conflict between identity and reality
  • The controlled rhythm of our identity
  • Identity within and identity without
  • The subconscious personality with the identity
  • The subconscious reactive personality within the identity


Identical Identity II Yogic Bhajan Speaks

Complements Vol. I in the series of Yogi Bhajan's personal stories and anecdotes. Includes: Creative Trust and Consciousness. How to Get It Conscious Convictions Expand the Horizon of the Human Being.

Topics include:

  • Your reactive personality and your identity
  • The creative personality and our reactive personality
  • The self and the creative personality
  • Creative trust and consciousness: How to get it
  • Conscious creativity and conscious conviction
  • Conscious convictions
  • Conscious conviction and the creative personality
  • Conscious conviction and the creative personality
  • Expand the horizon of the human being
  • Purpose, projection and property must go balanced
  • Radiant body in creative consciousness
  • The radiant body and its essentials and essence


The Inclusive Classroom: A Practical Guide For Educators: Grades 3-9: Teacher Resource

Sirinam S. Khalsa

Review at Amazon:

  • I teach science in a school that is attempting to make inclusion work.
  • When I picked up this book, I realized that my job of reaching all these kids with different abilities and behaviors was possible!
  • This book is a very practical guide for regular education as well as special educators.
  • I really found the chapters on collaborative teaching and classroom management very helpful.


In the Name of the Cosmos

Yogi Bhajan

Transcript by Sat Hari Singh.

Words to Live by - Quotes and Wisdom from Yogi Bhajan with his original drawings. Excerpt from this book:

"Ten Principles to Live by"

  • If you don't want enemies, don't have friends.
  • Love is not dove.
  • Don't be so sweet that people want to eat you or so bitter that people want to throw you away.
  • Open the lips, sink the ship.
  • Excellence, elegance and grace are the three elements of a human being. If somebody challenges these three in you, avoid that person.
  • Only share your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • If somebody says "I Love you", wait for the next step. People use Love as a hook. They say they love you but they're only out to get something from you.
  • Trust all for nothing.
  • Remember your blessings over your weaknesses.
  • Don't utter words in friendship that can be used in animosity.

(Yogi Bhajan)

The book is beautifully illustrated with Yogi Bhajans original sketches and drawings -  some make you smile, some make you think. 54 pages, spiralbound


The Story of the Infinipede Bridget Noel Welch Kamke (also known as Guru Beant Kaur)

This is a tale for every body about the Infinipede, a fantastical creature with countless legs, who peacefully moves through life, and with the help of kindhearted Sally McGlow, teaches the folks living in Snoo a thing or two about sharing, teamwork, and helping one's neighbor.

From the Publisher Through the rhyming text and brilliantly colored illustrations, this story teaches subtle lessons about being open to new things, and being friendly to new people. The book also touches upon the concepts of sharing and cooperation.

When I shared this story with my first graders, they loved the colorful and silly pictures. They also pointed out "hidden messages" they noticed while listening and they all had an opinion of what each character should do! It's such a great feeling to hear students make connections to a text and enjoy it! I recommend this book to teachers of all grade levels.

Infinity and Me Compiled and Illustrated by: Hari Jot Kaur Khalsa

35 unpublished Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations, including:

  • Building Strength and Vigor,
  • Expanding your Inner Self,
  • Refreshing the Nervous System,
  • To become Strong as Steel,
  • Inspiring words
  • of wisdom from The Master, Yogi Bhajan
  • Table of Contents: YOGA SETS: A Basic Set-
  • A Very Subtle Exercise-
  • Adjusting the Navel-
  • Balancing the Depository System-
  • Building Strength and Vigor-
  • Become Strong as Steel-
  • Connect Physical and Heavenly Reality-
  • Create Muscular Balance-
  • Correct Nerve Shallowness-
  • Creating Magnetic Fields-
  • Experiencing the Pranic and Physical Bodies-
  • Eliminate Gastric and Heart Problems-
  • Folding and Unfolding of the Energy-
  • Kriya for Achieving Comfortable Happy Sleep-
  • Move the Glandular System-
  • Refreshing the Nervous System-
  • Working on the Meridians-
  • Ribcage, Lungs, and Lymphatic System-
  • Working
  • the Command Post Area -
  • MEDITATIONS: Mantra to Open Up Blockages in Your Life-
  • Mudra to Open Up Blockages in
  • Communication-
  • Knowing What to Do-Sahaj Yoga-
  • Mantra to Make the Blind See-
  • Balancing the Projection With
  • Intention-SA-Ta-Na-Ma 2nd Phase-
  • Panj Graani Kriya- Prosperity, Fulfilment, Success-
  • Pranic Meditation for the Heart Center-
  • Working on the Third Chakra-
  • Working on the Fourth, Fifth, and sixth Chackras.
  • The Magic Mantra-Meditation With The Magic Mantra-
  • Using the Magic Mantra as a Gudtkaa - Gudktaa Kriya-
  • Maha Gyan Kriya


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