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Children of the Cusp

Gurutej Singh Khalsa

The story of personal spiritual growth told through poetry. The book includes five sacred Kriyas or meditations.

About the Author Gurutej Singh Khalsa has been a student of Yogi Bhajan for 32 years. He lives in northern New Mexico wehre he works at the company he founded, Akal Security.

Cleanse Recipes - Purify your Body, Mind, & Spirit, The

Deva Kaur Khalsa

This is the recipe booklet that is included in the Cleanse kit. It is a compilation of great vegan cleansing recipes for during the Cleanse and afterwards. Included are the master cleanser, the liver flush, walnut pesto, live pizza, Ann Wigmore's energy soup, how to sprout and various cookie recipes, baked and raw. Seventy-eight pages of recipes including 25 pages of NEW recipes!

Clothes Consciousness Michael J . Lincoln, Ph.D ( Narayan-Singh Khalsa )

An overview of the meanings and functions of bodily adornment and of clothing, followed by a "dictionary" of psychological meanings for a rather substantial number of common clothing articles. This is then followed by a discussion of what it means when various components or adornment are damaged or lost. Spiral binding, Pages 220, 1985; Revised 2009

Code of the Masters


Book by Gurunam will reveal many high spiritual mysteries and teach you how to vibrate the Naam, or sacred sound current. You will also learn how Master yogis and Kabbalists use their hands, along with the mantric science, to connect with the heavens for healing and happiness.

Practicing the science of Naam will strengthen the vibratory frequency within you, opening your heart and activating the soul. The awakening of this spiritual faculty is the mystery of regeneration, of the vital union between God and man. This process of developing the inner faculty that allows one to perceive God is your life's work.

When the process is complete, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial; one begins to live, not in accordance with the principle of self-interest, but in accordance with that of the Spirit, Truth and Love, for which one becomes a living temple.


The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer:

A Practical Manual for Understanding, Prevention and Care


Sat Dharam Kaur Khalsa

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer uses the most recent research studies and clinical evidence to explain the causes of breast cancer and techniques for its prevention. Some of the topics covered are: Comprehensive explanations for the causes of breast cancer -- hereditary, hormonal, environmental, Identifiable environmental risks, Self help detoxification programs, diet plans and herbal recommendations,

Natural medicine strategies which complement conventional medical treatments and promote recovery, Psychological support Protective factors are highlighted and valuable exercises and worksheets for breast care are included, such as The Breast Health Balance Sheet, an extensive questionnaire that helps to determine risk factors.

Written in an empathetic and accessible style, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer is an excellent resource for women seeking breast cancer information-

Table of Content:

Chapter 1: What is your risk of developing breast cancer? Chapter 2: Getting to know our breasts. Chapter 3: Understanding the hormone puzzle. Chapter 4: Environmental impact on breast health. Chapter 5: Detoxifying our bodies. Chapter 6: Activating our lymphatic and immune systems. Chapter 7: Eating right for breast health. Chapter 8: Nutritional supplements for breast health. Chapter 9: Psychological and spiritual means of preventing breast cancer. Chapter 10: Breast disease treatments. Chapter 11: Working with healthcare professionals. Resource Directory- References.

The most sensitive part of your body is your eyebrows. They govern your health. Plucking the eyebrows takes away the electro-magnetic field inter-current balance. You will never be able tocontrol your health problems.

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health

Sat Dharam Kaur Khalsa, ND,

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health provides clear and comprehensive information on integrating natural medicine treatments into a healing program for the distinctive health concerns of women.

It includes: - The healing systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chakra System and the Western Medicine Model, and integrated healing - Natural healing methods, such as diet and nutritional supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, tissue salts and herbal medicine - The body's natural rhythms -

Seasonal inner cleansing and detoxifying - Natural medicine strategies for balancing hormones - Recommended dietary guidelines for women - The menstrual cycle and the menopause - Pregnancy and birth, and natural methods of birth control - Conditions of the female organs, common female disorders (such as cystitis, thyroid imbalance, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis) and ongoing health issues and aging -

60 health conditions, covered in thorough detail. Symptoms are described, likely causes identified, and treatment strategies are prescribed, which may include diet, exercises and yoga, and meditation and visualization. With authoritative information clearly presented, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health is the definitive source for women looking to integrate natural and conventional medicine.

Further reading - Table of Contents:

  • What is Natural Medicine?-
  • Natural-Medicine Traditions-
  • Four Steps Toward Optimum Health-
  • Food as Medicine-
  • Women's Health Diet-
  • Age-Appropriate Supplements-
  • Living with Nature's Rhythms-Daily and
  • Monthly Health Cycles-
  • Hormone Balance-Women's -
  • Health through the Ages- Restoring Harmony with the Earth's Elements-
  • Our Soil- Our Water- Our Air- Our Energy (Fire)- Our Bodies-Seasonal Cleansing and Rejuvenation
  • Program-
  • Fall- Winter- Spring-Summer- Late Summer-
  • Women's Conditions-Menstrual Conditions-Reproduction-Cervical
  • Conditions-Uterine Conditions-
  • Ovarian Conditions-Vaginal Conditions-Breast Health-
  • Thyroid Conditions-Osteoporosis-Cardiovascular Conditions


Conscious Pregnancy: The Gift of Giving Life

Creating Relationship

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa

Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World,

Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

The Destiny of Women Is the Destiny of the World is a book with a mission, a vision and a message. Its mission is help women experience their inner strength, self-knowledge and grace. Its vision is to participate in the transformation of the power structure of the world. Its message is that the empowerment of women is necessary, inevitable and exciting.

This book is for both men and women. Kenneth Roberts, President of New Futures World Marketing in Palo Alto, CA says it is the greatest book for men he has ever seen. "The Destiny of Women is really about the destiny of humanity. It shows both men and women how to honor their feminine side. This is the key to fulfilling our highest personal visions, and to creating a sustainable global future.

Divine Alignment

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa wrote this book Divine Alignment after being asked by Yogi Bhajan to write a manual, 'How to do Kundalini Yoga Correct.' This is a great manual to begin learning Yoga or if you have had any trouble in your Yoga practice, injuries, etc, this manual will give you tools to practice with ease. Step by step you are shown how to do the postures, apply the locks, and breath correctly in order to receive maximum benefit from the yogic exercises. You will learn how to properly align the spine and keep the heart open at all times so that the energy of the Kundalini awakens in your being.Learn to correctly apply Mula Bandh (Root Lock), Jalandar Bandh (Neck Lock) Uddiyana Bandh (Diaphragm Lock), How to Breathe correctly, Do Breath of Fire, Sat Kriya, Learn Navel Intelligence, Warm Ups and More.

Divine Doctor Book, The

Gurunam (Michael Levry)

In the supreme ways of bringing self-healing and a permanent cure, the greatest secret lies in the spiritual body. Most people do not understand that human beings are both physical and spiritual. In fact, the great spiritual masters and ancient students of nature discovered that the material body is a physical reflection of the spiritual body.

They realized that the key to health and the healing of disease cannot be found in matter. It is in the spiritual body that you will find the cause of the symptoms that manifest in the physical body. History tells us that the great masters in the past who uncovered these truths and recorded them in writings were ordered to remain silent, so that the information would not reach the masses.

This book gives you the key to hundreds of mysteries in medicine and healing which are completely unknown within ordinary medical practices, thereby giving you access to timeless healing technologies that are the birthright of humankind. The Divine Doctor reveals the precise methods for working with the spiritual body to achieve self-healing and maintain vibrant health.

It will also guide you through these techniques, so that you may recover more quickly from illness and become healthy. The Divine Doctor is for all yogis, Kabbalists, doctors, serious health practitioners and anyone who desires to achieve self-healing and help others heal through the application of profound meditations and practical techniques. By reading and practicing these sacred teachings, you will nurture your energy, expand your consciousness, purify your mind, and renew yourself. Apply these healing methods in your own life and share them with your loved ones, friends and patients. You will be multiplying their effect throughout the planet, sharing the sacred gift of enlightened consciousness and optimal health.

The opposite of war is human longing, human love for peace. People do not understand what peace is. You cannot even think or talk about peace if you do not have your own peace of mind.

Dying Into Life:

The Yoga of Death, Loss and Transformation

Guru Terath Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D

Life teaches us that our journey cannot be mapped or controlled. But with training, we can prepare ourselves to view and respond to our challenges with more grace and inner serenity. Dying Into Life will give you such training. It is a practical yogic guide to life, death and transformation. Now, perhaps more than any other time in history, we need and are ready for the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a universal discipline that can benefit everyone, no matter what their religion or creed. Some of the topics addressed include: -

  • Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation -
  • Heaven and Hell -
  • Liberation While Alive -
  • Spiritual Perspective on Grief -
  • Preparing for Death -
  • Death Coaching -
  • Leaving a Legacy -
  • Journey of the Soul -
  • Death of a Holy Person

Dying Into Life includes an instructional CD of all of the mantras included in the book.  Also shows how to practice kriyas and meditations sitting in a chair or lying on a bed.

Eight Human Talents: Restore the Balance and Serenity within You with Kundalini Yoga, The

Gurmukh and Cathryn Michon Gurmukh

Gurmukh and Cathryn Michon Gurmukh, an internationally renowned yoga teacher, outlines the spiritual and physical practices of Kundalini Yoga, which she has taught for the last thirty years. With illustrated, step-by-step instructions, she teaches the basic principles of the ancient art of yoga, and explains the eight chakras, which are the energy centers of our bodies, and the source of the eight human talents.


End of Karma, The

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. writes deep wisdom in this book that can help you to become more aware and get in touch with your highest choices to eliminate any negative Karma in your life - Each chapter has a beautiful verse, or poem, and it is them followed up with an enlightening explanation that is deep enough to help you on a deeper level, and down-to-earth enough to help people who might be new and/or searching on a spiritual path. (this book is that it helps you to get in touch with your Highest Self.

"Returning back to the theme of listening, this chapter tells us that by genuinely doing so, ignorant people can become wise, mere mortals can become Divine, and all creatures can transform themselves to become pure, as virtues arise in their hearts. Thus, God's love as manifested by His Will (which we hear by listening deeply) transforms ordinary folks with countless failings into saints and God like individuals who continually remain in bliss. It is also restated that listening eliminates errors from our life. And this is the beginning stage of a deep, lasting, and perfect peace."

Essential Gursikh Yogi, The

Yoga and Yogis in the Past, Present and Future of Sikh Dharma, The

Guru Fatha Singh

The Essential Gursikh Yogi, is an outgrowth of my work on the life story of Yogi Bhajan, my teacher, a genius of a man with his feet firmly planted in two traditions: the path of Sikh Dharma and the path of Yoga. I wrote this work in the closing years of Yogi Bhajan's physical stay among us. At the time, I felt a general need first to understand, then to share the reality of these seemingly conflicting two cultures before he physically left us. The book can be bought at: Guru Fatha Singh

Experience of Consciousness, The

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

This first volume of The Experience of Consciousness series is taken from talks given by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. The talks themselves are given on a wide range of subjects: human potential, male-female polarities, the elevation of consciousness, and so on. Within each talk many issues and themes are interwoven, forming what might be described as patterns of consciousness.

Table of Content:

Meditation Tantric Kriya- Meditation Adjusting the polarity of Thought and Consciousness - Mediation Creative Meditation of the Sublime Self

Five Paragons of Peace: Magic and Magnificence in The Guru's Way

Guru Fatha Singh

In Five Paragons of Peace, Guru Fatha Singh ji has written a timeless masterpiece on the integration of the ancient wisdom of Guru Nanak and the evolution of humanity today. In this book, Guru Fatha Singh leads us through the evolution we have been going through for centuries - from the days when our consciousness was shaped in a way that has contributed to tragic amounts and forms of violence to our present searching for new paradigms supporting respect for one another and peaceful ways of meeting needs. Incorporated in the book is a brief, but intriguing history of the Sikh tradition initiated by Guru Nanak. This book can be found on Guru Fatha Singh site.

Flow of Eternal Power

Shakti Parwha Kaur

See under Kundalini Yoga, Flow of Eternal Power

Fly like a Butterfly: Yoga for Children

Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Over 150 duo-tone photos of children ages 3-9 enjoying yoga exercises - Clear and engaging instructions that children themselves can read or be read to - Yoga stories - imaginative stories interwoven with yoga exercises - Instructions for teachers and parents, including tips on yoga for children of all ages Fun breathing exercises, yoga songs, and quiet time meditations,

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful: Easy to Follow and Fun for the Kids, I am a mother and a child care provider. I have been interested in yoga for a long time and have purchased some books for myself. When one of the children in my care (5 years old) saw one of my books, she wanted to try some of the postures. I decided to look for a book that would be more appropriate for children. After speaking to the parents about it, I began integrating a little yoga practice into our weekly schedule using this book as a guide.

The kids love it! Especially the animal postures! It is easy to follow and fun for them to do. They even like the relaxation and meditation parts of the workout, which I had my doubts about at first (the children in my care are quite active!) I would suggest parents read the book before starting to practice with the kids so that they can help them perform the postures better. Then they can read the book to the kids and follow it with them.

The postures are great for children and adults. I love this book. It is simple, to-the-point, and fun. I would reccomend it to anyone who has children or works with children. No prior experience with yoga is necessary. As the 5 year old in my care says: It's really, really easy!

Foods for Health & Healing, Remedies & Recipes Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan,

Stay healthy with Simple Delicious foods, Get healthy with time-proven remedies, Heighten your sexual potency, Natural way to youth, beauty and vitality, Strengthening, nourishing foods for children - combines ancient Indian medical teachings with YB's own practical experience as a master of the healing arts and a master chef.

What to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, and why to eat it- plus simple, sensible guidelines for how to prepare, serve, and digest the food you eat. Includes special sections for men, women, and children, with recipes and recommendations.

Food as Medicine

How to use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and herbs for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D.

The president and medical director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation in Tucson and the author of Meditation as Medicine, Dharma Singh Khalsa follows up on his Meditation as Medicine with this guide to nutritional therapy.

Together with drinking recommended juices and taking vitamins and herbs, this diet, according to Khalsa, will lead to a healthier, disease-free life. He bases his program on the seven principles of yoga nutritional therapy: body detoxification; the use of organic products; elimination of genetically engineered foods; eating only clean protein (e.g., fish, soy, beans, legumes); fresh juices and supplements; cooking consciously and eating mindfully; and a complete transition to a yoga nutrition therapy diet.

Fans of Andrew Weil (Eating Well for Optimum Health) and Deepak Chopra (How to Know God) will appreciate the author's combination of spirituality and diet. Khalsa offers a low-fat diet that is rich in grains, organic fruits and vegetables and non-meat protein. A variety of useful recipes with these components are included here as well as suggestions for maintaining peaceful meal times and a spiritually balanced life.

Although this particular nutritional program should improve physical well-being, he also maintains that his nutritional plan can reverse many serious diseases. Interestingly enough, Khalsa is not opposed to hormone replacement therapy for specific conditions and uses it in his practice.

Food as Medicine - Table of Contents

Fountain of Youth Tarn Tarn Kaur Khalsa

The Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations in Fountain of Youth are transformational gems which will keep you young and radiant! You will cherish them. Though the yogic technology in this book was originally taught at Women's Camp, Yogi Bhajan said that anyone could practice them and reap the benefits.

For almost three decades, Yogi Bhajan confronted and challenged the body, mind and soul of each woman who attended the Women's Camp Espanola. "It is not a yoga camp. It is not a meditation camp. It is a Woman in Training Camp. It is totally to train the whole-sum of the woman, not just one part of it." ~ Yogi Bhajan.

Furmaan Khalsa, Poems to Live By

Yogi Bhajan Ph. D

This manual of conscious living is in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring Gurmukhi poems with English translations. Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yoga, and written as a guide for future generations, these poems illustrate how to live successfully with an open heart and an open mind, how to experience your cosmic identity, and how to raise children who are strong, secure and fearless in the midst of the turmoil of the modern world.

March 23, 2008, By Jacob Huskey (Santa Cruz, CA USA) Within these pages lies one of the most extraordinary works of the twentieth century. This manual of conscious living is in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring Gurmukhi poems with English translations. Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yoga, and written as a guide for future generations, these poems illustrate how to live successfully with an open heart and an open mind, how to experience your cosmic identity, and how to raise children who are strong, secure and fearless in the midst of the turmoil of the modern world.


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