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Kundalini Yoga and Learning Disorders

Kundalini Yoga and Learning Disorders is an article covering Meditation Technique for Dyslexia. This technique for dyslexia is likely to help correct all learning disorders. such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The 12 Instant Benefits of Humming Daily:

Humming is a soothing form of sound medicine, infusing your body with many therapeutic benefits. Imagine filling your head with the vibration of a calming "hum" for one, two or even 5 minutes.  It's bliss. Bliss that you can create inside your head and body within seconds.

Shabd Kriya - Insomnia

Shabd Kriya - Insomnia Yogi Bhajan gave Shabd Kriya for curing insomnia. If practiced on a regular basis, once a week or even every night, your sleep will be deep and relaxed. The control of the rhythm of the breath strengthens the nervous system and regenerates the nerves.

Kundalini Yoga MDs, NDs, Healers:

Kundalini Yoga MDs, NDs, Healers Kundalini Yoga Master Teachers who are in the healing professions are being listed on this page with a link to their bios on this site. (MDs, NDs, Reiki, Energy Healers, Face Readers)

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero:

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero is a conversation that was started in the Yahoo email group. The 'answers' are supplied by Kundalini Yoga teachers of 30 years or more. I found it to be quite interesting, to see how far back in time, the emotions and memories can come from and affect your life.

Meditation to Refresh Your Brain:

Meditation to Refresh Your Brain Meditation to Refresh Your Brain, Fight the Effects of Smog & for a Photographic Memory.

Kundalini Yoga, on Stress and Worry:

Kundalini Yoga, Stress and Worry

Has two You tube with Guruka talking about this subject. Guruka Singh has been teaching for over 30 years. Why do we worry about things? Why do we spend so much energy thinking about what could happen?

Kundalini Yoga Health Centers:

Kundalini Yoga Health Centers are places where you can go and stay, get alternative medical help and training so you can handle your situation and know what to do. They also hold classes for teachers.

Health Conditions

Health Conditions Index (conditions and symptoms) This section covers all the books, and will tell you what book and page that you will find a kriya, mudra or mantra on. It really helps find symptoms. Symbolic meanings are also covered.

We have given you different sets of exercises. They can work for you. Why do you have to exercise? When the body grows, each year of its existence, it becomes more rigid. You move in special patterns. You move your hands in a special way, your legs in a special way; and that does not exercise a lot of muscles. The muscles which do not get any type of exercise get weak and that area of your skeleton gets out of shape. The moment your skeleton gets out of shape, the nervous system starts feeling the pressure. It starts messing up the circulation, then reconstruction of the tissues gets weird. After a while you fall apart and you are in trouble. - 7/18/75

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