Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero is a conversation that was started in the Yahoo email group. The 'answers' are supplied by Kundalini Yoga teachers of 30 years or more. I found it to be quite interesting, to see how far back in time, the emotions and memories can come from and affect your life. Sat Avtar Kaur

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero

Because I have worked with so many people whose difficulties are based in their mother's mental state while she was pregnant with them, I am providing this very special article for you on Yogi Bhajan's instructions for women when they are with child, as well as guidance for those around her.

Another fact is that while a woman is pregnant, her own mother's difficulties at the time that the daughter was in utero may actually come up to be played out during her own pregnancy. For instance, if the mother was insecure, or didn't want the child, the grown-up daughter who is now pregnant may find those thoughts and feelings flowing through her, even though she can't find a "base in the reality" in her lifetime.

How extraordinary that our mental states can be so powerfully handed down through the generations!


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The following article is from the book "The Ancient Art of Self-Healing" by Yogi Bhajan, edited by Dr. Siri Amir Singh Khalsa, DC, copyright 1982 by Yogi Bhajan and Dr. Khalsa, p. 40. This book is now out of print.

"It is a simple idea that out of the woman comes the human generations. Whatever her mind is, that will be imprinted on the child during pregnancy, which is 9 month and 4 days, exclusive of the day of conception.

Whatever she conceives and imagines her child should be, that will be the structure built up in the child in the first 120 days, because there is no soul in the first 120 days. When there is no soul, there is no mind.

After 120 days, her behavior will imprint on the child's mind. So actually the child's mind is built while the child is in that pregnancy. This is why as a rightful ritual after 120 days we ask the woman to come and all the relatives come around and bring her presents.

She is relieved of all hard duties and is assured sympathy, because with the biological and psychical changes the woman goes through during pregnancy, she normally becomes insecure in those days.

The second month she doesn't want to eat, she starts vomiting normally and feels bad about food. The third month she is tired, and the fourth month, when the soul enters, she is less effective; she wants to rest more.

Now all these changes look unusual to men. They don't understand. But her total structure inside changes, her metabolism changes, the composition of the important ingredients like metals and vitamins change. Therefore, those months she is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, comfortable and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her.

We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we never have tried to study how to raise our children. Our children are actually raised within those 9 months of pregnancy and development. Those are very important days of life of the child."

From Siri-Gian Kaur: So, if you know someone who is pregnant, or you are contemplating pregnancy, please be very sure that all know these very important facts.

Now, if you are pregnant and have any of these seemingly "out of nowhere" emotional challenges, please set about healing them. In your meditative mind, become very clear about what they are, and then find meditations to melt their hold over you. Deeply, meditatively forgive all concerned so that the ties to those emotions may thaw and evaporate. Use your mantra to break out of their hold.

And then Love, Love, Love! Love the baby, love yourself, your environs, your partner and all. Do heart breath all the time.( Heart Breath, ) Sing songs of goodness and greatness to the child, and free yourself to be fully ready to receive this precious new Soul into the world. Don't pressure yourself, but do know that what you implant in the child at this point will not only affect him or her for their whole lifetime, but also affect all the generations that come after.

Best to relax in Guru Ram Das and Divine Mother -- Adi Shakti and sing their blessed songs to your baby as beautiful, expansive lullabies. Snatam Kaur and her mom, Prabhu Nam Kaur have made a wonderful CD called "Divine Birth, Meditations, Shabads and Songs for your Child in Pregnancy and Life." And anyone may listen to it in their own healing/rebirthing as well--pregnant or not.

Yogi Bhajan always said that Jesus was so great because his mom always told him that God was his father, and he lived up to that. What can you tell your baby? Or what will you tell yourself as you rebirth your own self? You can do that, you know. You truly have the power!

Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, www.SoulAnswer.com, 2012

Lots of Love, Siri Gian Kaur Message #15095

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Greetings Siri Gian,

Thanks for posting this article. I'm wondering, do you know why YB said there is no mind before the soul arrives? Is the mind part of the soul, or is it created when the soul comes in contact with the developing fetus, or something else? Do you know what YB's explanation of this was?

Does anybody else know?


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Dear One,

Since I have never seen Yogi Bhajan's answer on this, I will just tell you what I have seen in working with so many people over time. Maybe someone else has his exact words.

First, the Being of the child from the time of conception is based in an energetic structure. This is a kind of patterning, or master matrix for the child's body and energetic system that will be the "seat" for this child's mind, emotions. The mold for the child's energetic structure is originally supplied by the mother's projections while she is pregnant. So, her energetic system at that time arranges or molds the baby's energetic system—its subtle structures. (Once the child is born, the developing child continues patterning on both the mother and the father's energetic systems throughout their childhood.) It is a very dynamic process.

Also, the very real energetic imprint of the trials and triumphs of generations preceding this child come with its body's DNA.


Yogi Bhajan said that when we are liberated, we also liberate 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. From what I have seen, all those samskaras* of all those ancestors that have been passed to us actually reside in our own make-up. But as we heal those inherited samskaras within ourselves, we are liberating ourselves from the energetic bonds that hold us to this created realm. This healing process gives us the freedom to be liberated, as well as the healing process liberating our ancestors. And then we pass on this energetic freedom on to the following 7 generations.

Now, the memories of past lifetime events—whether overt or hidden continue to reside our mind and emotional makeup, as clearly evidenced through regression therapy. It appears that the information and processing of what we call the mind comes in with the Soul at 120 days. Now it is our Soul—our true Self that decides which body, which parents, environments, etc. will best serve this lifetime's opportunity to pay accumulated karmas, and heal its samskaras.

So, from the 120th day of pregnancy forward, the mother's thoughts, emotions and energy, actually "lay tracks" in the child's mind. They continue to resound within the child's entire life. Of course, the growing and grown child can address these and heal them over time.

But imagine if the mother is kind, sweet, unperturbed and living in her highest consciousness while pregnant! What an amazing head start she gives that very lucky child. Although if the mother slips and gets insecure or emotional, she should not worry that she is damaging the child. Remember, the Soul already knows what will happen and has chosen the mom for Its own profound reasons.

*Samskaras: Ingrained habits of attachment—energetic, emotional, conceptual, etc., which continue to create karmas, and consequently bind us to this karmic cycling.

Lots of Love, Siri-Gian Kaur Soul Answer


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Sat Nam.

Good questions here.

Our teacher Yogi Bhajan spoke of the Mind being Universal and the body having a brain. The use of mind is in fact the use of the Brain-Mind connection. This connection would not take place before the Soul-body enters the physical body. Until that moment, it is just a construction site without occupancy--same as a house being built before the people move in.

Blessings and Gratitude.

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