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EDITORS NOTE: This is Nanak Dev's view on this topic and is not necessarily presented in SRY's approach. Since Sat Avtar created this site we are note deleting this article. YogiJi spoke often about the possible "symptoms" that a student might experience while practicing Kundalini Yoga.

The untold truth about the power and the dangers of practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. There is no question in my mind that Kundalini Yoga is the most powerful personal transformation technique on the planet. I should know - I have practiced it and many others for nearly four decades!

The danger comes by mixing ignorance and power. Simply said, anything with such huge power as the Kundalini must be completely understood to be able to be completely controlled. Otherwise the results can be catastrophic.

I have recently seen a number of Kundalini Yoga students who are having powerful but disturbing experiences during or after the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Their symptoms are one or all of the following:

Extreme heat at the base of the spine or moving around the spine
• Bright or flashing lights
• Strong electrical sensations throughout the body
• Strong humming sound heard inside

So what is their problem?!! Nothing. You are practicing Kundalini Yoga, that is what is supposed to happen. These are the classical signs of the Kundalini being activated. This is a blessed moment the Kundalini is about to rise, your life is about to take a huge step towards perfection.

"If you have been prepared for this quantum leap in consciousness".

Nowhere in Yogi Bhajan´s published yoga manuals or teacher training manuals is the Kundalini activation – Kundalini Raising and the possible side effects – discussed. The result is that when such an events takes place the students are not properly prepared for it and are often overwhelmed frightened and confused by it. And since most Kundalini Yoga teachers have never had activation or raising they are just as unaware as the student !!! This is exactly why many believe Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga to be dangerous.

"This is like pouring gun powder into a huge cannon, drop a cannon ball and seal the top closed and light the fuse!"

Besides the above mentioned symptoms, there are numerous hallucinations which may occur during a normal Kundalini activation, many of which can be very pleasing. But if you don't know the meaning of what you are experiencing it can be at least stressful.

When activation occurs, with the associated side effects mentioned above, the Bhram Nadi (the central of four nadis held within the Shushmna) must be opened to allow the Kundalini to rise through it. This is done by uniting the Shushumna and Alambousa Nadis through contraction of Mul Bhand - Maha Bhand. It is only through the Bhram Nadi that the Kundalini will travel up the full length of the spine and eventually reach the cerebral cortex. Which is its final destination and where the transformation of consciousness takes place.

Giving any person who has the money the right to teach such powerful techniques as Sat Kriya or Sodharshan Chakra Kriya ect. without giving the complete Vidya (knowledge) to them is like training a chimpanzee to drive a car and then giving them a Ferrari.

In a rush to popularize, commercialize and profit from the blessed power of the Kundalini, those who market and live of Kundalini Yoga, have omitted vital information about its safe practice.

Ask your Kundalini Yoga teacher about Kundalini activation and rising before you practice with them!

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa - BIO on this site

Nanak Dev Singh


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