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Awareness and Paying Attention

This page is about Inward Focus - Neutral Mind. What it is and what it means. I consider this article, as having one of the most important pieces of information, that I have ever found. I have looked for this for over 50 years. Looking, for an understanding of what inward gazing is about. What a person first sees within. It always seemed to me, that there should be more than what I saw within. What that 'more' was, I didn't know. I did not get it. And no one has ever talked about it, until now. This is what you should be doing after every kriya sequence or chants, such as the Long Ek Ong Kars.


Since I put this page up, Guru Rattana has writen THE BOOK, a wonderful book. She explains the process in detail and several different ways to getting there and includes many support steps. I feel this is the 'merging' that Yogi Bhajan spoke about. The merging within our own self. This book is the map.

The Power of Neutral

Until now, no teacher has ever said, what a person sees - when focusing within themselves. And no teacher has ever explained it better than Guru Rattana who has been teaching for over 30 years and is a well known Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Master Teacher.

Our most important inner task is to cultivate our neutral mind, from where we can access a state of oneness, peace and love. We must have access to our neutral mind to be able to lift the veil of fear and thus to move out of the illusions that keep us in darkness, ignorance and suffering. Yes, chanting Divine Mantras is our master technology. But equally important is cultivating awareness.

Paying attention is required to awaken our neutral mind, where we can access reality beyond illusion. The process is simple (but practice is essential)

How To Do The Meditation:

    • Close your eyes and look into your inner space.
    • Whatever you see, hear or perceive when you close your eyes is IT.
    • Common experiences are darkness, space, cave, nothing, void, light, etc.
    • Whatever YOU see, pay attention to that – dark, stable, peaceful, nothing.
    • Don't distract yourself with 'is this it?'
    • It is through paying attention to whatever is there that does not change
    • that when the awakening happens.
    • Simply pay attention to what is.
    • Not to what you want.
    • Not to what you think 'should' be there.
    • Do not contrive a mentally or emotionally directed visualization.


    • do not name anything
    • do not seek to understand
    • make no comparisons
    • if thoughts come, let them go, don't focus on them
    • become the observer and just observe what comes up
    • don't move, sit quietly
    • do the mediation for 15 or 30 minutes or an hour, or more
    • stay focused within (head, or the heart)
    • where you focus, the energy will follow

Commentary by Guru Rattana

Over time you will discover that you are paying attention to much more than space or blackness.

All the qualities that you have been searching for are the essence qualities of your neutral mind – peace, stability, neutrality, non-judgment, stillness, silence, etc.

Focus on these qualities until you experience them in your being.

These essence qualities exist in every cell of your being (Ung Sung Wahe Guru) and in the whole universe.

They are always present.

Allow yourself to be absorbed into these qualities (one at a time) and you will experience the oneness that was always there and always will be there. All we have to do is pay attention to IT.

Take time between exercises and after a kiya and meditation to pay attention and to go deep into your experience. You will find your essence, unity, oneness and Love. The more you pay attention, the more familiar you will become with IT.

You will begin to experience the reality of – Take one step toward God and God takes many steps toward you. One step is paying attention. Notice the difference between searching and paying attention. Grabbing, searching takes energy and leads you nowhere.

Paying attention takes the same energy, but you get something wonderful back – the gifts of inner peace, stability, neutrality and love. The key is to pay attention after doing the exercise. Guru Rattana

Source: the Yahoo Daily Digest, Message #13571



Every time you finish a yoga posture, allow yourself to enter into celebration of deep release. This period that follows the actual performance of posture holding is the other half of the posture. If you miss it, no matter how well you have performed, you have gone only half way. Your integrative process is most active in the interim period when you may think you have already finished.

Guide the released energy from unconscious holding patterns to the light of consciousness. At the conclusion of each posture pause, relax and focus your inward gaze and attention on the third eye. Guiding the energy released from body blocks to the third eye is a very important part of the yoga posture.

Integration continues regardless of where you are - while actively engaged in moving into or holding the posture, in transition, at rest, or in a complementary posture. When you are engaged in integrative consciousness, you are in a spiritual posture that transcends your physical posture.

Feel your im-paired body-mind relationship being made whole, becoming one. There is time for pose and there is time for repose. In repose, even when your body is deeply relaxed and restfully non-active, you are in active integration.

This integration is triggered during the active conscious practice of posture and consolidated at all other stages of your practice of yoga. There is no conclusion to the posture when you are established in a posture of consciousness.

~ Yogi Amrit Desai


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