There are all kinds of difficulties that bind us, stress us, block us, and keep us tied up in knots. They can be other people, hard situations, our own perceptions, emotions, worries, fears and so on. Hearth Breath can heal anything, just breath out with it. Imagine doing it and it works.

Why not think of one of your stressors now?

Then begin long, deep breathing. How to do Long Deep Breathing.

The inhale is normal, with no special concentration. Then, as you exhale, both visualize and feel as though your breath is being exhaled from your heart. When you do this, you are actually pouring energy out from your amazing heart chakra!

In your imagination, feel, hear or see whatever it is that stresses you right there in front of you. Does it make you feel tight or limited? Or you may want to picture someone else who is having a hard time and who you want to help.

As you exhale this incredible breath, direct this pure heart energy out to your stressor, or to your person in need with your intention.

Or you might simply want to connect with your partner's heart in pure simplicity.

Let your energy be pure, calm and almost passive but moving consistently to and through that which binds you, or causes you difficulty—or to your person, or to the person you want to connect with in this very special way!

Let the energy have its own intelligence and find its own pathways. After doing this for a little while, you might find that your heart energy is actually melting the stressor on this subtle level, sort of like water melting a sugar cube!

Or if you are sending this precious energy to someone in need, watch what happens to them. Or if you are uniting with your special person, watch what happens to your hearts--not stressing yourselves out to "get results," but just kindly and purely being present in the energy of your hearts!

Don't force anything, but just be neutral as you keep moving your heart energy in, through and around this difficulty or hurt person. You can do this activity while you are in front of your altar, on the phone, in front of the TV, playing with the kids—anywhere and everywhere! No need to tell anyone else what you are doing.

Then watch what happens. Do you find your own energy opening up, loosening up those limits? Do you feel those stressor situations, people, emotions and so on lightening up in any way? Do any circumstances change?

Keep this exercise up over a length of time, and also repeat it often. And keep track of what happens — both within yourself as well as what happens with those exterior situations that affect you, or your person in need! Write it all down so that you can graphically realize what is happening!

And sometimes take the opportunity to sit down and do a whole meditation practice with this breath and projection! Start breathing and continue this for 3 minutes, or 5, 11, or 31 minutes. Guaranteed you will be much more fulfilled and ready for your life and all those around you!

You can do Heart Breath with every chant, with every Sadhana chant, with every conscious breath during exercises, and of course, with Long time sun. Every yogic breath can be a heart breath, and with that daily practice, it moves slowly into other daily remembrances.


Note: I am doing it about every 15 minutes all day long, it makes the day really nice and everything works so smoothly. If I am waiting anywhere, I now do heart breath. ~ Sat Avtar Kaur


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