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The information on these pages is being cross referenced with the Kundalini Yoga books and websites that have the kriyas, mudras, mantras, where to focus the eyes, breathing sequences, drawing, photos and PDFs showing you what to do. All the pages to the Health Conditions Index are listed and linked on this page.

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Health Conditions Index:


Health Conditions Index:


Books Added in Here

  • BOOKS:

  • Awakening Yourself to Your Ten Bodies

  • Food as Medicine - Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D

  • Kundalini- Meditation Manual - For Intermediate Students

  • Kundalini Yoga : Sadhana Guidelines, 1996, Exercise & Meditation

  • Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy

  • Kundalini Yoga, Unlock Your Inner Potential - Shakta Kaur Khalsa

  • Messages from the Body, by Michael Lincoln., aka Narayan-Singh

  • The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets - Yogi Bhajan Ph.D.

  • Teachers Training Manual Index Map you might want to check out this 11 page Index as well. I have tried to incoporate what I think goes in here, but I could have missed something.

The Book  Messages From the Body symbolic meaning of every dis-ease, parts of the body and the type of family that you grew up with that has caused whatever you have.

This is the beginning of organizing a large body of information into a usable format. It takes a lot of time to do this.