Kundalini Yoga and Sikhs by Guruka

Guruka Singh is SikhNet's Executive director and original founder of SikhNet back in 1983 as a BBS System. Late last year he changed his whole job focus and decided to work again with SikhNet (as a full time job).

Guruka personally becoming a Sikh and being a parent.

Bana and the Sikh Identity

Guruka Singh answers a question about the relevance of the identity of a Sikh, especially in relation to this post 911 era where many people relate the turban to terrorism.

Blood Family and Spiritual Family

Guruka Singh - Banis and Time of Day

In this video Guruka talks about the significance of the banis being done at different times of the day and the effect.

The Guru's Roop - Standing out as a Sikh

The latest interview with Guruka Singh is on the topic of looking different as a Sikh. The question was something along the lines of, "What is the purpose of Bana and looking different as a Sikh?".

The Role of Women in Sikhism

Guruka Singh explains why women are considered equal to men and there should be no difference in their participation in Sikhism.

3 Things 4 Tools

Guruka Singh explains some simple basics of the Sikh lifestyle. The 3 things are (1) Kirat Karna - working honestly and working hard (2) Vandh Chakna - giving 1/10th of your earnings, sharing, giving charity (3) Naam Japna - chanting on the Name of God. The 4 tools he shares for doing these 3 things are Bana, Bani, Seva and Simran.

Youth and Having Relationships

Guruka Singh answers a question about Sikh youth dealing with the issue of dating, love, romance and relationships.


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