Guruka and Meditation

Kundalini Yoga covering Mantra and Mediation, Mind and Gurbani, Saheji Sukh Dhyan.

Mantra and Meditation

In this video Guruka talks about meditation and mantra.

Your Mind and Gurbani

How do you meditate and get an experience? How do you concentrate? In the following video, Guruka Singh talks about meditating on Gurbani, focusing and "training" your mind to concentrate.

Sahej Sukh Dhyan Meditation

Sahej Sukh Dhyan is a wonderful and powerful meditation (Pranayama). Bliss, happiness and comfort! What could be better? We practiced it together at Sikh Student Camp last summer and a group of Singhs and Kaurs came together each morning to do it before morning Japji Sahib.

If you practice it, it will give you a very calm mind and the ability to listen deeply and understand the root of any situation.

Try starting with 5 minutes and work up to 11 minutes. You can do it for as long as you like, but I suggest 11 minutes for 40 days. Try it and see what happens! Wahe Guru!