Guruka Singh Khalsa

Anchor Points in Life

The topic of the video relates to experiences that you might have had that become major influencers in the direction of your life.

Being in the Company of the Sadh Sangat

Effective Communication

Guruka Singh answers a question giving some information on how to communicate better.

Fate & Destiny

Guilt vs. Self-Discipline

Guruka Singh talks about the difference between feeling guilty about something and actually doing it from a more sincere state of mind.

Intoxicants and Pleasure

Guruka Singh answers a question about the norm of western culture to drink alcohol and take drugs as a form of relaxation and to "enjoy" life. He explains that the only real lasting happiness and satisfaction that comes from within.

Karma and Dharma in your Life

In this video Guruka Singh gives an explantion of Karma and Dharma and why you should get up early in the morning to meditate.

Legacy vs. Lineage

Prosperity Consciousness - Vandh Chakana

In this short video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts on the concept of giving and receiving (Vandh Chakna), and how when you give it creates prosperity for yourself and you receive many times in return.

Remembering Gods Gift to You

Ik Ong Kaar Satgur Prasad, Sat Gurprasad Ek Ong Kaar. It's a reminder of who you are...and that you are one with the infinite. Everything is a gift; even the painful things in your life.

Sir, Are you a Genie?

Guruka Singh told me a story of how back in the 1970's a little boy walked up to him and asked, "Are you a Genie?" The boy had probably never seen a man with a turban, long beard and white kurta/pajama before.

Sensing that this was a time to imprint the magic of bana, Guruka Singh answered..."Yes!" and gave the youngster a big smile. Wide-eyed, the child asked, "Can I have three wishes?!" "Of course!" Guruka Singh replied, whereupon the child's mom ran up and yanked him away scolding him for talking to strangers.

We often forget just how powerful an impression our bana creates in people. This little video is a remembrance of that moment. We've come a long way since 1974 and now many more people know what a Sikh looks like.

The Five Challenges

The topic of the following video has to do with the so called "Five Challenges" (AKA: Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride and Attachment) and how one can deal with them.

The Science of Doing Ardas

In this video Guruka Singh explains about the different parts of Ardas and the role of the Ardasi (The person doing the Ardas).

The Stage of Fanaticism

In this video Guruka Singh shares his thoughts on the topic of being Fanatic about religion...or just about anything.

The Stages of Life

Guruka Singh sharing his thoughts and experiences on the different stages in life. Each stage having a responsibility and challenge. Starting from being born, being a child, youth/teen, being married and having a family, old age and dying.

What is Prayer?

Guruka Singh shares with us his thoughts about what prayer is and how attune ourselves to God.

Why do you fold Your Hands In Prayer?

In this video Guruka Singh talks about how we do many things without understanding the reason. Most of them actually have a science and purpose to them. He explains why we fold our hands together when we pray.

The Body Temple

Guruka Singh talks about balance with what we eat and how we see our body. He talks about the 3 legs which the stool of life stands on; mind, body and spirit


Guruka Singh talks about how seva is a state of being and a mentality, and not just an action.

Transforming Sexual Feelings

In this video Guruka Singh share his thoughts and tips on how youth can transform sexual energy into other means of creativity.

Marriage is a Mirror

This is the fourth video in our segment on relationships, and the question is brought up about marriage getting repetitious or routine and then numbing a person out. Guruka Singh mainly talks about how marriage is a mirror which shows you who you are, and in a marriage you can't escape that self confrontation.

Relationship Conflicts

Our panel talks about fighting in marriage. They talk about a healthy way to do it, and when to stop. They share some meditations and other tips for maintaining good communication.