Gurmukh Teaches Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

In this section Gurmukh shows how to do Buyong Dya Kyria, Soorya Karm Kriya, Kriya of Liberation.

Buyong Dya Kyria (Human Kindness)

Yogi Bhjan said "You will become human because you will live in the middle of your own kindness."
Buyong means brother or sister or friend.  Dya means Kindness.

Soorya Karm Kriya Forget Yourself and Help Others

Posture:  Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh).

Focus:  The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

Breath:  The breath will come naturally as you chant "Wah-hay Guroo, Wha-hay Jio."

Mantra:  Moving the navel chant,

Wha-hay Guroo,
Wha-hay Guroo,
Wha-hay Guroo,
Wha-hay Jio.

Mudra: Bring your hands in front of the heart with the tips of the ring fingers (Sun/Surya) fingers touching each other and the other fingers curled down, meeting at the knuckles. The thumbs have no role.  The elbows are relaxed down.


Continue for 11 minutes.

End:  To end, inhale deeply, exhale and relax.

Yogi Bhajan Comments:

Understand how lucky we are to be going through the change of an age and participating in it.  You are changing.  You are changing to challenge the ultimate challenge—to help humanity.  I got a telephone call.  A student who had been in 3HO for only three months was going through changes and wondered what he should do.  I told his teacher, "Calmly sit with him.  He'll be fine.  If he is not fine in 10 minutes, call me."  Finally the phone rang, "How is it?"  "I don't know!  He made me meditate!"  I said, "That upset guy made you meditate?"  "Yeah, I was in bliss, in ecstasy."  See how helping people can help?

"Guru Nanak walked, talked and visited places.  He undertook impossible journeys.  From the very first day his job was helping others.  Symbolically, when you help others, Guru Nanak comes to you.  Forget who you are and help others.  Nanak will take care of you in your life, in your family, in your surroundings.  You have to do just one thing—forget yourself."

"All you need is to forget yourself and help another person.

Reach out!  This is the life—hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world!  And, remember, when you heal somebody's problem, your problems disappear all around you.  There is no greater joy than helping others.  In the Age of Aquarius we have to serve, help, elevate and share.  Truly understand the meaning of Vandh Chakko--share with others and God will share with you."

"When you do Soorya Karm Kriya, the brightness of the sun enriches you.  This meditation is your gratitude and thanks to God, for completing something you started."

Kriya of Liberation



Ways to Find Freedom with Kundalini Yoga By Sirgun Kaur on September 24, 2012

Freedom is our birthright. Yet, as we grow older, the structure of our lives can make us feel less than footloose and fancy-free. With more responsibilities, obligations, and people who depend on us, we may start to feel nostalgic for those childhood days when nothing held us down.  Remembering that we are spiritual beings living a life on Earth is not always enough to lift the "weight" of daily existence. I'd like to share some Kundalini yoga practices that help me tap into my unlimited and free self, even when my schedule would have me feeling otherwise.

1. Liberation Kriya: Nothing makes me feel more trapped and small than being stuck in a repetitive pattern. A few years ago I could not seem to get out of a certain relationship I was in. We just kept going around in circles like characters on a sitcom that never seemed to really "end it" because the writers have to keep both actors on the show somehow. When I saw this video of Gurmukh teaching Liberation Kriya, I decided to commit for 40 days. I was blown away by the results. Somewhere around 30 days I was able to end the relationship and never look back. The kriya helped me cut through all the mental nonsense that was keeping me from just walking away. When I finally did, it felt so good!

2. Maximize Your FREE Time with Mantra: Let's face it: living on Planet Earth can feel a little heavy sometimes. With so many "real life" things happening so quickly, it's hard to maintain a blissful state 100% of the time. When we are meditating regularly at home, or going to a class on a regular basis, some of the weight naturally falls off. We know this. Yet, sometimes there seems to be so little free time. Thank goodness for mantra! The next time you are having a not-so-free day, remember the mantra: Ang Sang Wahe Guru. Chant it loud to align yourself with the vibration of feeling completely unlimited, knowing you are inextricably linked to Source. If you are at your office, listen through headphones.

Music Recommendations: Sat Kartar's "Flow"

It can be painful at first, especially if you are not used to doing these sorts of strange kundalini arm exercises.

Taught by Yogi Bhajan, June 21, 2001, Ram Das Puri, NM, USA (Meditations for the New Millennium, #T 131)


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