Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Techniques Specific for Psychiatric Disorders, Couples Therapy, and Personal Growth


David Shannahoff-Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Techniques Specific for Psychiatric Disorders, Couples Therapy and Personal Growth is a clinically proven therapeutic modality that includes a wide variety of complex and simple meditation techniques involving breath, sound, eye focus, and hand/arm postures.

Dr Khalsa teaches clinicians how to incorporate these effective methods into their own practices both for individuals and couples.

Over 30 years ago, David Shannahof-Khalsa devoted his life to the study of how nasal cycle breathing and other yogic techniques can be used to cope with some of the most recalcitrant mental health and medical problems.

Kundalini yoga is used to treat:

  • psychiatric disorders

  • mental health problems such as

  • chronic anxiety,

  • obsessive compulsive disorder, (OCD,)

  • depression,

  • bipolar disorders,

  • addiction

  • impulse control

  • eating disorders,

  • ADHD and co-morbid disorders,

  • chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF)

  • sleep disorders,

  • abuse,

  • post traumatic stress disorder.




  • focusing the mind,

  • eliminating self-destructive behavior



  • Meditation technique for dyslexia


  • A meditation for removing haunting thoughts

  • Meditation for deep deep relaxation

  • Meditation for treating insomnia and regulating sleep stages: Shabd Kriya (Khalsa, 1974)

Book Map

Heal Your Back Now! Table of Contents - Nirvair Singh Khalsa

This includes the necessary physical exercises for strengthening and stretching the back (including specific instructions on breathing and mental focus), but a detailed, vertebra by vertebra discussion of the emotional repsonses that need to be addressed for true healing to take place.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction, Why do I have a Back Problem,
  • Pain Mangement,
  • How to Use this Book,
  • The Nature of Healing,
  • Natural Remedies,
  • The Emotional Componetnt,
  • Neck C1-C7 Overview,
  • Middle Back T1-T12 Overview,
  • Lower Back IL1-L7 Overview,
  • C-One Atlas, C-Two Axis, C-Three, C-Four, C-Five, C-Six, C-Seven, T-One, T-Two, T-Three, T-Four, T-Five,
  • T-Six, T-Seven, T-Eight, T-Nine, T-Ten, T-Eleven, T-Twelve, L-One,
  • L-Two, L-Three, L-Four, L-Five, L-Six Sacrum, Coccyx,
  • Mediations to Accelerate Recovery,
  • Long Slow Deep Breathing,
  • Anti-Anxiety Mediatation,
  • Sat Kriya
  • Mantrea of Guru Ram Das
  • Silent Clearing Meditation
  • Meditation into Being,
  • heal Your Back Now! Series,
  • Spinal Vertebra Reference

Amazon Review: This is the book I have been looking for. I have practiced chiropractic for over 20 years and have wanted exercises to give my patients that were clearly laid out, with detailed pictures and written instructions. Heal Your Back Now! has all three.

In addition, Nirvair Khalsa has added a much lacking approach to natural health care by including not only the necessary physical exercises for strengthening and stretching the back (including specific instructions on breathing and mental focus), but a detailed, vertebra by vertebra discussion of the emotional repsonses that need to be addressed for true healing to take place.

I have worked with Nirvair Khalsa for many years and have used many of his Kundalini Yoga videos in my classes and with my patients. This time, Nirvair has put together an invaluable combination of book and video that I'm having trouble keeping on my shelf!

Amazon Review: I consider it a great honor to provide a review to this book "Heal Your Back Now" by my friend and teacher, Nirvair Singh Khalsa. I have been able to use this book with patients in my family practice office with very good results, especially with persistent low back pain problems.

This book provides a concise tool for people seeking to take charge of their own treatment. The book is not designed as a substitute for care by your health provider but could be an excellent compliment.

Not only does the book and accompanying available videotape provide some simple programs for the reader, it offers an opportunity to explore some of the emotional factors that can lie behind and within chronic back pain. As a student of yoga I can attest to my own personally positive response to the techniques in this book and I invite others to give them a try.

Book Map

Kundalini Yoga Health Benefits Sitemap

This section has all the pages on Health Benefits of doing Kundalini Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga Articles on Health Benefit.

Kundalini Yoga and Learning Disorders

Kundalini Yoga and Learning Disorders is an article covering Meditation Technique for Dyslexia. This technique for dyslexia is likely to help correct all learning disorders. such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The 12 Instant Benefits of Humming Daily:

Humming is a soothing form of sound medicine, infusing your body with many therapeutic benefits. Imagine filling your head with the vibration of a calming "hum" for one, two or even 5 minutes.  It's bliss. Bliss that you can create inside your head and body within seconds.

Shabd Kriya - Insomnia

Shabd Kriya - Insomnia Yogi Bhajan gave Shabd Kriya for curing insomnia. If practiced on a regular basis, once a week or even every night, your sleep will be deep and relaxed. The control of the rhythm of the breath strengthens the nervous system and regenerates the nerves.

Kundalini Yoga MDs, NDs, Healers:

Kundalini Yoga MDs, NDs, Healers Kundalini Yoga Master Teachers who are in the healing professions are being listed on this page with a link to their bios on this site. (MDs, NDs, Reiki, Energy Healers, Face Readers)

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero:

Kundalini Yoga and Mind Building in Utero is a conversation that was started in the Yahoo email group. The 'answers' are supplied by Kundalini Yoga teachers of 30 years or more. I found it to be quite interesting, to see how far back in time, the emotions and memories can come from and affect your life.

Meditation to Refresh Your Brain:

Meditation to Refresh Your Brain Meditation to Refresh Your Brain, Fight the Effects of Smog & for a Photographic Memory.

Kundalini Yoga, on Stress and Worry:

Kundalini Yoga, Stress and Worry

Has two You tube with Guruka talking about this subject. Guruka Singh has been teaching for over 30 years. Why do we worry about things? Why do we spend so much energy thinking about what could happen?

Kundalini Yoga Health Centers:

Kundalini Yoga Health Centers are places where you can go and stay, get alternative medical help and training so you can handle your situation and know what to do. They also hold classes for teachers.

Health Conditions

Health Conditions Index (conditions and symptoms) This section covers all the books, and will tell you what book and page that you will find a kriya, mudra or mantra on. It really helps find symptoms. Symbolic meanings are also covered.

We have given you different sets of exercises. They can work for you. Why do you have to exercise? When the body grows, each year of its existence, it becomes more rigid. You move in special patterns. You move your hands in a special way, your legs in a special way; and that does not exercise a lot of muscles. The muscles which do not get any type of exercise get weak and that area of your skeleton gets out of shape. The moment your skeleton gets out of shape, the nervous system starts feeling the pressure. It starts messing up the circulation, then reconstruction of the tissues gets weird. After a while you fall apart and you are in trouble. - 7/18/75

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Journey of the Soul Into the Blue Ethers

January 16, 2015 at 5:53pm Sat Naam, Ad Purkh Kaur.

Today I also noticed that it was the 17th day since Hari Simran Singh's soul began the next part of its journey. Since you asked, I am grateful to share some thoughts from Yogi Bhajan's teachings about this process.

From Yogi Bhajan's teachings about this process.

Death happens when the breath stops. The physical body no longer has any power to move or to grow, and it begins to decay. The subtle consciousness of the soul begins to separate from the physical body. But for the first 3-4 days, the consciousness can "hang out" around the body. It may have some kind of attachment still - to the body and to the life. What Yogi Bhajan calls "privileged souls" have a chance to travel around and say good-bye to those they love, or to visit places that are sacred to them before they leave the earth plane.

In either event, the subtle consciousness maintains a connection to the physical body in those first few days. This is why, in the Sikh tradition, we cremate the body and chant Akal. To help the soul let go of its attachment to the physical life it had and to be willing to move on.

The next part of the 17 days, the soul has to cross the electromagnetic field of the earth and begin its journey into the realm of the Blue Ethers. There are four levels of the blue ethers before one experiences absolute and perfect Union with the Divine. Those who have a spiritual teacher or guide get help at this point.

The first blue ether is where the assessment takes place. What were you sent for? How did you do? We all judge ourselves instantly at the time of death. The first blue ether allows a soul a chance to really sit and re-evaluate. In fact, if there are lessons that did not get finished during life, the soul has a chance, during the 17 days, to complete those lessons under his or her spiritual guide. This completion of the lessons takes place either in the first or second blue ether, depending on the ripeness of the soul. In the first blue ether, the soul can purify itself. In the second blue ether, it can continue to get deeper learning.

If the soul graduates to the second blue ether, it also has a chance to become a guide for other souls. It can reach out from that place and help others.

The third blue ether is the most refined ether that the human being can access while alive. Deep meditation can open us up to the third blue ether. The third blue ether is the realm of the master and the angel. So while alive, people who develop the consciousness of a master or an angel (and Hari Simran Singh definitely had the radiance of an angel) have penetrated through to the third blue ether with their meditative mind.

In the process of death, such a soul could navigate those first two ethers fairly easily during the 17 days, and may end up at the third blue ether if it has truly completed all its lessons. The third blue ether is the realm of the realized, enlightened soul. A soul who can reach out and touch other souls to guide them in the past, present or future. A soul that graduates to the third blue ether has a choice to make. That soul can decide to reincarnate again - for the purpose of serving humanity. Or it can chose to go onto the fourth blue ether and just be Pure Radiance. But such a soul will never reincarnate on earth again once it enters the fourth blue ether.

The fourth blue ether is reserved for those incredible amazing Lights that guide humanity with their pure radiance. Like Guru Nanak. Like Christ. Like Buddha. Like Yogi Bhajan. These souls will never take form again. But their consciousness is so clear and so realized, that they radiate from the fourth blue ether across the centuries giving guidance, hope and love to humanity.

After the fourth blue ether, there is just Pure Union. No separation. Absolute Oneness. And that is the end of the soul's journey across time and space.

During the 17 days - the process is:

1. Can the soul detach from the body within the first few days? Can it penetrate through the electro-magnetic field of the earth and begin to experience the blue ethers? The chanting we do and the chanting the soul does helps it through this initial process.

2. Does the soul have a guide to help on the journey through the blue ethers?

3. Are there lessons that the soul did not finish in life that it can finish during the 17 days under the guidance of its spiritual teacher in the blue ethers?

4. What blue ether does the soul eventually come to rest in? The first blue ether - they are already deciding their next incarnation based on their debts and the lessons they still have to learn.

5. The second blue ether - they are learning deep lessons, they are guiding others, and they will come back when the time is right.

6. The third blue ether - they are realized beings and simply there to support and guide others. They are deciding whether to come back to guide others in the form of a human, or go on to the fourth blue ether and just guide as Light, Love and Presence.

7. The fourth blue ether - they are sooooo realized they never have to take form again. Their Light is so huge - it will create guidance for souls across a vast range of time.

8. Merged.

This is my best understanding today of this process.

Here are some quotes and notes I have in my files on death and the Blue Ethers from the Siri Singh Sahib. If you want to energetically understand the blue ethers, you can specially meditate on the 34-37th Paurees of Japji Sahib, which are Guru Nanak's descriptions of these realms.

Death and the Blue Ethers From the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

"When your mind will be dead, it won't think or imagine. The mind will go to the Universal Mind. The physical body – all the five tattvas –go to the five tattvas. The auric body will go to the light. The pranic body will go to the prana. But the subtle body will carry the soul and shall process to the blue ethers. It is a conscious act." - April 2, 1981.

"It takes many thousands and hundreds of thousand of years, trillions of years, for this soul to come out of the third layer of the blue ether. It is not a small thing. A spot of earth waits millions of years that one day, a man of God will put his foot on it. It takes thousands of years fora mountain to get the wind to work and create a little cave where a man of God will take shelter for a minute. It's a whole planning." – July 11, 1975.

"What kind of body a man shall have, what kind of destiny and fate shall challenge it – is all performed at the stage called the third blue ether." July 9, 1990.

Some things about the blue ethers from the teachings of YogiBhajan:

1. The soul begins its journey from the third blue ether.

2. In meditation, we can journey to the third blue ether.

3. The first blue ether is to purify. "The receptivity of the cleansing of the soul to get ready to go back." (3/22/82) "Where the soul goes for purification." (7/9/90.)

4. The second blue ether is to get guidance or to guide. "The receptivity of the cleansing to be there and to supervise all other promising souls." (3/22/83) "Rest and get ready and the account is settled."(7/9/90)

5. The third blue ether is to become a realized being. "The light of the soul which has to vibrate to relate to all souls, future of that past and that of now, to be liberated." (3/22/83) "Where transmission to project out or project in is decided." (7/9/90)

6. The fourth blue ether is to become a super guide from the most Infinite, radiant aspect of consciousness – and it is not on the earth. "The lighted self." (3/22/83). "It's the fourth ether from where the soul never returns." (7/9/90)

7. The fifth stage is Union. "God, Itself."(3/22/83).

This is my best understanding of these teachings today. I hope this gives you some comfort. Sending you much Divine Love.

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur


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The Long Akaals

In Memory of..

SSS Guru Dev Singh Khalsa Master of Sat Nam Rasayan®

For thousands of years, Sat Nam Rasayan® was a secret tradition. It was taught in silence by a master to his student and only a few highly developed students were so privileged. The process of training lasted several years until the student could recognize and maintain a state of neutrality and silence. Sant Singh Sahib Guru Dev Singh Phd, is the living master of this tradition. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, graced Guru Dev Singh with traditional training in Sat Nam Rasayan®.

SSS Guru Dev Singh Khalsa came in 1989 to Europe and started to teach Sat Nam Rasayan® openly, according to the wishes of his teacher. He is acclaimed in the Americas and Europe as one of the greatest healers of our time.  People come to him from around the world to learn to how heal others.

Guru Dev Singh

Interview with Sat Nam Rasayan® Master SSS Guru Dev Singh in his mother language spanish, where he talks about the teachings, the school, the way he learned with his master Yogi Bhajan, and the relation of Sat Nam Rasayan® with the age of Aquarius.

Sant Singh Sahib Guru Dev Singh is a Mexican native who

now calls Rome, Italy, his home


Even though it is his home in name, sent there by Yogi Bhajan decades ago, he is a wandering healer, much in demand to share the practice throughout the world. He makes frequent forays throughout Europe and maintains a well-established long-term practice in Los Angeles, CA, teaching Kundalini Yoga, providing meditation instruction, and passing on the healing art and science of Sat Nam Rasayan®. 

This was a technique he was charged to practice and teach with direct transmission from Yogi Bhajan.

Guru Dev Singh. is now considered the only global master of this healing practice; he is loved for his generous spirit and presence as well as his ability to share the practice. Yogi Bhajan transmitted Sat Nam Rasayan® to Guru Dev Singh.

Yogi Bhajan told Guru Dev Singh, "you and I are the only two people on the planet, who know it..." and then told him to teach Sat Nam Rasayan® in a linear form so that others could learn it.

Sat Nam Rasayan® has its healing origins, as Guru Dev says, in a state of silence.

It is from this silence that clarity of perception originates.

Practitioners cultivate a state of silence so deep that they can recognize when someone is suffering, have compassion for that suffering and understand its origin.

Healing and Shuniya

While it may seem as though SSS Guru Dev Singh has a special advantage in the healing arts, coming from a family of indigenous Mexican healers with a background studying the traditional methodologies, he

continually emphasizes the power of practice.

This power, this practice, was something that Yogi Bhajan himself embodied, and something noted by SSS Guru Dev Singh when he met the master in the 1960s, a meeting that shifted the course of his life from shamanism into Kundalini Yoga. Although this shift does not mean that Guru Dev has left behind all of shamanic practice, and the influence of this generational transmission is evident in his own deep silence, transmission and perception.

SSS Guru Dev Singh continues to offer remote treatments on the days of the new moon and the full moon. These are the times that the psyche is the most receptive to healing awareness. Receive the opportunity for deep healing that these auspicious events offer.

Guru Dev Singh MPA Meditation One Clip1

Kundalini Yoga Health Centers

This section, Kundalini Yoga Heath Centers is about Kundalini Yoga Health Centers, places where you can go and stay, get alternative medical help and training so you can handle your situation and know what to do.


Create Inner Peace for First Responders Espanola, NM

Yoga and Meditation Technology to Manage Critical Incident Stress for First Responders (CIS).

Classes Now Being Offered to First Responders at Northern College in Espanola, New Mexico

When First Responders are not able to process their experiences and release corresponding inner tensions, they may present symptoms of Critical Incident Stress (CIS). CIS is a very real and potentially fatal threat to emergency services personnel. It is known to contribute to job loss and the break-up of families. CIS is the adverse reaction to a stressful situation or incident, and that adverse reaction can be psychological and/or physiological.

Create Inner Peace.


Guru Ram Das Center Espanola, NM

As a non-profit organization, the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology brings the techniques of Kundalini Yoga into the health care field.

We provide instruction in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to people with chronic or life threatening illness and their family members, offer continuing education and professional training to health care providers and conduct outcome studies on the health benefits of Kundalini Yoga practice. Please use the information on our site to learn more about the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Guru Ram Das Center


Khalsa Foundation for Medical Science Del Mar, California

The purpose of the (non-profit) is to support research into yogic medicine and to help establish the credibility of this ancient and powerful science.

Much of the related scientific work accomplished by the members of The Research Group for Mind-Body Dynamics has been funded through the Khalsa Foundation, whether the work was initially supported by the National Institutes of Health, or private foundations, or private donors.( David Shannahoff-Khalsa)

David Shannahoff-Khalsa formed The Research Group for Mind-Body Dynamics in 1994 at the Institute for Nonlinear Science (now The BioCircuits Institute), University of California, San Diego. Prior to coming to UCSD he spent 23 years at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, first working on the building blocks of the genetic code, and then pioneering novel studies in the neurosciences. In 2011 he became a member of the University of California, San Diego, Center for Integrative Medicine.

The Research Group for Mind-Body Dynamics is pioneering novel clinical approaches for treating psychiatric, sleep, and cardiovascular disorders; devising new methods for doing high resolution spatial-temporal analysis of whole-brain imaging using state-of-the-art instrumentation (148 and 306 channel magnetoencephalography) at The Scripps Research Institute, UCSD, and the University of Catania, Sicily; and discovering new insights to mind-body rhythms during sleep and waking states at UCSD and UCLA.

He is also pioneering novel breakthroughs for the 4th most common psychiatric disorder (obsessive compulsive disorder) with colleagues in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Sao Paulo, Duke University, and Yale University.

Khalsa Foundation for Medical Science

Super Health Espanola, NM

Super Health addresses alcohol, drugs, smoking, food issues, co-dependency, gambling, work, computers and includes stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety. Developed by Yogi Bhajan, the approach combines the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the innovations of western sciences.  The focus is providing training.

This is open to health care professionals (psychologists, medical community, counselors), yoga teachers and students and individuals in their personal development of self discovery.

Super Health has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations and received its highest commendation being rated in top 10% of residential programs in the United States.


The Cleanse of Santa Fe

The Cleanse is an innovative, life-changing, vegan detox program combining Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, nutritional supplements, raw living foods and kundalini yoga. These unique programs have been formulated and doctor designed to give you back your vibrancy and change your life by giving you a fresh start and the tools to integrate these changes permanently.

The first few days it will take about 1-1/2 hours in the morning for juice and food preparation and another 30-60 minutes for yoga & meditation. After you get in a routine the prep time will be about 45 minutes to an hour.

The Cleanse

The Healthy Breast Program Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

The Healthy Breast Program was developed by Sat Dharam Kaur, N.D. to provide a naturopathic protocol for preventing and treating breast cancer to be used in combination with allopathic diagnostic and treatment options.

The program is designed to educate and provide support to women interested in maintaining or improving the health of their breasts.

This directory of teachers/health practitioners will help direct you to Healthy Breast Program teachers and health practitioners in Ontario, the Eastern provinces, Quebec, B.C., and the United States.

Sat Dharam Kaur, N.D.


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