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Symbolic Meanings of Life, Addictions and Cravings, Clothes Consciousness

This entire page has the rest of the books written by Michael J. Lincoln, Narayan Singh. All of it fascinating with the symbolic meanings of everything that can happen in ones life.

I remember growing up and being told how superstitions the old people were and now that we were modern, we do not look for the signs and symbols of our life. And that seemed to be correct since so much had changed. But the symbols (birds flying, looking at the sky to tell the weather, riding horses every where) were gone, but they weren't, just changed a bit.

I use to have an old car and when I was upset, the gas gauge needle would move wildly back and forth, until I calmed down so the book (My Car, Myself) is a true title.

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Addictions and Cravings

This book is an outstanding overview on the nature of Addictions and Cravings. In addition, a "Dictionary" of the Psychological (and occasionally the sacred) meanings of various addictions and cravings ranging from "Crack" to Mozart. As the title of this book suggests, this is a book about the meanings of having various addictions and cravings.

Put succinctly, the body is like the densest component of our consciousness expression. When all else fails to get the point across to us, our bodies falter in the areas vulnerable to the issues at hand. When this happens, illnesses and afflictions happen to tell us what we are not getting by less drastic communications. So when our body fails us, we need to listen and hear what the message is.

They are like translation codes to help us hear the message our body is trying to convey. They reflect the evolution-based universal collective linkages of the physical body's manifestation with the emotional, mental, functional, symbolic, mythological and spiritual realms as they have become fused over the millennia. Addictions are bodily 'cravings' that develop when we are not receiving what we need from other sources. In particular, addictions and compulsive desires develop when our natural connection to the 'Home Office' (All That Is) is prevented or severed. This is NOT a "How to Fix" book but rather a "How Come" book. Enjoy the profound awareness that this information will bring to you!

Allergies and Aversions

A dictionary of the psychological dynamics and learning history underlying 300 of the commonest allergies is presented for the purposes of understanding the meaning of having an intolerance response to these substances. Spiral binding, Pages 121, 1991; Rev. 2006 More Info and Introduction to Book go to: Allergies and Aversions .

Animals Their Psycho-Symbolic Meaning

A discussion of the nature of animals as symbols in our society and how to interpret them. The ways in which they appear in our lives, the sources of their significance, and the types of indications involved. This leads into a dictionary of the archetypical symbolic and psychological meanings of over 500 animals. Also discussed are the varieties of symbolic meaning in the literature, along with the nature of the purposes of the animal's entering your life at this time. Spiral binding, Pages 490, 1991; Rev. 2007, More Info and Introduction to Book, go to: Animals Their Psycho-Symbolic Meaning.

Clothes Consciousness

An overview of the meanings and functions of bodily adornment and of clothing, followed by a "dictionary" of psychological meanings for a rather substantial number of common clothing articles. This is then followed by a discussion of what it means when various components or adornment are damaged or lost. Spiral binding, Pages 220, 1985; Revised 2009

Healer's Handbook

A condensed version of Messages from the Body,  Dr. Lincoln extracted the disease section from the Messages from the Body book to create this valuable handbook just for practitioners. A description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions. There then follows a dictionary of the psychological and sometimes sacred meanings of hundreds of disturbances ranging from sneezes to cancer. A must have PDR for any practitioner! Spiral Binding, 380 Pages, 2006

Honey, I Blew Up the Kids!

Comprehensive approach to Parenting An in-depth exploration of the issues, parameters, and experiences of parenting. Also provided is a comprehensive approach to parenting based on realistic, vital awareness and values also explore the dictionary on problematic parenting patterns. Learn how to parent the soul, deal with an old soul child, Indigo/Crystal children as well. Spiral binding, 149 pages, (1992, Rev. 2007)

Household Hot Spots

The psychological and symbolic meanings and correspondences of breakdowns of household structures, resources and items within. It covers everything from the yard to the kitchen sponge. Household items and structures are like your car, highly sensitive to what is happening to you, due to the intense intertwining of the auras involved. It also operates as a kind of early warning system for you. Comb binding, 751 pages.

How to Live Life

This is a guide for living your life out of the fundamental Cosmic/Sacred principles, processes and parameters. It was done by performing detailed process recordings of adults working with children. In other words, it used scientific procedures to "pin down" what it means to live Cosmically correct. The book spells out the competences that living spiritually requires, with a chapter devoted to each of the nine "response classes" or capability clusters, along with a chapter devoted to a group of skills, such as conscious utilization of oneself as a role model and the systematic use of humor. It is a definitive and detailed work on how to carry out the Divine Design in your everyday life. Spiral binding, 195 pages.

My Car, Myself

A dictionary of the psychological meanings of having your car break down with regard to what the breakdowns indicate about what is happening for you at the time, as a kind of early warning system. It covers most of the major components of the car, ranging from the fuel pump to the floor mats. It also interprets other aspects of your relationship with your car, such as driving habits, traffic tickets, disruptive behaviors and car attitudes It actually works! Spiral binding, 305 (1991, Rev. 2008)

Nonverbal Messages "Body Language"

An introduction to non-verbal assessment from physical appearance, personal equipment, behavioral indicators and other characteristics. It demonstrates how one can read people without even having to talk to them. Also discussed is what is known about non-verbal indicators and how they work. It closes with an example assessment of an individual utilizing several nonverbal assessment media. Spiral binding, Pages 583, 1995; Rev 2008

Our Personal Challenges

An examination of the pervasive personality pattern problems that we are confronting at the present time. These patterns reflect the issues that we are dealing with in the transition/transformation process now under way. Mastery of these problems will reflect and be implemented by the movement of the collective soul pool to the Heart Chakra that is occurring at this time. Spiral binding, Pages 214, 1968; Rev. 2008

Problematic Patterns

Problematic Patterns Behavioral, Psychological and Psychiatric; Their Emotional Meaning A brief discussion of the nature of Problematic Patterns of personal and behavioral functioning, followed by a "dictionary" of a considerable number of patterns, including the psychiatric diagnostic system, Michael J. Lincoln's diagnostic system, the engram point problems, the deadly sins, numerous traits and many, many more patterns.

It is about as exhaustive coverage of personal psychopathology and its psycho-dynamics/learning history as can be had. Using the DSMs as a benchmark you will find items like Drama Triangle-Addict, Compulsive Disorders, Perfectionism to Stress-Seeking Patterns to name a few. An in depth examination of the parameters and processes underlying our behavioral, emotional, mental, social, motivational and spiritual problematic patterns.

It is a presented as being the resultant of the individual's soul and cosmic issues in conjunction with their bodily characteristics, environmental influences, and experiential history. They are seen as emerging from destiny design and early adaptational requirements, resulting in unconscious spiritual absolution pursuits that interact with ecological and self-fulfilling prophesy effects arising from their devial perceptions, interpretations and interventions.

The dilemma of the isolated nuclear family is implicated intensely. It ends with a listing of the 108 dimensions underlying the problematic patterns. Comb binding, 829 pages, 1991; Rev. 2007

TOP 50 'Messages from the Body'

You picked the Top 50 items looked up in Messages from the Body book and we compiled the small but powerful handbook. This is a dictionary of the psychological and sometimes sacred meanings of disturbances ranging from cancer to stomach problems. There is nothing like it out there period! (All orders being shipped out on 8-26-08) Spiral binding, Pages 107, 1991; 2008

What's Happening to Me???

A Road Map to the Journey of Change and the Healing Process This book is about what happens when you reach a place where it is necessary to reconstruct yourself. The idea is to get an overview of what the various events in this process mean. It has the effect of clarifying this process so that it's not so confusing, demoralizing, enraging, and alarming. It also has the effect of accelerating the healing process when you have some sort of understanding of What's Happening to you. Spiral Binding, 137 Pages, 1981, Rev. 2007

What's in a Face

An exhaustive dictionary of the psychological (and occasionally the sacred) meanings of facial structure, including head characteristics and hair qualities. It coalesces the ancient Chinese system for doing this is called 'Siang Mien' (pronounced SEE-ahng MEE-un), which means 'investigating spirit.' The contents of this dictionary include the utilizable contents of Siang Mien, plus the best of the West and the author's own experiences over the last 40 years of study of this subject. Spiral binding, (1990 Rev. 2007), 280 pages

What was THAT All About?

A dictionary of "sudden onset" and "short shot" upheavals and interruptions of the flow of things involving events, motives and emotions, behaviors, bodily disturbances, significant events, etc. It covers everything from stubbing your toe, bouncing a check, struck by lightening and yes even having a bird poop on you. It consists of both excerpts from other 'dictionaries' and original items. Spiral binding, Pages 353, 1995; Rev. 2008

Where the Hell Art Thou, Romeo?

An intensely succinct and far-ranging discussion of relationships. Topics covered include what's happening in relationships at present and the larger context for it, the launch pad effect of relationships, the functions of relationships, cultural myths surrounding relationships, some of the problematic parameters and painful patterns of relationships, the cosmic partner phenomenon, the dating game, the relationship process, the types of love and making it work. It is a rather rich resource. Spiral binding, 154 pages.

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