Aquarian Age Quotes Sitemap

This is the Sitemap of all of the Aquarian Age Quotes of Yogi Bhajan: A-Age-Q-pg1-1982-93

When the Ages cross, your past shall be obsolete. It won’t work for you. Your values won’t work, your methods and procedures won’t work, but in your memory of these teachings you will have the knowledge to cross the Age. A-Age-Q-pg2-1996

Those who surrender unconditionally to themselves within themselves, find themselves. They are the best, otherwise, those who fight their own duality within themselves, fight rest of their life. A-Age-Q-pg3-1997-98

Unknown and known, He’s set with you. He has a chip in you. God has a computer, is a Master Mind, He’s a huge computer, and He has put chips in everybody. He gave you a lens, third eye. He gave you a lever — that is your psyche. A-Age-Q-pg4-1998-99

I am saying it with a very great pain and remorse and when I came to Canada, my job and everything was very secure. And that didn’t come through. Not only didn’t come through, there was no chance that there is anything I know. A-Age-Q-pg5-1999-99

You want to be known as a saint and a soldier, or a gigolo or a pimp. There are two polarities in life. You want to be appreciating, compensating, and encouraging, or you want to be complaining, fighting, cursing. There are always two.

We have been talking since 1972 about the Age of Aquarius, so that people may be familiar with the changes they are going to have to face. As we get close to that time, we have finally started Aquarian Times to go further into those changes. A-Age-Q-pg6-2001-02

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