Aquarian Age Quotes, 1999

Aquarian Age Quotes by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan are a collection of quotes about the times that we are in right now. It starts off with the year, 1998 - 1999.

Carrying the Weight of the Future

You want to be known as a saint and a soldier, or a gigolo or a pimp. There are two polarities in life. You want to be appreciating, compensating, and encouraging, or you want to be complaining, fighting, cursing. There are always two. Those who do not know how to compliment shall enter the Aquarian Age with a lot of sadness of their life. Because the Aquarian Age has not one thing called complaint.

Here is a simple analysis of the human life. Human life is: either you can hear the story or you can tell the story. If you are not good to hear the story or you are not good to tell the story, you better start walking on your four legs, you don't have a space in the Age of Aquarius, and you don't have a space in that society….October 7, 1999.

You don't have the dignity and honesty to see the other man's position. You exploit the other man's position, but when you have to sacrifice, you go berserk and run away. You won't last in the Aquarian Age.

Aquarian Age belongs to the people who will have all the knowledge through the computer age, it's called 'information age', and they will have the character to dig in and keep the flying flag of their dignity, integrity, and grace.

And as Westerners, you have done enough window shopping. But you have done a lot of window shopping, and you have come to an understanding and with understanding now you stand under. Still there are a lot of people who do not like authority. That's the biggest disease in the western world. "I don't like authority, I want to be free. I want to do what I want to do." Oh, go somewhere else. This is a religion of absolute discipline and obedience, power and strength, and when you are the highest, you have to absolutely practice to be the humblest. Higher you are, humbler you are. It's not the higher you are, the more macho you are.

Here are a lot of good things. We know meditation. We know rhythm and music. We know very wise words of Nanak. We have all the success we want, but there is no disgrace in being cute and unique and outstandingly clear who you are.

I have seen and I have investigated everywhere the children who have gone off Dharma. It all comes to the parents. This girl of mine whom I loved very much and she was very much in love with me, one day I sat down and I asked, "I always loved you and you were very gracious and you were going right. What went wrong?" And she said, "Nothing went wrong. My mother told me, 'As a Sikh you can never be successful. As a Sikh you will never be successful. Get out of this rut and go out and seek a job, and find some boyfriend if you can, and have fun. Here it is nothing but it is a crazy to be in dungeon.

She said, "I was very hot, I was very ambitious, and you had gone, I couldn't talk to you. So I decided. I cut my hair, I found a boyfriend. When you came I brought him to you and you said, 'Uh oh, it's not going to work.' And I asked you why and you said, 'You have lost your grace and found sex instead. It doesn't work.'" And she said, "Yes. Six to eight months later he walked away. Then I tried thereafter twice. Everybody has walked away. Now I am so ashamed and feel so guilty that I can't come back."

We are in that problem. We buy love as parents and we live by our intrigues. Intrigues, when joined with our encatchment, we are a dead horse. It doesn't make any social sense whatsoever. And slowly and gradually we are isolated. And normally in business such people are fired. They're just a pain, that's all. And whenever they will talk and walk and do something, they just want to share their pain. They are never happy. I have my own experience from these Indians. They come here, they work hard, they make money and the moment they are comfortable, they start complaining. And they keep complaining until their death. But why did you come to begin with? Who invited you? Why are you here? October 8, 1999

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Healing in the Aquarian Age 9/16/99

Source: Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa Aquarian Age reading Ministers' meeting Winter Solstice in Florida, 2010.


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